Omari Hardwick’s Wife Been Down Since Day One

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if you are a black man, then it boggles my mind as to why you all continually put up with this non-stop foolishness from black women.  It boggles my mind because you can just make your life so much easier by going to get with a Becky, an Ana-Marie or a Chun Li.  Sitting around dealing with Keisha and her foolishness is causing you to potentially miss out on living your best life.  I say this because, if you are a black man who isn’t currently where you want to be in life financially, continually trying to suck up to Keisha and Tawanna is more than likely going to be a futile endeavor.  I can prove this by redirecting you to a YouTuber by the name of Paris Milan and what she recently stated in regards to actor Omari Hardwick.  In case you are unfamiliar with the name of Omari Hardwick, he is the actor who plays Ghost on the tv show Power.  If you fast forward to about the 9 minute mark of the video, Paris Milan starts talking about how Omari Hardwick gets defensive of his wife to where he likes to remind people that she was with him when he was broke and struggling.  This Paris Milan chick then proceeds to say that basically black women don’t care and that this white chick had to accept him because he was broke and struggling.

To recap real quick on Paris Milan’s video, she basically made a video as a response to Omari’s recent appearance on the Breakfast Club where I believe a fan of Omari called into the show to express her disdain with Omari for not taking time to snap a picture with her.  Omari stated that the reason he didn’t is because he was with his wife wer enjoying family time, but he also stated that anytime he’s not with his wife, he’s constantly taking pictures with his fans.  The issue that Paris Milan has is that this particular fan who didn’t get to take a picture was a black woman and Paris somehow managed to create an argument out of thin air basically saying that Omari is tired of dealing with black women and their bs because Omari is married to a white woman.  This is pretty much her whole argument.  She then goes on to say some foolishness like maybe black women should stop supporting Omari and stop watching the show Power because Omari didn’t want to take a picture with this black woman while he was with his wife.  Basically, if you listen to her entire video, she pretty much rambled on and on about how black women basically own and control black men; at least that’s what I managed to get out of it.  She even mentioned Michael B. Jordan and his dating preferences to where she’s trying to say that if these black actors aren’t dating and marrying black women, then black women shouldn’t be supporting them.  Now I don’t even want to really waste unnecessary time on that particular aspect of black women thinking they own and control black men, especially black male celebrities who chose to date or marry non-black women, because we all know way too many black women feel that way.  Too many of them of them honestly believe that black men are reserved strictly for black women only, but black women can just pretty much date whomever they please and proceed to go about living their best life because these same women hardly ever discuss the Serena Williams’s of the world and their relationship preferencs…but I digress.

But like I said, this ownership aspect is not even the problem I had with the video.  The issue with Paris Milan’s video happens at around the 9 minute mark where she basically said that the only reason Omari’s wife got with him is because he was broke and she was ugly.  She essentially said that only ugly white women want broke black men.  Now some of you ladies maybe reading this and thinking, “WELL…WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT?!  WHAT BLACK WOMAN WANTS A BROKE BLACK MAN?!”  And you know what, there is nothing wrong with that.  You as a black woman have every right to impose whatever dating preferences you want in your life.  If that is the case, then why in the hell are black women like Paris Milan complaining about black men like Omari Hardwick once he finally comes up and gets his pockets right?  If you go listen to video, she pretty much stated that only ugly white women want broke men.  She didn’t state ugly black women or black women in general.  She made it a point to highlight how his wife looks in order to continually push the narrative that black men tend to end up with ugly white chicks.  I’ve seen a picture of Omari’s wife and she’s not tore up from the floor up and she’s not a dime piece either.  If I had to rate her on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give her about a 6ish…maybe.  But her looks isn’t really a cause for concern.  The real issue is how this Paris Milan basically stated that beautiful black women (or black women in general) don’t want broke struggling black men; only white chicks want them.  Fast forward to the future and this same black chick making this video all up in her feels because this same broke struggling black man got with a white chick who invested time and energy into helping him become the man he is today, now this same black chick is all of a sudden bitter.  I’m trying to figure out why when she just said that the only women who want broke struggling black men are ugly white women meaning, if she had have came across Omari Hardwick back in the day when he was struggling, Paris Milan would not have even wanted him because he was broke and struggling.  Make it make sense ladies and gentleman. 🙃

