When is the LGBTQ Community Going to Denounce Racism?

If you haven’t heard by now, the LGBT community came after Kevin Hart over some tweets from damn near a decade ago where he was making some jokes about about his son.  One of the tweets that’s making the rounds is where Kevin said, “Yo if my son comes home and tries to play with my daughter’s doll house I’m going to break it over his head and say in my voice ‘stop that’s gay’”.  So as a result of at least that tweet, the people who run the Oscars told Kevin to apologize or he won’t be hosting the show.  Kev initially did a video stating that he wasn’t going to apologize because he’s apologized a few times over the years and he’s not the same person he was 10 years ago.

I know who I am & so do the people closest to me. #LiveLoveLaugh

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But then later on Twitter, Kev came out and issued another apology to the LGBT community.  When I read that tweet, you know what that reminded me of?  It reminded me of the one episode on Empire where Lucious was in a flashback scene and Jamal (his gay son) came down stairs wearing a pair of high heels and Lucious picked up Jamal, took him outside and literally put him inside of a trash can.  That’s what I thought about when I read that tweet.

Anyways, I’m not here to throw my cape on for Kevin Hart or take sides with the LGBT community.  Kevin Hart has earned 10s of millions of dollars in his career thus far and I’m quite sure that he really doesn’t need the Oscars as much as the Oscars need him.  I do want to address some of the blatant hypocrisy that comes out of the LGBT community whenever they get into their feels and scream foul over comments or sentiments directed towards them whether the comments are serious or jokingly.  I want to call this out because in today’s climate, it’s almost like the LGBT community is following the blueprint of the Jews to the point where if you say or do anything that remotely appears to be not in favor of gay people, the LGBT crowd is gonna drop the hammer on in the same manner Jews drop the hammer…like how they recently did Marc Lamont Hill.  Just like how Marc Lamont Hill called out Israel for their bs in regards to how Israelis treat Palestinian people like crap way worse than the Palestinians treat them like crap yet the world still capes for Israel.  It’s pretty much the same way in regards to the LGBT crowd. 

If you all remember about 10 years ago (which just happened to be around the time Kevin Hart made these tweets) there was this whole big deal taking place out in California called Proposition 8.  Proposition 8 was a ballot initiative and California constitutional amendment that was passed in the November 2008 elections which stated that “ONLY MARRIAGE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN IS VALID OR RECOGNIZED IN CALIFORNIA”.  Basically, back in 2008 voters in California voted against gay marriage.  What happened as a result of that is that black people were blamed by the gay community for why this proposition failed.  It got so bad that at some of these protests during that time that gay people were just out and about going calling black people niggers to their faces.  There were gay people at these protests talking about how “black people are truly the most underdeveloped race when 70% are homophobic, which just happens to coincide with their collective IQs”.  One student from UCLA who was at one of these protests stated the following, “It was like being a a Klan rally except the Klansmen were wearing Abercrombie polos and Birkenstocks. You Nigger, one man shouted at men.  If your people want to call me a FAGGOT, I will call you a nigger.”  Gay people were literally out there just blaming black people for the failure of proposition 8, despite the black people only making up about 10% of the total California population.

Here’s what I want to know, when is the LGBT community going to apologize to black people for their blatant racism towards black people, especially gay black people?  When is that ever going to take place?  I’m sure you all have heard that the LGBT community can be very racist towards black members of that community, but in case you haven’t, read THIS.  That link basically says that over in the UK, two-thirds of black people who identify as gay face racism in some shape or form from within the LGBT community.  Disregard the article making reference to the UK; it is very similar here in the US.

So when is the LGBT community going to stand up against blatant racism against black people within the community?  I’m not gay, but I know some gay people.  I have a first cousin and she’s gay.  So I’m not going to pretend to be naive when it comes to black gay people oftentimes getting treated like shit.  Too many of them get treated like shit for being black and for being gay.  Too many of them get treated like shit from inside the black community and outside the black community.  We all know this to be true, but I’m not here to necessarily focus on how the black community treats gay people because the way black people view gay black people…that’s a long road towards changing black people’s perceptions, if ever.  So I don’t want to go down that path.  When it comes to the overall LGBT community, this community has long since prided itself on being open and inviting of all whether you are gay or not and supposedly all about celebrating the idea of people being who they feel they were meant to be etc., but when some shit doesn’t go their way like this whole Proposition 8 thing back in 2008, then all of a sudden it’s black people’s fault. 🤔 Even today they like to run around promoting sexual inclusion no matter what your sexual flavor is, but 60% of gay black people are talking about they feel excluded because they are black, yet this same community wants to demand that people like Kevin Hart apologize over some 10 year old jokes (jokes that came from the mind of a comedian of all people for crying out loud).  But when are you going to hear gay people hop on their social media platforms or use their presence in the media to apologize to all of these disenfranchised black people that are all up in the LGBT community?  You’re probably not.

When it comes to black people regardless of if you are straight or gay, knee grows stay losing and bowing down on all fronts when it comes to other groups of people.

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