Is R. Kelly Making Black Men Look Bad?

This is why I continue to make blogs about these pro-black babblers that some of you all say you’re tired of seeing. Well, if you’re tired of seeing them, then you know what you go to do.  Anyway, it’s stuff like this that just drives me crazy when I see it to where I honestly just cannot understand how so many of you people out there take these babblers serious beyond entertainment value.  So what am I talking about?

So about 2 days ago I was on Facebook and my frat brother who’s gone down the pro-black rabbit hole over the last 2 years made a comment to me that damn near caused me to block him.  But I didn’t, I just wrote it off. Then today I’m on Twitter and I see this tweet from Dr. Boyce Watkins fly across my timeline that said damn near the exact same thing that my frat brother said and the tweet was this:


Listen, if people view you as a predator due to the actions of R. Kelly, then nigga that sounds like a personal problem that you need to fix immediately.

Everything that R. Kelly is accused of doing over the last 25 years or so ain’t got shit to do with me.  I’ve yet to walk out of my house wondering if people are thinking I’m a sexual predator of sorts due to the actions of another nigga who’s been accused of being a sexual predator and guess, I’m not about to start wondering today.  I don’t know who these people are that Dr. Boyce Watkins is referring to that he feels are about to start looking at black men side eyed, but I imagine he’s making reference to white people. Regardless, there isn’t a damn thing in my behavior or demeanor to even suggest that I would be mistaken for one.  If you as a black man honestly believe this bullshit Dr. Watkins is talking then you have some real soul searching to do within yourself. Think about how low your self-esteem as a black man has to be for you to honestly sit up here and wonder if people are going to think you are a sexual predator due to the actions of another man?  How pathetic can you be to even let that thought creep into your mind. The shit these pro-black babbling knee grows say is just unbelievable at times, but y’all will sit right there and sop it up like it’s your last meal. My goodness.

The only thing you could possibly hold black men as a collective accountable for is the failure of black men (AND WOMEN, but more specifically black men) who allowed this shit to go unchecked with R. Kelly and these young girls, but I’ll be damned if I let a pro-black babbling nigga on social media convince me that black men are in danger of being viewed as sexual predators due to the actions of R. Kelly.  Nigga you got me fucked out here.

Some of y’all will probably say, “B-b-but…they view as thugs due to Pookie and Ray Ray”, and I get that and sadly, I do agree. But if there was ever a time to draw a line in the sand to go all out to vehemently defend the image of black men against any and everybody, I’m drawing the line at this sexual predator shit.  You may catch me saying that people view black men as thugs due to the Pookie and Ray Ray, but I’ll be damned if put into the ether that black men are sexual predators due to R. Kelly. And I’ll be damned if I cosign that line of thinking as well. You niggas are crazy.

I used to admire pro-blacks once upon a time, but now, too many of these knee grows are just flat out delusional with the stuff they come up with.  “EVERBODY’S GONNA LOOK AT BLACK MENZ AS PREDATORS!” NO KNEE GROW. NO. They might look at your black ass as a predator, but not me or any upstanding black men that I know.  That’s the last thing we are worried about being seen as as we venture off into the world everyday to live life.

A few years ago when I was living in Georgia, I used to live next door to this one guy whom I referred to as the king of the neighborhood when it came to maintaining his lawn.  His shit was so crisp that I would cut my grass just to make sure I was helping to make his grass look good. This guy and I would have occasional neighbor chit chats about random stuff.  Nothing serious and no friendship ever developed beyond us talking while we were in our yards doing lawn care. Anyway, one day I’m leaving my house to go to work and as I step out of my front door, I immediately notice that it’s 3 FBI cars parked in front of my house.  I walk out a little further and then I see other cars lined up and down the street. First thing in my mind is, well, they are obviously not here to see me or I would have guns pointed in my face by now. What happened was, they were there to arrest my neighbor. The reason being is because apparently he was into child pornography in addition to sexually abusing his 10 year old step son.  Fast forward to the future, dude ended up getting sentenced to life in prison plus 600 years.

I tell that story because never once did I ever walk out of my house after news had spread of what he was arrested for and wonder if people were going to think that I was a child molester too because they saw me talking with him outside as we were tending to our lawns on Saturday.  Never once has that thought popped in my mind. So if I’m able to carry on about my life without wondering if people would think I was a child molester too simply because they may have saw me conversing every now then with my next door neighbor outside, then why in the hell would I be walking around wondering if R. Kelly has fucked up so bad that his alleged sexual predator fuck ups are going to somehow rub off on me in terms of how people view black from here on out?  The hell kind of sense does that make?

But these are your pro-black babblers ladies and gentleman.  They have mastered the art of convincing black people that black people will forever be seen as and treated like shit.  This knee grow Dr. Boyce Watkins is really out on these Twitter streets wondering if people are going to view him as a sexual predator on account of the shit R. Kelly is accused of doing.  Really dude, really. Sounds like Dr. Boyce Watkins may want to examine his personal life a bit more closely to see what all may be taking place to even remotely cause people to put him in the same category of R. Kelly and whatever it may be, Dr. Watkins needs to fix it immediately.  And please spare me the, IT’S BECAUSE HE’S BLACK. No nigga no. It’s not because he’s black. If you feel like R. Kelly is out here making you as a black man look bad due to his sexual predator ways, then nigga that’s on you and you alone bruh. This ain’t a “IT’S BECAUSE WE BLACK MEN.”  That’s a solo issue that you are going to have to deal with on your own.

Your favorite mulatto.
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