The Reason Most of Cardi B’s Fans are Single & Lonely

In case you missed it, recently Offset decided to crash Cardi B’s performance at the Rolling Loud Festival in an attempt to make an emotional plea to win back his wife and the mother of his child for whatever foolishness that he may have done to cause them two to separate.  I want you all to pay attention to the keyword that I just used and that word is WIFE.  Not some random jump-off, breezy, hood booger or random baby mama; his WIFE.  You know, the title that I’m sure way too many female fans of Cardi B know absolutely nothing about and will probably never ever get a chance to have that titled bestowed upon them.

Right now the internets is currently flooded with a bunch of bitter, lonely, “all I need is white Jesus” broads & a few dudes dripping in moisture who are fans of Cardi B claiming that Offset is being abusive, manipulative and that he stole her thunder at this concert.  Listen, Cardi B is an international celebrity that gets attention every second of the day who is probably more famous that Offset is, so she isn’t missing out on any “thunder” being stolen.  As far as this abuse and manipulation angle is concerned, once again, these are comments coming from the peanut gallery whose lives often times just flat out suck and they are living vicariously through Cardi B.  Since when is a man trying to win back his wife he just split from recently considered abuse?  This is the reason why so many of you women out there don’t deserve to be anything other than a piece of late night ass.  The reality with these women is that these are the type of women that are accustomed to being treated as jump-offs, side chicks or the pretend wife of white Jesus.  They more than likely struggle with finding a man which causes them to fail to comprehend why a man would risk making himself look like a complete jackass in front of the world in an effort to try to win back his WIFE.  But these people live their lives through the internet wishing they could be these celebrities because once again, their lives oftentimes just flat out suck, so at this point we shouldn’t even be surprised.

Now to address the issue of him not being a “good husband”, I really don’t think that’s anybody’s business other than Cardi B & Offset, but Cardi B & Offset both brought this on themselves by choosing to have so much of their relationship out in the public eye like this.  The Bitter Broad Association of America can say “He should have been a good husband from the start!” and based off the information Cardi B & Offset chose to put out there to the public, the Bitter Broad Association could make an argument.  But the problem is, the Bitter Broad Association don’t know what that marital life is like and most won’t ever experience being anything greater than a piece of late o’clock ass with the possibility of being promoted to a random baby mama.  People who are married stay going through some rollercoaster shit in their relationships even when possible infidelity is involved.  For all we know, she might actually forgive him and they end up getting back together living happily ever after.  So if that happens, would he be a “good husband” then?  Or does their marriage need approval from the peanut gallery?  

The only person qualified to make the decision as to whether or not Offset is a good or bad husband or if he’s being abusive & manipulative is Cardi B, since she is still his WIFE.  The rest of you women out there, just fall back and accept your fate as a random piece of ass who will eventually go on to become a random baby mama but never any man’s actual wife instead of hyping up problems between a married couple that you will never be able to relate to. 

Your favorite mulatto.
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