Black Men Like Inceldom Because the Jargon is Familiar

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

Please note:  This will be my final article for Onyx Truth.  I harbor no ill will towards Gil or any of his compatriots and in fact I thank him for this opportunity.  However, I’ve reached a point where I realize I can’t keep being the lowlier black independent media troll I am and I am better off just going back to reality and fixing my very real issues in my real life.  I admire people like John Pennymon who choose to fight for his name and what he believes, but I have come to the understanding in this collective, my best option is to just go away.  All my social media is gone and soon the email used to make this will be gone too.  It’s been fun.

One question I often see raised in the black community is the earnest question of “Why do so many black men hold on to very old and toxic ideals in regards to women?”  One place this is seen the most is in many red pill communities, namely the MGTOW and Incel collectives.  It’s not a pun to say that many young black men have consumed the pill of the same color, and for good reason.  The black pill mentality thrives in the black community where truly it feels as though hope for actual love to be found is, well, almost non-existent.

To put things in perspective:  in western society, the base ideals for what it means to be a man is making money, a willingness to use violence, and virility.  In the black community, we still get this message, but the men who tend to embody these ideals are typical for most other communities.  In many communities, there are black men who work hard, protect their families and love the woman they love, but those men by American pop culture standards aren’t made the ideal.

The typical MGTOW point of “the 70s made being a deadbeat cool” is SOMEWHAT true, but I think it negates the fact that this was also a time when we had just enough control of our image to decide what caught on, but so little we controlled nothing of the narrative or how it came off to white America.  It’s why you had James Brown saying, “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud!” but also have heroes become guys like Youngblood Priest from Superfly.

For the black community, overall the reason you see so many black men going either MGTOW or Incel is that the ideas about what we consider healthy, strong and masculine in regards to women has proven a long held theory of mine and probably others that black culture at it’s worst is but a mirror of western white masculinity dark fantasies about what it wishes it could still do to white women.  I came to this conclusion when I realized that the very core of it all, the reason I and many other black men get accused of having no swag or that we act white is that we have bought into the idea that a black man needs to basically be some white man’s fantasy of a superhero that lives the life they can’t due to comfort and wealth.

Red pill jargon like cock carousel, alpha bucks, beta cucks, hypergamy, looksmatch, Stacies and Becky’s all have an appeal to many black men because these terms by definition have existed in our community by other names.  There’s always been songs and talk about women who fuck with shitty men who give good dick then say they want a good man years later.  There’s always been men who couldn’t compete in dating fields where they had the better life but lost to losers.  There’s always been women who were like Ciara and left a shitty man to get with a good one while raising the shitty ones’ kid.

The reason these points are often missed is because black masculinity is such a superego driven mentality that we don’t ask simple questions as to why certain things are the norm.  If a woman is clearly using men for money and the like, why should we care and what makes it different from all the black men that do it with women?  What if the reason the “good men” didn’t get picked was because they are not good men?  What if the reason all the women want thugs is because you only go for women who want thugs?  What if Russell Wilson isn’t really pressed about how he looks because the only people who care are…kinda dumb?

Inceldom lasts in the black community because overall, no one likes to admit that we’ve bought into an mindset that has left us miserable just to be a “real nigga”.  Fact is, we all can’t compete equally in dating and we can’t compete with grandaddy’s paradigm.  The reason so called “good men” don’t get chose isn’t game or women wanting to be hoes, it’s that very likely said men come off very needy, controlling, pushy and just creepy.  Men in the black community envy the Chads of our community, or Tyrones, because dating by the mindset of the black community’s standards does foster contempt for ones fellow man.  From the time we figure out we like women (if we do at all), the protocols given to us aren’t built for logic or effectiveness, but rather street cred and plumage really.

The reason so many suburban raised black men are so lost is because when we get around our cousins or just the black kids that white people say are “really black”, we’re sized up and told what we lack rather than what we are good at because our better traits don’t fit in the box that tells black men we need to be pimps, players, not love these hoes and be unfeeling towards love.

If the black community wants to fix it’s men, we do not need woke, neo-liberal ideals that at best only serve to turn us into some hipster ideal that doesn’t always work, nor do we need to raise another generation of men like Stephen A. Smith or your uncle that tries to talk you out of getting engaged to your girlfriend of 5 years.  Yes, hold women accountable, but also call out the men that normalize all this.  Maybe the only reason we got “hoes” was because men thought all the men needed to be players.  Really if any black man lives in a community where it’s truly too toxic to be a productive, helpful, non-entitled man and live a functioning life, the most logical thing to do is work day and night to get out of it.  Honestly sex can wait, but peace of mind cannot.

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