Top 5 Worst Hit Songs of 2018

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

Here is my personal list of the worst hit songs of 2018, granted some will disagree, but let us be honest that this year’s talent was weak.  As a disclaimer, I am not listing songs that most people hated by artists like Kanye West, Lil Pump and Tekashi 69 because most people can agree that their songs were not even hits, rather overplayed garbage and do not have a real fan base.

5.  “City Lights” by Mink Slide

Granted, this is not a hit compared to the other songs that I will mention, but before anyone gets mad at me, please hear me out.  I have to say that Tariq Nasheed does not have a singing voice and is just riding off of his Mack Lessons to now Hidden Colors fanbase in believing that Nasheed has revived 80s music.  His voice just does not gel for me as it is hard to differentiate his singing and actual voice.  It is a miracle that he even landed a spot on the Billboard without stable radio play.  The music video is okay as previously rated during his album debut, but it does not really break any boundaries on YouTube as it stays stagnate with slightly over 100k views.  It was a hit out of laughs, but I added it on the list because it baffles me that his fanbase actually believes he can sing.

4.  “Gucci Flip Flops” by Bhad Bhabie ft. Lil Yachty

I am glad I do not hear this shit on the radio, but her view count on YouTube is confusing on whether she is liked or not.  Do not get me wrong, her producer gives her fire beats to work with, but she does not deserve them.  Knowing that she has been accused of cultural appropriation, some how she does not have a shortage of black fans and artists who are more than happy to be a feature.  The music video for this song is a slap in the face on being black in America as if hip hop ruins the innocence of white girls, but as long as colorists rappers love Becky; they could care less about what other people think of them.

3.  “Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown

This song is purely annoying and just rides off its catchiness.  White men love this song because it entertains their black male stereotypes.  If incels had a theme song this would be it.  The fantasy to be a ‘Chad’ for a day.  Freaky Friday would be their narrative on how black guys get it so easy with women because they have big dicks and swag.  White guys are too boring because they work all day.  The theme plays on the generic concept of a loser and a cool guy switching bodies.  We’ve seen it all before, but of course white people get to say the N-word.  There is even a masturbation pun on body switching with women.  Black radio stations need to be more conscious of what they are playing and Chris Brown should have known better since his wannabe white privilege never grants him forgiveness to the alleged abuse of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

2.  “Chun-Li” by Nicki Minaj

This song should have never came out, but it did.  This was a slap in the face for video game nerds.  It is not hard to incorporate hip hop with Asian video game culture.  The major problem with this is that Nicki Minaj has no idea who or what she is parroting.  I highly doubt she even knows who Chun-Li is let alone what video game series she is from.  She would have at least won me over if she had her song featured on a future Street Fighter game or at least acted the part.  We should see her fighting M. Bison and his thugs in Shadaloo.

Asians are just props from communist soldiers to pleasure women with buns and chopsticks.  I am glad the popularity of the song has died and that she knows it too, but why does she need to debut more new songs in December?  I do not know why black radio DJs still gossip over who took whose style and fanbase.

1.  “I Like It” by Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

I almost liked Cardi B, but this song ruined it for me.  Again, I saw it as the never ending catfight between her and Nicki Minaj, but I digress.  The music video is a bad mix of international cultural that I get tired of seeing her ride on.  One minute she is the ghetto bitch from the blackest side of New York and then the next she wants to be a Latin artist.  She plays on my biggest pet peeve with female rappers.  Please leave the sexual teasing and foreplay for pop singers.  Female rappers talking about sex in any way is a turn off, but I will count this song as pop instead.  It is bad enough that rapper Bad Bunny cannot dance and hops around swinging his arms as if he is a feature for the Migos.  2018 was not Cardi B’s year as a quantity of trash songs does not equate to her Bodak Yellow music video that took a while to peak.

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