Throwing Pro-Black Babblers Under the Bus

This is a comment from Terrance Brooks on my last video titled How to Start a Pro-Black Business.

Terrance says the following:

“It’s optics, I’ve always looked at Tariq Radio, The Black Authority and Professor Black Truth and now Gee Lowery as news organizations that have black people’s best interest in mind.  And if they have to sell DVDs and t-shirts to keep the information flowing, so what. They’ve never sent the message to look over practicality to shop black. The guys that I’ve mentioned, I think their overall message is we can’t continue to let other groups of people use and victimize us.  Victimization just doesn’t come physically, it also comes mentally like what the mainstream media does. They dehumanize, demonize and marginalize black people everyday even those of us that have conformed and submitted. So I don’t understand why you have to continue to throw these guys under the bus.  And the only reason I bring this to your attention is that you bring up really valid points outside of attacking the pro-black babblers as you would put it.”

So that’s a comment I received from Terrance Brooks on my last video where I was basically saying that starting a business under the banner of pro-blackness is more than likely going to be a futile endeavor and also that too many in black society who like to call themselves “business owners” who self-identify as pro-black, well the majority of them derive their money from novelty items and YouTube Adsense.  Hardly of any of them are providing real products and services of genuine value that black people could use over and over again.

But to specifically address Terrance’s comment towards me:

Terrance says he looks at Tariq, TBA, Professor Black Truth and myself as a “news organization”.  Well, for starters, I’m am not a news organization nor am I trying to be one. I don’t run around here calling myself “the new black media”.  I don’t create content going in relentlessly on actual so-called established black journalism outlets and journalist in an attempt to dethrone them.  I’m just a knee grow with a microphone, a YouTube channel, a blog and an opinion who speaks about life strictly through the lenses of my 38 year old life.  I talk about things that have worked for me in life in hopes that maybe a few of you out there could apply some of this stuff in your own way to make it work for life somehow.  I’m not out here to convince the masses of knee grows to take my positions on anything. If you do, you do. If you don’t, you don’t. Either way, my life will keep on moving on the same trajectory it was going prior to my coming to YouTube.  Now to compare me to Tariq, TBA and Professor Black Truth, I don’t even know how he came up with that comparison other than the fact that all 4 of us have YouTube channels and speak about mostly black topics. All 3 of them have dedicated their entire platforms to making black people honestly believe that they can’t be nothing in life due to some random white supremacist boogey man calling the shots in life.  Sure, every now and then they’ll say something like “black people we need to do better, we can do better” but 5 seconds later they’ll be quick to remind you of a white supremacist putting you in place which totally destroys their argument of them telling you that black people can be better in this world. They preach about “getting on code” and forming a black agenda but then will turn right around and inform you of how the “I’m white and I say so” rule will keep you pinned down no matter what you do.  And everybody in their comments just rapidly claps like a bunch of trained seals. So my point is, I’m not like those people. I’m not gonna constantly feed you mixed messages of potential greatness and absolute futile over and over in my videos. I’m going to tell you, if you keep listening to these people and digesting everything they say as if it is law instead of just listening for entertainment value, you will be destined for a lifetime of complete disappointment. I’m not going to beat you down with white supremacy boogey man talk to serve as an excuse for why your life might suck.  I’m going to tell you that your life more than likely sucks due to a bunch of horrible decisions you more than likely have made since you were old enough to be held accountable for you own decisions. Blaming the white man is the easy way that has become a way too convenient and comfy crutch too many black people have gravitated towards in an effort to excuse their poor decision making skills in life. I’m not going to pacify you by telling you it’s ok to blame some mysterious white person or entity for EVERYTHING wrong in your life. Sure, historically we can talk about white society’s negative impact on black society all day long and you can certainly use the past as a teaching mechanism to help predict the future.  But the problem for way too many knee grows in this day and age is that a bunch of knee grows honestly refuse to own up to their bs in favor of blaming somebody else. Dude got 2 or 3 chicks pregnant that he had no business getting pregnant nor could he afford to impregnate and now he’s caught up in the child support system…BLAME WHITEY. Chick can’t keep her legs closed and now she got multiple baby daddies or just one ain’t shit baby daddy…BLAME WHITEY. Niggas slanging dope and shooting up the hood….BLAME WHITEY. Sure, you can present some legit instances of where whitey needs to be blamed rightfully so, but you’re not about to convince me that the average knee grow’s problems that he/she deals with daily is because this person is a black person living in a country/world ran by white people.  Way too many of you knee grows bring upon too much shit in your lives due to your own actions.

