How Come Pro-Blacks Don’t Run for Office?

For the last few days I’ve been paying attention to all of the back and forth going on in regards to the matter of black people voting or not voting and I’m pretty sure the majority of you out there are familiar with the 2 opposing arguments.  If not, let me remind you.  The first argument is that black people need to vote in order to change the system.  Ok…got it.  The opposing argument is, black people shouldn’t vote because nothing ever changes for black people and there is no black agenda.  Ok…got it.  Now that we have a clear understanding of this debate that seems to pop up every election cycle, my question to all of you pro-black babblers out there is this:  HOW COME PRO-BLACKS ARE NOT RUNNING FOR OFFICE?

Seriously, how come pro-blacks are not running for office?  I think it’s a fair question.  The reason I’m bringing this question up is because when it comes to high profile pro-black babblers by the likes of Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar Johnson, and some others (I’ll even toss in Cynthia G’s name since she has a significant following on YouTube), these pro-black babblers combined have hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who follow them and hang on to their every word and they proudly brag about it to the tune where Jason Black loves to refer to himself as the “new black media”.  So if this is the case, out of all of those hundreds of thousands if not millions of pro-black followers who choose not to vote because they don’t believe voting solves anything for black people because they state there is never a black agenda on the table, you mean to tell me that that there isn’t one pro-black out there who may be qualified to run office?  Just one?  Whether it’s for a local office, state office or federal office?  So out of all of the black people who blindly subscribe to the pro-black babbling messages these highly influential individuals continually push day in and day out about a black agenda, that there isn’t one qualified black person who can run for office to champion this so-called black agenda for black people?  Just one? Seriously, just one?  Why not?

I’m not calling for Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar Johnson or Cynthia G. to run for office themselves, although that would probably be ideal since they are the loudest on these internet streets spreading this message about how voting doesn’t benefit black people because no black agenda is ever presented, but even still, combined they have hundreds of thousands of followers and you mean to tell me that the best these people could do is just to simply convince black people to not vote?  Really?  These people have been online for years preaching black empowerment and the need for a black agenda non-stop and nobody out there who subscribes to their belief has stepped up to the plate to run for some type of office to champion black empowerment or a black agenda?  Really?  Why Not?  What’s really going on here?

I’ll tell you what’s going on, it’s the same thing I’ve been saying, THESE PRO-BLACK BABBLERS ARE MERELY JUST ENTERTAINMENT AT THE END OF THE DAY.  They are here to fill your earholes up with endless “woe is me white supremacy” rhetoric by constantly telling you that will never be anything more than what you are because you were born black.  While they are telling you this, they are constantly circulating the collection plate of the pro-black melanoid ministries to fund their lifestyles or to get you to help pay for another documentary about stuff that you already know about that has yet to actually demonstrate that it has changed your life for the better.  And you know it hasn’t because every t-shirt or documentary they have produced, your life has still been on the same trajectory of going great or going down the toilet and that’s mostly due to you, not some random boogey man white supremacists hiding up under your bed at night.  Yet they’ve gotten richer or they’ve secured a bag to finance certain aspects of their lives.  Regardless the point is, they have tremendous influence to convince you to sign up for one of their classes, buy a t-shirt, support their documentaries or donate to their YouTube super chats in addition to influencing you to not vote, but with all of that influence of preaching the good hotep pro-black word day in and day out about black economic empowerment and a political black agenda, these very same knee grows appear to have failed at convincing just one person who blindly follows their messages to run for office to push this black agenda.  Here’s the thing, if they did have one person it’s not like this one person wouldn’t be able to secure financial backing and a bunch of supporters because by default they would be gaining the support of all of Tariq Nasheed, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Cynthia G., Dr. Umar Johnson & Jason Black fans etc.  Plus when it comes time to actually put some money down, the same way people like Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed have successfully mastered how to raise money online to fund their documentaries, there shouldn’t be any problems with the pro-black candidate successfully raising money especially if that person gets the likes of Tariq Nasheed & Jason Black to “campaign” on his or her behalf.  

So my question again is, with all of the influence they have successfully demonstrated in attaining, how come they can’t seem to convince one of their loyal followers to run for office so that somebody can finally bring forth this elusive black agenda that they all love to babble about all day long?  Why?  Why tell your people to not vote?  Why not hop on your microphones via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and say something like, “HEY…WE ARE LOOKING TO START A ‘PRO-BLACK’ PARTY AND WE ARE LOOKING FOR A CANDIDATE WHO SHARE OUR VALUES AND CONCERNS SPECIFICALLY ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY ONLY!  WHO OUT THERE BELIEVES THEY ARE QUALIFIED TO RUN FOR OFFICE?  IF THAT’S YOU, WE WILL FINANCIALLY SUPPORT YOU BECAUSE WE NEED SOMEBODY TO ACTUALLY SPEAK FOR BLACK PEOPLE ABOUT ISSUES THAT AFFECT ONLY BLACK PEOPLE!”  How come they can’t do that instead?  Once again, they have hundreds of thousands of people who blindly support them and wholeheartedly believe in everything they say and actually do the stuff they tell them to do (like fund these documentaries and no voting), why can’t they use that exact same influence to convince somebody from Blackistan to run for office who speaks to black people about black issues?  

