Black Society Needs More Coons

I was sitting around listening to Oshay’s latest Sunday Rumble show where the topic was “What are we going to do about all of these coons?”  Basically the panel was going on & on for the most part talking about how they believe coons are a detriment to black society, how coons go out of their way to praise and worship massa, and the conversation even went as far as a few of the panel members talking about how they feel coons must be executed.  The whole time I’m listening to this I’m just laughing and thinking to myself that these knee grows sitting around discussing coons are the actual problem in black society, not the so-called “coons” themselves.

The first issue I had with the video was that nobody on that panel could even identify what a coon was.  They were able to give historic references to where the word coon was derived from but in terms of modern day application, nobody could actually define a coon.  Well, there was probably 2 people who could accurately define a coon and it just so happens that one of these people is probably notoriously labeled a coon and his name is Anthony Brian Logan (ABL).  If you don’t know who he is, just type in his name.  He’s a black dude who always wears a MAGA hat in his videos giving conservative talking points.  ABL was pretty much the only person on this panel who could accurately describe a coon and his description of a coon is literally what I’ve been saying for quite a while.  ABL stated that all black people are coons and the reason being is because the word coon is nothing more than another way to say that I disagree with you.  It doesn’t matter what the issue of disagreement may be, the point is, if 2 or more black people can’t fully agree on any type of subject whatsoever, somebody is getting labeled a coon.  You like peanut butter I like jelly, one of is walking away being labeled a coon.  That’s just how ridiculous this coon-calling has devolved.  Another panelist made a good point about deciding upon what the official definition of a coon shall be and this panelist (I can’t remember his name) stated that whoever becomes the “official leader” of black society is the person who gets to decide what the official definition of a coon shall be.  He stated this because person A might feel a coon meets this criteria, person B might feel a coon meets a different set of criteria, & person C might feel a coon fits this specific set of criteria.  So if that’s the case, whose definition is right?  The answer is nobody is right.  At that point basically what happens is:  a word that can mean anything doesn’t mean anything at all.  And that’s where the word coon has rapidly devolved into thanks to the word being overly used and abused.

Now don’t get it twisted, I used to say the word coon rather frequently myself once upon a time and I honestly thought I was out there doing a service to black society by identifying “coons” but then I realized 2 things:  1) I’m out here coon-calling only to be called a coon in return & 2) damn near all of the so-called coons I was identifying were living a better lifestyle that I was and a lifestyle that I’m currently still striving to attain.  So when I figured that out, I stopped calling people coons because like I stated earlier, for every one person I may think is a coon, the same number of people probably feel the exact same way about me, so we just cancel each other out.  And that brings up another interesting point that was made by somebody on this show.  Somebody was talking about how coons need to be executed and a few were on the panel talking about how they have the stomach to proceed with executing a coon, which I highly doubt.  There was probably one panelist who probably did have the heart and he just happened to a prior military (like myself).  In relation to these executions, I believe ABL said that if we start executing coons, then we would have to execute the entire black population because once again, everybody has a different definition and criteria for what constitutes a coon.  Now in relation to what I was saying where I stated that damn near all so-called coons are living a way better lifestyle than I’m currently living, well in most cases that’s facts.  Typically what tends to happen in the black community is, the more educated you become, the more money you start earning, the higher up your lifestyle starts to become, you are automatically tossed on the coon train no matter what.  It’s like in order to NOT be classified as a coon, you must be willing to remain broke, bummy, dusty and forever playing the “woe is me white supremacy” game to prove to people that you are “down for the peoples”.  And we all know what I’m saying to be true.  Just pick any random celebrity that black people adored as that celebrity was starting to make a name for himself.  The moment that celebrity really blew the hell up, then all of a sudden that celebrity became a sellout and a coon.  We see it all of the time.  It’s like as much as black people proclaim to want to success & wealth, the moment you get it, you’re not “black” anymore.  It’s almost like pro-black babblers equate being black with being broke, poor and struggling as if that’s just your ultimate goal in life if you want to preserve your “black card”.  If that’s the case, then I say that it’s time for more black people to embrace being a coon.  Who wants to be about the life of struggle in order to remain “on code” and “black first”?  Fuck that.  