Terrance then makes mention of me criticizing people like Tariq and Jason Black because they sell t-shirts and DVDs.  Honestly, I’m not criticizing them for selling t-shirts and DVDs. Those are the products they chose to push to help fund whatever endeavors they have and if it’s working, more power to them.  Hell, I even sell some random stuff to help fund my website. But here’s the thing, the issues is not about what they sell, the issue is, the t-shirt, DVD, book store, incense, speaking engagement model seems to be what has unfortunately defined what a “black business model” is.  Everybody who calls themselves pro-black and makes money off of their pro-black ideologies sell novelty items or they engage in speaking engagements of some sort. Everybody who follows these people with a dream of being a “pro-black business” owner will more than likely attempt to follow suit in that same business model.  My thing is, how many knee grows do you need out there selling t-shirts, DVDs and doing speaking tours? Where is the knee grow who is pro-black who wants to open up a grocery store, a computer repair store, an auto mechanic shop, start a lawn maintenance business, start an engineering, architecture or law firm? Where are these people at?  I know some of you will say, “BUT YVETTE CARNELL says we don’t have the money to do that!” In some respects she’s correct, but at the bare minimum, why can’t these type of aspirations become more a central topic of conversation in terms of somebody with experience in one of those fields whether the experience comes from an ownership position or an employee position to where this person can start talking about the ins and outs of this stuff (both positive and negative).  Meaning, you all know I work in IT. I’ve never owned an IT business before, but at the bare minimum I am fully qualified to talk about the importance of IT, how it can benefit you as a black person and benefit black society as a whole. Those conversations may be enough to spark the interest of one of you out there to go into IT as an employee, learn the game and possibly transition into being an IT business owner one day. All, I’m saying is this, how many damn videos do you need to hear over and over about the big bad scary white supremacists?  Where are all of these other black content creators who have a legit skill set in something that black people could apply in their lives? Say for instance you are a person who knows lawn care real well whether you own a business or not, where are your lawn care YouTube videos teaching me about the different types of grass, how often I should water and fertilize my lawn, how to rid my lawn of pests and disease that may destroy my lawn, different types of lawnmowers etc? On YouTube and I can find a gazillion white YouTubers talking about stuff like this….WHERE ARE THE BLACK YOUTUBERS who know about lawn care or some other real world valuable skill that a black person could apply in their lives at the speed of now?  All we have on black YouTube for the most part are white supremacy experts, celebrity gossip experts, gender and colorism experts, makeup artists, social media comedians, and aspiring musicians. That’s it. Black people proclaim to be so much more, but it’s not reflected on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Finally Terrance then says, “The guys that I’ve mentioned, I think their overall message is we can’t contribute to let other groups of people use and victimize us.  Victimization just doesn’t come physically, it also comes mentally like what the mainstream media does. They dehumanize, demonize and marginalize black people everyday even those of us that have conformed and submitted.  So I don’t understand why you have to continue to throw these guys under the bus.”

Listen, if you want to stop being a victim, then stop being a damn victim and stop listening to people who tell you that were born a victim simply because of the color of your skin.  You will never amount to anything beyond being an alleged victim if you honestly believe the mere fact that you were born black makes you a victim by default. How can you elevate and become anything other than a victim if you honestly believe that?  How? The problem is, a lot of you knee grows have low self-esteem that you can thank your mommas and your daddies for. A lot of you didn’t grow up with your fathers and a lot of you grew up with a bunch of ain’t shit mommas who more than likely didn’t know that they were an ain’t shit momma.  I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m saying it because it’s true in way too many instances throughout black society. A lot of you were just popped out as a side effect of 2 people who were old enough to make a kid. No real plans or forethought was put into what type of quality of life your makers were going to provide for you.  These are just facts for way too many of you out there. And as a result of you simply being just a side effect of sex, the people who are responsible for giving you life failed to instill a sense of self worth and pride in you, which is why far too many of you who identify as pro-black gravitate towards the likes of a Tariq, Jason Black, Professor Black Truth etc because they represent a parental authority figure in your lives by way of social media interactions that far too many of you didn’t have in real life from your own parents.  Your parents were supposed to instill you in confidence so you wouldn’t wander around the world feeling like a damn victim, but now you found a father figure in Tariq and friends and Tariq and friends are telling you that you are victim forever held hostage by white supremacy.

