I Only Give Money to Black Panhandlers

I have a question for you all and I need for you all to tell me if I’m wrong for what I’m doing and my question is this:

Am I wrong for only giving out money to black panhandlers?  

Am I being racist, bigoted or what?  And the reason I’m asking this is because it’s been weighing on my mind heavy for a few months now (not really).  For those of you who don’t know, I live in Orlando and it’s a lot of panhandlers out here asking for money.  On certain sides of town they are everywhere to the point where I’m convinced that there’s this secret panhandling meetup taking place somewhere where these panhandlers get together to discuss whose street is whose when it comes to panhandling because it never fails to drive down certain streets and see the same 1 or 2 people working a corner.

There’s this street called Hiawassee and where it intersects with another street called Old Winter Garden Road there’s this brotha out there faithfully regardless of the weather walking in between the cars asking for money.  The thing that stands out the most with this dude is, he appears to be around the age of 24 or 25 and he’s out there walking in between cars at the red light with no shoes on.  I pulled up to the light one day and it was pouring down raining and this brotha had one flip flop on.  A week or so later I see him out there barefoot walking in between the cars and it’s like 95 degrees outside, so I know his feet were cooking, but I got to give it to him, he’s dedicated.  So I gave him a dollar.

I go over to another street called West Colonial Drive and there’s this hispanic lady working the corner with her 2 kids out there.  I drive down to another street called Apopka-Vineland and there’s this white lady out there sitting in a wheelchair in the grass median where the cars stop for the traffic light.  She’s not in an electric wheelchair, but a wheel chair that you would be rolled around in by a staff member working at a hospital and she’s just sitting out there in the Florida sun with no type of umbrella to provide shade.  Next to the gym I go to, there’s this pizza joint and there’s this white dude sitting outside of the pizza joint every single day asking for money.  Sometimes I grab some Chinese food from my favorite Chinese spot and there’s 2 white dudes posted up asking for money every time I pull up.  Basically, these people are everywhere.  I don’t know their stories and I’m not about to ask.  I assume some are drug addicts, alcoholics, mental issues, or whatever, but here’s the thing, when it’s time for me to hand out some money, I only give money to black people.

I put aside $30 in one dollar bills each month specifically for the purpose of handing out money to panhandlers who ask me for money.  I don’t care what they do with the money, it’s none of my business.  Every time a panhandler asks me for a dollar, I give them a dollar out of that $30 stash until I’m out.  Say 30 people asked me for money that month and I gave out $30 by the 20th of that particular month well, for the remainder of that month I’m tapped out on giving money.  I used to give indiscriminately but now I find myself purposely giving only to black people because sometimes I look at these white people and I’m thinking to myself, “How in the hell did you fuck this up?  You live in the richest country in the world and you are white.  How did you mess that advantage up to where you are out here asking random strangers for money, especially strangers that are black?”  I don’t get it, I do get it, but then I don’t get it.  Regardless, when I see black people panhandling, I feel like it’s somewhat my civic duty to hand them a dollar if I have one just off the strength of them being black in America and the unfortunate stigma that comes along with that.  Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’m not.  I don’t know.  All I know is, I just find it extremely hard to at times to empathize with a white person who is panhandling because once again, this is America where being white is the golden ticket to paradise.  Why are you out here begging for money?  Granted, I know that there are poor white people going through their issues just like poor black people and we all know that way too many rich people (especially rich white people) don’t give a damn about anybody that is poor regardless of their skin color, but still, these white panhandlers still possess that one attribute that will give them some type of benefit or favoritism over everybody else who doesn’t possess it; and that is their skin color.  

So with that being said, I just find it very hard to feel sorry for a person who is panhandling who is not black.  Even hispanics panhandlers like the lady I told you about who’s out there with her 2 kids every time I see her; I just struggle to relate because even though she’s not white, at the end of the day, there’s a higher chance of her identifying with a white mindset than that of a black mindset.  Regardless, I still struggle in finding empathy for non-black panhandlers.

I just wanted to share those thoughts with you all because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only who’s thinking this as I’m driving down the street seeing panhandlers.  I’m sure there are white people and hispanic people who think the exact way when they see a panhandler who is the same race as them.

Your favorite mulatto.
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