I don’t want to hear the tired excuses of “DEY’S GONNA GET ASSASSINATED!  DEM WHITE FOLKS AIN’T GONNA LET US UP IN DERE!”  First of all, nobody’s going to be assassinating you.  There a bunch of black politicians right now who have yet to be assassinated.  But then you’ll say, “BUT DEY’S AIN’T SPEAKING FA BLACK FOLKS ABOUT A BLACK AGENDA!  DAT’S WHY DEY’S NOT DEAD!”  To that I’ll say, how about you round up all the local neighborhood goons and savages that you all love to proclaim are the “defenders” of the black community and form a black secret service.  Tell Tariq to pass the melanoid ministries collection plate around everyday to properly fund the protection of these pro-black candidates instead of him asking you to buy some random t-shirt or Mink Slide song.  As far as “dem white folks not letting you up in dere”, well guess what, you will never get up in there if you don’t try to participate in the system to get up in there so that you can try to change the system instead of beating your thumbs to death on Twitter and in the YouTube comments.

But then you’ll be like, “WE’S NOT TRYING TO CONFORM TO DA SYSTEM!  WE’S JUSS WANNA DESTROY WHITE SUPREMACY AND GET EQUAL AND FAIR JUSTICE!”  Well, how are you going to do that when the entire system is built off of what takes place in politics, this same political system you choose to not participate in because you don’t feel there’s a candidate who addresses the concerns of black society?  I just gave you an option.  Find a qualified pro-black person who subscribers to pro-black babble all day who is qualified to run for a political office, put his name out there to the masses, tell the masses to open up their wallets and finance his campaign.  Or just keep buying t-shirts and watching DVDs complaining about race wars all day long but not doing anything to slow down or eradicate this so-called race war and white supremacy.

We all know what’s more than likely to take place; a whole bunch of excuses to not become politically involved.  Why?  Because like damn near every other activity of life in the black community for the most part, it’s so much easier to cry and complain about things than it is to actually go about the business of doing the necessary things to create the change one desires to see.  That’s why.  Just like how knee grows love to say “WE NEEDS TA PRACTICE GROUP ECONOMICS AND START OUR OWN BUSINESSES!”  Knee grows have been chanting that message since forever now and hardly any of you who chant that are one step closer to doing it.  You’ll scream it all day long online, but everything in your real life screams the complete opposite.  So, this is exactly what will take place with politics as well.  When the next election cycle rolls around, hundreds of thousands of knee grows who blindly subscribe to pro-black babblism will be online saying “I AIN’T VOTING!  IT DOES NUFFIN’ FOR BLACK PEOPLE!  THERE AIN’T NO BLACK AGENDA”!  I guarantee you from the time you read this blog till the time the next election cycle rolls around that out of all of the “I AIN’T VOTING” blacks from bBlackistan not one of them will step up to run for some type of office pushing a black agenda and none of your favorite pro-black babblers with significant followings will use their platforms to encourage any pro-black person to run for office with the promise of using their platform and followers to help finance their campaign.  None of them will.  And let’s just say that one does decide to step up to run for office pushing a black agenda, that person can literally be rattling off every single talking point these famous babblers have been spitting since day one down to the letter and more than likely these very same famous pro-black babblers will not put any money on their campaign or convince their followers to support that person.  The reason this will not happen is because once they put up a pro-black candidate then guess what, what in the hell will they have to talk about moving forward?  They can’t use the argument that there isn’t a candidate speaking to their concerns.  The most they could do is talk about white supremacy in the event that the candidate possibly loses whatever election he/she may be involved in which in all honestly, would be the perfect scenario for the pro-black babblers because it would provide them another cache of topics to discuss concerning the white supremacy boogey men holding black people down because if the candidate actual ran and won, once again, it would be a slap in the face to everything they have been preaching and convincing you all to believe in as well.  That’s why you more than likely will not see a pro-black candidate running for office anytime soon despite these well known pro-black babblers having the literal influence to inspire and rally financial support to back such a candidate.  They don’t want things to change at the end of the day because playing the “woe is me white supremacy” political game keeps a steady bag coming in day after day for these people.  Black people’s belief in being inferior to white people is a gold mine in the so-called conscious community to those who are skilled enough to develop a massive following.

Anyways, I provided you all a real life tangible solution to this political game that you knee grows constantly cry about as justification for why you don’t believe in voting.  Now let’s see if you all decide to put up a pro-black candidate or just spend the remainder of your lives on social media crying about not voting and how nothing ever changes.

Your favorite mulatto.
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