Then you want to talk about the media demonizing black people. Ok. Well, how come nobody likes to talk about the more than willfully ignorant black people who go out of their way to provide a never ending supply of ignorant material for the media to continually paint black people in a negative light.  It’s like when people get on Tommy Sotomayor and claims he’s making black women look bad, but these same people purposely overlook the fact that Tommy is not the one out there making these black women he talks about do the dumb shit they do? He’s just exposing it. So my point is, we can all sit around and find the onsie and twosie who is completely innocent but being portrayed to make black people look bad (like how the media did Trayvon Martin) but we just totally ignore that for every 1 Trayvon Martin who was done wrong, you have like 100 other knee grows who gladly go above and beyond to become the stereotype that keeps black people being demonized in the news.  I’ll give you an example of what I mean.

So my home security system is the Ring Doorbell System. If you don’t know what that is, basically my doorbell has a security camera on it to where when people walk within a certain distance of my doorbell, the camera cuts on and automatically starts recording and the doorbell even has an intercom system built in to allow for me to talk to a person at my door without me having to open the door. Hell, I don’t even have to be home to answer my door. The reason I’m mentioning this is because the Ring Doorbell security system has an app associated with it. In the app, there’s a feature where other people in your city who have Ring can post videos or messages for other Ring Doorbell users to see.  I believe you can set this feature to where you can see only videos from as little as a quarter mile radius to as far as like a 6 or 7 mile radius from your house. I think I have mines set to a 4 mile radius or some shit like that. But anyways, inside of this feed just within the last 30 days or so, people have been posting videos of people stealing packages off of their doorsteps or videos of people vandalizing their property. Let me tell you something, every last one of these videos for the last 30 days has been nothing but videos of black people either stealing shit or vandalizing shit. Every last one of them. So I’m saying this because, for every 1 black person who is legit innocent and being mistreated or whatever, there are at least 100 other knee grows behind him willfully engaging in some bullshit that they know is going to cause other groups of people to look at black people in a negative light.  So you can complain about the media and white society etc dehumanizing you, but the fact of the matter is, black society as a whole is fucked up in terms of black society going out of its way to embrace the bullshit stereotypes that are constantly used against black society.

I’m a so-called IT nerd who currently holds a bachelors of science, a master degree in IT and by the summer of 2019, I’ll also have an MBA.  I also have a few a IT certifications. You think what I do is popular amongst black people? Hell no. And I can prove it by the fact that across the entire IT industry it’s only like maybe 10% black people in the entire industry.  Maybe 10%, I’m being generous. But why am I bringing this up? The reason I’m bringing it up is because tech dominates everything. Tech involves everything from robots, to artificial intelligence, to designing websites and social media sites, to the damn phones you’re reading this blog post on.  Every facet of your life involves tech. You got a Netflix account? Guess what, it wouldn’t be possible for you watch Netflix if it wasn’t for some tech/IT people putting that stuff together. You watch YoutTube videos, guess what, YouTube was invented by 3 tech dudes who used to work for PayPal back in 2005 to which they later on sold YouTube to Google for $1.65B.  You got a Facebook account, Mark Zuckerberg was a tech dude who dropped out of college who spearheaded the creation of Facebook due to his knowledge of writing code. You like ordering shit off of Amazon and having it sent to your house within 1 or 2 days with free shipping…wouldn’t be possible without tech and IT. TECH IS ALL UP IN THE POLICE DEPARTMENT, GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY TOO.  So my whole point in mentioning this is that, HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO OVERTHROW WHITE SUPREMACY if you as a black person don’t even want to learn the necessary skills and trades that have propelled other groups of people to the top? And it doesn’t have to be tech, it can be any industry. I just use tech as an example cause that’s what I work in? But the point still stands, how are you going to effectively combat all the racism and white supremacy Tariq, Jason Black and others tell you about all day long if YOU KNOW ANYTHING OF REAL VALUE?

