Black Woman Serves White Guy McFlurries at McDonalds

What I want to talk about in relation to this video is the timeless question that I’m sure is about to make the rounds on social media, and we all know what the question is. The question is, WHERE WERE THE BLACK MEN TO HELP THIS BLACK WOMAN OUT?  That’s the tried and true question that never fails when a black damsel appears to be in distress. We saw it a few months ago in relation to the video of the pregnant black woman at Walmart getting into a shouting match with the white dude only to be saved by the lone ranger knee grow who came up out of nowhere to save to day and if you’ve been subbed to my blog since that incident took place, then you already know where I stand on that Walmart incident.

In regards to this particular incident, I’m quite sure a few of you out there want to know how I feel about the somewhat absence of a black male defending this black female from this white dude and my thoughts on this are rather simple; what aid did she really need from a black man in this video?  You clearly see that she was handing that white dude that work, rightfully so. I know she’s an employee of McDonald’s but the way she was putting in work, I thought she was working for Popeyes the way she was handing out them 2 pieces and a biscuit. Now you know the knee grow nutcases and the pro-black babblers are going to come out the woodworks demanding answers for why all those black men who worked there didn’t come to the aid of this chick, but if you go back and roll that beautiful bean footage, you’ll actually see that a black dude did come to her aid…well, let me back that up.  The black dude in all honesty came to the aid of the white guy because the way the sista was letting those fists fly, she didn’t need any help. The white dude needed help getting his face away from her fists. But we all know the Cynthia G’s and some random loose booty knee grow out there with a social media is going start jumping up and down wondering why every black dude who worked in that establishment didn’t go into full blown super sayian knee grow mode to officially kick off this long overdue race war. They just want another reason to shit on black dudes, but then again, I guess it’s fair considering it’s endless black dudes shitting on black women.  

All in all, I think the black chick rightfully handled her business and I wish the black dude didn’t interrupt.  I was actually looking forward to seeing her hands fly even more to the point of possibly knocking this white dude out. Not knocking him out because he’s white, but just knocking him out just because he assaulted her by pulling her on to the counter.  Anybody in her position, male or female, would have the right to commence to laying the smack down on this dude.

Now I’m hearing rumors that she was fired, then I’m hearing other rumors that she was put on paid leave.  What I do know is, if she was fired, then I hope she has enough sense to lawyer up and try to sue either the owner of that McDonald’s establishment or the McDonald’s corporation.  I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know which avenue would be appropriate, but if she did get fired, I’m inclined to believe that she has a legit lawsuit considering her safety was literally violated to where she had no choice but to defend herself.  Hell, even if she didn’t get fired, I would hope that she still inquires about possible legal avenues against either McDonalds. I wouldn’t even waste my time trying to sue the white dude, maybe just press charges against him, but I would definitely inquire about suing McDonalds because this happened on their property while she was at work.  As far as my legal knowledge is concerned, McDonald’s should be mandated to protect its employees at all times, but like I said, I’m not a lawyer, so don’t quote me.

At the end of the day, as you all prepare your ears to hear endless babble about “WHERE WUZ DA BLACK MEN’Z AT TO PROTECT DA BLACK WOMENZ?”, just go watch the video again.  Did she really need help in that situation or did the white guy need help getting her off of him? Now that I think about it, in addition to hearing videos & reading status updates about how the black man was nowhere to be found to protect this black woman, we might hear videos & read comments talking about how black women don’t need black men to protect them because black women can do it on their own.  So don’t be surprised if you hear that narrative popping up as well to further fuel the black gender wars.

Your favorite mulatto.
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