Jill Scott & Everything Wrong with Black Women in the Music Industry

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

The viral video of R&B singer, Jill Scott has the internet buzzing and debating.  In one corner fans see this stunt as a desperate way to remain relevant and sexy.  Others see it as a double standard that plus-size women do not deserve sexuality and that’s where I stand.

Jill Scott is a middle-age women who is sexy to me, but is more of a required taste for the old heads.  In my opinion, middle-aged black women try to be sexy as if they are going through a midlife crisis.  Who wants to see Jill Scott suck on a mic live on stage?  It is unprofessional and unladylike at the least.  Older black women do not know how to be sexy and end up competing with their daughters who are a quarter of their age.  They lie about their age, hangout with their daughters and her friends like besties and even try to get gigs as strippers.  Yes, the backlash would not be as bad if someone much younger did it but regardless, black society lets ratchet become a culture that black women wear proudly.  I cannot put up with the same old archetype of black women in the music business.

It all started with video vixens.  These women opened the doors for black women to be seen as love interests for black rappers and artists that would be not accepted or appreciated by white singers who desired thin white girls.  Black video vixens began to fall as colorism influenced producers who preferred light-skinned, mixed, erotic, Latin or foreign women.  Black women then took the lead to be singers and carried their sexuality and industry to the ground.  Honestly, it led to the most talentless and annoying generation of female performers.  Cardi B had one song that I liked and that got played to death.  Her voice is the opposite of angelic.  Most of her message is graphic content of female misogyny, man-shaming, drugs and an inflated ego of her claiming to be the best rapper.  The same goes for Nicki Minaj who is in denial that she is a carbon copy of Lil’Kim.  Most of their fan base are trash millennial kids who only defend them because they confuse Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s bisexuality as something progressive rather than attention whoring.

I hate black artist’s music videos as black women cockily flaunt their assets.  Yes, I appreciate them having a banging body, but black women need to see themselves as more than strippers who can only twerk and kiss other girls.  Now there is a new hit song by City Girls called Twerk.  Granted, how long have black women been twerking?  The term alone is at least two decades old and these twerk videos are not getting any better.

I am not hating on black women’s sexuality or femininity, but they deserve better, yet they do not know it.  As I grow older, I feel like my father who is more disgusted with today’s music than I am.  One day I might introduce him to Cupcakke’s albums but that’s more fuckery that does not need to be brought up.  Seriously though, there is not much to listen to on the radio or even singers worth seeing.  Just sing a song, we do not need a live a concert that turns into a strip club or low rent porno.

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