It’s like knee grows want to overthrow white supremacy using bow and arrows whiLe white supremacy is coming at you with a tank and a battleship.  Speaking of bow and arrows, I love how knee grows are celebrating Sentinel Island as some sort of symbolic victory for black people but these same black people are acting like these same white supremacists they cry about can’t fly a Chinook helicopter on the island loaded up with a bunch of paramilitary guys armed with assault rifles and wipe that whole island out in less than 10 minutes.  The point is, knee grows like Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed have made entire careers off of telling black people that black people need to over throw white supremacy, practice group economics, get on code, and form a black agenda. These niggas have rarely provided any of you actual resources (or even motivation) to learn something other than how to repeat the words white supremacy over and over.  The average knee grow doesn’t know anything to effectively compete and even worse, the average knee grow isn’t trying to learn anything of substance to effectively compete. Those of us who do know some shit and want to better or ourselves and try to compete, WE DON’T GET SUPPORT or worse, WE GET CALLED COONS. Y’all will be like, “YOU JUST TRYING TO WORK FOR THE WHITE MAN!” Meanwhile I’m like, well, how in the hell am I going to generate money to feed my family and pay my bills because it ain’t like it’s an abundance of knee grows out there hiring people who have my skill sets. Hell, it’s not a bunch of knee grows out there hiring period.  Further, even if i did start my own IT business, how many of you knee grows would support it? Let’s just be real? That’s why when I said on my last video, if and when I ever start producing content about the IT industry I’m not specifically directing my comment towards black people. It would be a recipe for disaster if I ever did that under the belief that the content could grow into something valuable strictly off of black support. But regardless of all that, niggas ain’t trying to learn the stuff I know despite the fact that the stuff I know doesn’t require the degrees I have and the stuff I know could put a person on a path to generating 6 figures within as little as 5 years.  But we’ll hear endless lectures from Tariq, Boyce Watkins and Jason Black telling us about all of the evils of racism, white supremacy and the corporate plantation and how we need to do for our own, but we won’t ever hear any commentary from people who have a valuable skill to teach other black people because fact of the matter is, NIGGAS AIN’T INTERESTED IN LEARNING THE REAL SKILLS TO EFFECTIVELY COMPETE AGAINST THESE OTHER GROUPS THEY CRY AND COMPLAIN ABOUT. So you can say I’m throwing them under the bus, well, they need to be thrown under the bus. People like Tariq and Jason Black are a problem. They are not the solution. These people literally tell you that you can’t do anything in life due to white supremacy while peddling their t-shirts and DVDs onto you to help them be able to afford to live in gated communities amongst these very same white supremacists they claim are the reason you can’t do anything in life.  The literally tell you this stuff over and over. These people do not preach empowerment. They preach victimhood. A knee grow like me who has actually done a video on YouTube telling black people how to get into IT for as little as the purchase of a $25 book, knee grows are not interested in hearing that kind of talk. They would rather hear “woe is me white supremacy” all day long to serve as an excuse for why they can’t get their lives together and stop engaging in dumb nigga shit. If I made “woe is me white supremacy” content on here all day long, I’d probably have 10K subs on my way to 20 and beyond by now. It ain’t hard to be a “pro-black content creator”. All you have to say is white supremacy all day long and tell black people that nothing is your fault. That’s easy. Telling a black person to get out there and learn the shit the so-called white supremacists learn and supposedly use to hold black people down…well, good luck on getting the average knee grow to listen.  At most if they do listen, they’ll call you a coon like the do me every other day. But hey, I’ll be that coon. I’m not the one telling you that you can’t do shit to uplift your life which in turn could help to uplift the lives of other black people around you to where eventually maybe one day in the future, the entire black community will be uplifted. I’m not the one preaching that bs message to you every single day. Tariq, Boyce, Jason Black, Cynthia G. and everybody else…in addition to a bunch of lesser known knee grows like Angryman and others telling you it’s essentially cool to be a Pookie and a Ray Ray. I’m not the one telling you niggas this stuff, they are…but yet I’m the one who allegedly hates black people. Ok. Sure.

Your favorite mulatto.