Before I Go, I Have Something to Say…

By:  H.T.

I wanted my very final article on Onyx Truth to be the one about incels. I wanted to leave this year and the realities of what it means to be a man in the past, but it needs to be said once and for all: the reason many men with the whole “nice guy” mentality doesn’t get by isn’t women, or feminists, or globalists or liberals or any other group that is believed to stand in the way of one’s just rewards…in fact, that is in itself the problem. The belief one is owed someone just because they fit a particular barometer of success or what have you is a red flag in it’s self to women. sssWhen women see men who say, “But I do this, I do that, I have this, I have that. Why don’t women want me?”, one can’t seriously wonder why words like “entitled” get thrown around. Speaking from experience, being the guy that screams “But I have more things than him, you owe me!” says more about the bad way in which society has socialized its men.

Fact is, for as much as so many men here and similar places claim they are the better men, I can’t abide as frankly it’s an incredibly unevolved perspective that needs to die and do so very fast. One example is the Cardi B and Offset situation. I can’t speak for Cardi as she’s said herself that she thought it was sweet, but still, the act of doing what is the equivalent of begging for your wife back at her job while she’s in the middle of a meeting that is vital to her position is still very much a poor decision. Poor because wife or not, you don’t go to a significant others job and publicly try to work out your issues, and again, this goes back to what I mean with bad socialization of men. No matter how you slice this, it’s a bad look.

The ingrained entitlement that comes with the “nice guy” idea of love is why I’ve suffered but what’s more the cause of more heartache was believing I just needed to be just a little more of an asshole to get her to love me because that’s what that one guy who gets all the women acts like, but no one ever stops to think: what if the moving part of this problem is us? Think about it, shitty women or just women who just love shitty men will never go away, said men will never go away, but there’s us, the men who aren’t fully shitty or at least not as shitty as said men are but we still don’t get women. Is it the women? No it’s us. For as much as I hate to have to say it, the problem is us for not swallowing our pride and not understanding that at the minimum, we are not OWED any woman, let alone owed one because we met a bare minimum standard of what it means to be good or nice.

When the slogan “if you have to say you’re a nice guy, you’re probably not a nice guy” first hit the scene, I at first thought it to be shit. Then I started hanging out with a so-called “Chad” that made me see why women like men like them, however problematic they may be, continue to get women. People would classify people like Gil or John Pennymon as one too, and even in their problematic nature’s, I still see why they draw women, or in Gil’s case are married. Fact is, women like the so-called “assholes” these days because even the argument of “you’ll be sorry later” falls on deaf ears.

Fact is, in the white community, white mothers and grandmothers are telling their millennial daughters to not settle with the “nice young man with a bright future” as they did and it only led to suffering and resentment. The black community only now is getting to where this is starting to happen because many young black women learned of how bad the men of their families were on the whole, no matter what they came from. They could have been a straight up bookworm or their town’s David Ruffin, fact was many black families are full of men that were born of the same era as the white families: the era when boys were boys and men were men. People said women were women, but no one wanted to talk about how they were treated. It’s treated as a meme now, but many a family where it’s patriarchal figures started the family in the 50s and 60s, a time they called “simpler” because once you get past the romanticized image of those days, you realize it to be a time when if you were black, gay, or just a woman, you could be beaten, lynched and raped especially if you were any of those. In fact, it was so bad, women being raped only mattered if the man doing it wasn’t the same race as said woman, so again, entitlement.

Men today who complain that women today are going down a road where soon they’ll be left alone with a bunch of cats or kids by some fuckboy honestly underestimate how unappealing the specter of being with “good men” looks from the outside looking in and I see it now with some of the articles that get posted on here. Between Kevin Lewis’ comments to Black Conservative 93s complaints about being a blerd, I see what I shouldn’t be and don’t need to be and choose to walk away. Seriously, Mr. 93, you went on a whole rant in your Transformers reviews about how blerds get friend zoned even though we’re the brains of said operation. Trust me, women only find smart sexy if it comes in a fuckable package or at least a person without a shitty disposition, like you as you come off with many of your writings in relation to women. Trust me, I know as I read back many of my own on said site and we sound very similar, I simply choose to not wallow in my pain any further unlike you.

People call me a bitch and say I have all these bad habits with women, and in ways they’re right. Pennymon is right that I need figure myself out. Fact is, for what is quantifiably toxic masculinity, much of that is normalized into how at least I view women, and it needs work. I’ve been told I’m a good writer and I have potential, but the fact is when I’m here writing rants about how black women ain’t shit and that blerds should get white women, why am I shocked when women reject me? I harbor so much anger and entitlement that now I get why I emit the rapey creepy vibe, and it needs work. Maybe, perhaps, definitely.

I take this time out to say I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart to every woman I have harmed in some way and say one final fuck you to all of the podcasters that I harbor such a ill-will towards because I managed to learn so much more about me and my faults from the very people you all hate and railed against and called black woman haters. I learned more about my anger towards women in general and how to be a normal person from people you labeled abusers, degenerates and just bad people. I have no wish for you all as I know in the end, nothing I could ever say could sway you from your views as for a few of you it pays your bills.

I’ve dreamed of going to each and everyone of you and confronting you all with what your words did to my name, but I now know I did the worst damage on my own. Nothing I could ever say or do to any of you will fix my problems, and I know that my best option is to just get up and walk away. I can be mature enough to say that what I actually did to any of you was wrong, but I won’t stay to argue with you over whether or not I said 15 misogynoir things as opposed to 25. The problem is that I said it and I need to go stop being shitty.

My problem with the black independent media scene isn’t that it claims to be trying to solve the ills of the world, but much of what it makes is the most navel gazing, neo-liberal, blavity black, myopic opinions and it does it often knowing that many times the main people making money off said black voices aren’t black. And when they are, they are the biggest hypocrites. You know why I’m such a fan of John Pennymon over Leslie Mac? John speaks to an honest bit of that truly aggressive populism that leftist politics needs, not some beige turkey-necked Jamaican chick who says black men are trash while fucking a white guy who looks like a hobbit. Also, fuck you Phoenix and William for cutting the mic on me on THAT episode and labeling me a rapist so you can all stay on her good side while she likely goes and sucks Rahm Emanuels dick. Rashanni is a mewling quim. Ricky smiles like the uncle that does Coke and isn’t allowed to be left alone with the kids. Rod Morrow from The Black Guy Who Tips is the most prototypical image of the black nerd that was coddled too much. Kriss at Insanity Check is the biggest candyassed little shit to ever podcast. Where’s My 40 Acres has the musical taste of a NYU student that pays tuition doing ghetto gagger videos.E everyone at Cold Slither Podcast Network looks like a recessive gene. Universal FanCon failed because the mainstream blerd community is run by narcissistic cunts that can’t plan for shit. And hoteps are just ethno-fascist black men that only love Egypt because they were the closest Africa got to an imperialist power on the continent until the Ottomans and Persians showed up.

I’ve got no Facebook, no Twitter, no IG, nothing to find me on. I’m done talking. I’m going to go be great and be somebody, you wanna argue? I’ll fight you outside the Marriott in East Lansing.

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