RE: What the Black Men Who Identify with Brett Kavanaugh are Missing

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

It is not just white men who are tired of black feminists shaming them for simply being a cishet white male; white women too are tired of being unable to speak to women universally without black women causing a scene claiming that they are not being a good enough ally.  Please, white people try being a black man who has to sit and read relevant news articles from bias anti-black man publications like The Root, The Grio and Ebony Magazine.  Every now and then there will be a viral article calling out cishet black men for having the gall to call out the extreme left.

Jemele Hill, former ESPN host, and staff writer for The Atlantic wrote an article calling out the black men who allegedly supported Brett Kavanaugh.  I say allegedly because I never saw any black man defend him, especially since white men stood in silence as Bill Cosby was sent to prison.  See being a straight black man entails an alleged and assuming approach that we hate black women.  We must denounce white women, praise dark-skinned women and redefine men as an option element in the black community.  Hill tries to bait a comparison and then invites Brian Banks to shame black men who support Kavanaugh.  Luckily, her attempt failed as Banks kept his silence or had better things to do.  I will not put words in his mouth in relation to the #MeToo Movement or Kavanaugh’s allegations, but it is hard for men to trust women.

I already can hear white male coworkers getting nervous that women are after them with a mission to destroy their reputation.  As a blerd, I do not worry about fake allegations of rape as I do not even give white women the satisfaction that I find them remotely attractive.  Surprisingly, black women are loyal to not even pull that type of ‘white girl shit’ as the media does not value their virginity.  Black women being raped or sexually assaulted does not make headline news.  The Duke Lacrosse scandal was perfect evidence.

Men are seeing the bigger picture that American women are corrupt and untrustworthy.  It is not a coincidence that 90 Day Fiancé is the most talked about television show.  Men are risking it all to find love outside of the United States.  Even though foreign women have little to no knowledge of the #MeToo Movement, their views on American men are as cliche as a 1950s sitcom of white men making tons of money while living in a big ol’ house that looks identical to his neighborhoods.

Regardless of race, feminism is making western women look less attractive.  We as men have gotten tired of pleasing you while we hate our own masculinity that you claim is the symbol of rape culture and female oppression.

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