I’d rather spend my days getting my so-called “coon” on if that cooning produced a life where I could enjoy peace, quiet and the possibility of amassing some sort of wealth and resources to pass down to my children so that they can benefit off of it because damn near every pro-black I see online all have one major trait in common:  THEY’RE ALL BROKE.  Sure, you’ll have a few onesies scattered here and there amongst the Blackistan crowd that has some money and you’ll have a few who rise to the cream of the crop within Blackistan to be financially well-off like Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black etc, but for the overwhelming majority of pro-blacks forever on a coon hunting mission to demonstrate that they are black first, the vast majority of these people are broke, struggling and embrace the ideology of pro-black babbling in an effort to make themselves appear to be something online that they are not because they know that their real lives fail miserably in comparison to the average person they designate as a coon.  We all know this to be true.  I mentioned this on a recent video I did where I asked how come it’s so many single women with kids who reside in Blackistan?  Why, because a lot of these women were out there slanging loose vagina in their early years, then after life & those miscellaneous kids beat her in the head over the course of at least a decade or so, she finally decided to get “woke” and now she’s the most pro-black babbling chick on social media.  The same applies for a lot of these dudes.  A lot of these dudes barely graduated high school (assuming that they did) and they hold down these menial jobs, but when they hop on social media they would have you to believe that they are the CEOs of Blackedy Black Enterprises with the way they portray themselves.  They watch Hidden cColors and listen to a Jason Black video and all of a sudden their bumminess has been substituted with a lifetime supply of wokeness that gives them super knee grow powers in the comment sections on social media.  This is where they’ll hop online and talk this “WE NEED TO ERADICATE THESE COONS!”, but let George Zimmerman walk by and they’ll be the first ones clutching their purses and locking their doors.

Another point worth noting about how “ready for war” a lot of these dudes proclaim to be against coons is, you’ll hear these babblers hop online and talk all this “we need to do get rid of these coons” as if they are totally convinced that coons are nothing but a bunch of physically and mentally weak beings running around hiding up under the covers every time some pro-black babble is whispered.  The problem with this is that this logic can be applied to the flip side.  Meaning, as much as these pro-black babblers may want to rid the world of coons, I wonder how many of them sit around and ponder if so-called coons want to eliminate them as well?  I highly doubt they think about this possibility.  These babblers always like to romanticize over what allegedly happened in Haiti during the Haitian Revolution where the Haitian slaves allegedly killed off all of their coons before going after the white people.  So they listen to that story as some sort of inspiration to derive their imaginary courage from in order to hop online and talk about how they need to get rid of coons.  But in the same breath they fail to realize that it’s quite possible that a lot of these coons might want to get rid of them as well and a lot of these coons more than likely have way more access to resources to effectively do it.  I mean, if these coons are sucking up to massa for favoritism and butter biscuits, it would only make sense for these same coons to get secure the backing of massa and his endless arsenal of weapons, financial weapons & weapons of the court system (ie:  laws, cops and judges) to inflict even more harm on the babbler than the babbler could ever inflict upon the coon.  But let’s be real, these knee grows don’t think about this stuff.  They just get high off the spirit of Ogun and teleport to the land of make believe.

In relation to this particular talking point about whether or not coons are plotting on babblers in the same manner babblers claim to be plotting on coons, one person on Oshay’s panel made an interesting point in saying that another reason why this whole coon-calling thing is foolishness is because a lot of these pro-black babblers have convinced themselves that the so-called coons are against ALL BLACK PEOPLE, ALL OF BLACK SOCIETY, AND ALL OF BLACK PROGRESSION.  This one dude said something that I wholeheartedly agree with as a response to that sentiment.  He said that coons don’t despise all black people, all of black society and all of black progression; coons only despise the scum of black society…ie:  your Pookie and Ray Rays (like how I do).  He said for every black person out there trying to live their life to the best of their abilities and provide for the families and pursue their goals, he said coons don’t hate these people; coons adore these people and honestly wish these people the best in life.  He basically said that it’s your Pookies, Ray Rays, and Bonquishas that coons despise which is ironic because a lot of these very same pro-black babblers often times despise Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonqquisha way more than the so-called coon does.  So once again, it makes you wonder exactly who is the coon, the babbler or the person the babbler is accusing of being a coon?  Truth be told, both of them tend to agree for the most part that savages and hoodrats of black society need to go.  So who’s really the coon?

