Lil’ Jon Been Bout That Sexual Consent Life

The other day I found myself in a daze surfing the internet with my Pandora app playing through my Bose QC 35 Bluetooth headphones (which I suggest you get by the way…they’re amazing) and Lil’ Jon’s “Lovers & Friends” song came on.  I was pleasantly surprised considering that I haven’t heard this song in quite a few years.  For those of you who are lame & unfamiliar with the song, look at the video below…

So as I’m listening to the song I found myself reminiscing over quite a few memorable activities that took place while this song was playing in the background, but then something about this song immediately snapped me up out of my daze and caught my undivided attention.  And that something was Lil’ Jon’s verse.  No it wasn’t because Lil’ Jon just somehow became this lyrical genius (although he might be considered one by today’s standards sadly).  What caught my attention about his verse was that Lil’ Jon was actually rapping about getting consent from a woman before engaging in some sheet shaking sessions.  I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh really..what’s the big deal?”  Well, considering we now live in the age of #MeToo and famous & high power dudes left and right are getting called out for some alleged sexual indiscretions, I found it somewhat amazing to hear Lil’ Jon actually rapping about getting consent as far back as 2004 (the year this song came out).  Check out the lyrics for yourself.

“I’s been knowing you for a long time (shawty)
But fucking never crossed my mind (shawty)
But tonight I seen something in you (shawty)
That made me wanna get with you (shawty)
You ain’t been nothing but a friend to me (shawty)
And a nigga never ever dreamed we’d be (shawty)
Up in here kissing, hugging, squeezing touching (shawty)
Up in the bathtub rub-a-dubbing (shawty)
Are you sure you wanna go this route (shawty)
Let a nigga know before I pull it out (shawty)
I would never ever cross the line (shawty)
Shawty let me hear you tell me one more time
One more time.

Lil’ Jon was way ahead of his time. 😂

In this day & age of #MeToo, I believe it should be a federal law that every man in America print this verse out, laminate it, and put it in his wallet so when he senses that it might be time to slap some skins, he has to recite at least the last 5 lines of Lil’ Jon’s verse verbatim to shawty.

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