Anyways, I just found this topic fascinating in a variety of ways but mostly because the one person who would technically fit every pro-black babblers definition of a coon in that video was the only person who could truthfully answer the question about what a coon allegedly is, and that was ABL when he stated “all black people are coons” because the word coon has no meaning other than being used as an abbreviated way to say that you disagree with another black person.  That’s it.  Now how I feel about the whole coon thing is this:  I think more black people need to embrace their inner coon and go full speed with it.  Do an assessment of your life in terms of your friends and family members.  Look at the ones who have the most success in terms of money in the bank, the community or schools they live around and attend, their status in terms of how people revere them in real life & possibly online, and just look at them.  Often times these very people are the exact people the pro-black babblers go out of their way to label as being a coon because these people have appeared to have made something of their lives and they’re not sitting around screaming “woe is me white supremacy” all day long.  Maybe they acknowledge white supremacy exists or maybe they don’t but regardless, they’re not about to let that slow them down in life and they’re definitely not about to waste time in most cases trying to preach to and save niggas in the hood when there’s more than enough evidence that proves far too many niggas in the hood don’t want to be saved, and you’re not about to make these so-called “coons” feel bad for moving out the hood and enjoying their life away from ratchets.  They’re not about to cry about the man 50leven times a day and they’re not about giving a rat’s ass if you label them a coon because in most of these so-called coons’ minds, they realize what type of world we live and that Wakanda is just an imaginary country in a fiction movie.  Meaning, black people aren’t about to overthrow anything and rewrite any rules anytime soon.  So they learn to play the game how it’s played in order to live the most comfortable life they possibly can and to try to pass down some assets that their kids can possibly benefit from because ranting and raving about the white man all day doesn’t pay the bills, unless you learn how to build your following up who wants to put some money on your version of the melanoid ministries.  Sadly for most pro-black babblers out there, I say for 1 babbler who is financially well, it’s probably 1000 others who would be homeless, naked and starving if a white man wasn’t signing his paychecks.  So as much as they play the “woe is me white supremacy” game and fantasize about getting rid of coons, the majority of babblers can’t survive without that white man signing his paycheck.  But then they’ll be like,”WE NEED TO START OUR OWN BUSINESSES!”  You know most won’t because way too many of them don’t have a valuable skill set or product that people are willing to pay for over and over again.  How many t shirt shops and shea butter & incense shops does the black community need?

That brings me to another point that was made.  Somebody on that panel said that these educated lames with all of their degrees and skills need to come back to the hood and teach other black people and they need to go about the business of starting their own businesses so that they can hire other black people so that black people can begin the process of removing themselves from the corporate plantation which would then allow for black people to begin the process of practicing black empowerment which would ultimately lead black people to having the ability to punish coons who get off code.  Sounds great in theory, but here’s the problem with that:  NIGGAS AIN’T GONNA SUPPORT YOU.  One guy on that panel has a PhD and he said that niggas in the hood don’t want to learn his skills and I 100% agree with him.  You may have a onesie, but then you’ll have like a few hundred who aren’t interested in hearing anything you may have to say about getting educated & attaining valuable skills, so why bother because those onesie isn’t enough to sustain anything.

Anyways, it was a rather interesting discussion but it was a whole lot of excuse making taking place.  Just more pro-black babbling delusions of grandeur taking place in order to mask the utter failure of black society for the most part which is why I constantly say, you have to go out there and get yours by any means necessary because you can’t depend on another black person to help you get anywhere because 1) that black person will be jealous and envious and eventually toss you on the coon train for making something of your life OR 2) that black person simply just doesn’t have anything to offer you in terms of financial support or support in terms of teaching you a valuable skill that you can run with.  Even if they do, be prepared for that jealously factor to come back into play like it always does in damn near every situation.  So go out there and get it the best way you can so that you can create the best life you can possibly live and while you’re out there doing it, be prepared to be called a coon and embrace it because that means you’ve made to the club to where these bottom rung niggas who reside in Ratchedland, Hoodratville, and Blackistan will never elevate to be because they will forever be looking for a mysterious white supremacist boogey man hiding under their beds or in their closets to serve as excuse for too many of their lives just flat out suck.

So coon on people…coon on.

Your favorite mulatto.
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