Do you all not see the hypocrisy with a lot of black women these days?  They’ll go all the way in on black men dating outside the race but then turn around and say how they don’t want to be with a black man who is struggling trying to find his way.  As soon as that black man finds his way and he’s not struggling anymore, w’ell he had better be with a black woman, you know, the same black women who didn’t want him when he was struggling to find his way.  Basically, these type of women don’t want to get behind black men and go through some struggles as a black man finds his way through life and these same black women are more than ok with a Becky coming along to snatch up these black men during their struggles, but once this black man comes up then he is supposed to be walking around with a black woman on his arms as if that black woman was there since day one or else. 😂  Do you see how idiotic some of these women are these days?  This is why I say if my wife & I ever broke up and I had to reenter the dating world, there’s no way in hell I would be getting with another black woman especially if this is the logic of black women out there on the streets have these days.  You don’t want black men when they are broke, you are cool with them getting with a Becky while they are broke because you believe all Beckys are ugly, and these ugly Beckys are the only type of women black men are deserving of.  But as soon as a black man comes in the world, these same black women who didn’t want these black men are now demanding that these black men only be with black women or else these black men are sellouts and traitors to black race. 😂

My goodness, I don’t know how any of you single black men out there do it.  You all continually let black women emotionally abuse you and demand that you be held to their standards all while they tell you that they don’t want you or want to be with you as you going through your phases of trying to get your life together for the better.  Why deal with that when it’s abundantly clear that Becky is willing to take you on in your broke phase and help develop you into the man that you believe you are meant to be?  Life could be so much easier for you and don’t fall for this foolishness that black men only get with ugly white chicks.  I’ve seen plenty of fine white chicks with black dudes just like I’ve seen plenty of ugly black chicks with black dudes (& white dudes).  So when these women say, “Black men only get with ugly white women!”, these black women are honestly running around acting like all black women are just straight up dime pieces everywhere you look.  These women are delusional.

I do find it rather refreshing to hear a black woman say what black men have already known for a long ass time and that is, it isn’t too many black women who are interesting in dealing with black men who don’t have their pockets and lives all the way together (minus the occasional hoodrat of course…they’ll deal with anybody who can make them smile and buy some diapers for their babies).  All of the so-called “I’M A STRONG EDUCATED BLACK WOMAN”, these women don’t want a black man who isn’t as educated as them or doesn’t have his money all the way together and they are perfectly fine with these particular brothers getting with white chicks because by these black women’s own admission, these black men can’t get anybody but so-called “ugly” white women because these same “I’M A STRONG EDUCATED BLACK WOMAN” do not want these men.  Let that white chick help that brotha come up in the world and all of a sudden social media is filled with these same “I’M A STRONG EDUCATED BLACK WOMAN” crying and complaining about how all of the successful black men want nothing but white women.  These same black women do not want to own up to the fact that they don’t want to invest time and energy into helping that black man get his life up to her standard or beyond because “I AIN’T GOT TIME FOR THAT!”, but Becky does.  Becky will put everything she has into a struggling broke black man if she sees real potential in him.  Keisha with the sociology degree who snuggles up in bed every night with white Jesus…she ain’t got time for that.

So fellas, why put up with that headache if you don’t have to?  If you are single and you are in school or on the job or starting a business so that you can get your increase your lifestyle and earning potential but you are somehow hanging on to this fantasy of sharing your struggles and your life with a black woman so that you can keep it “black first” or “remain on code”, fuck ALL THAT.  You get with a woman regardless of her race who has your back and shares your vision and if that chick just happens to be a white chick, so be it.  You go all out to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to accomplish in your life and once you make it, you spoil the hell out of that chick who was riding with you since day one.  Don’t go around building your life all the way up only to turn around and let some random “strong & educated Keisha” come reap all the benefits when she didn’t want your ass when you were struggling and broke.  NO!  That’s not how any of this works and it should never work that way.  You spoil and take care of the one who was down with you since day one.  If you do come up and the one who was down with you originally didn’t see it all the way through to where she can reap those benefits of your hard work, then you go find you a chick who is completely on your level in terms of her having her own.  But if you honestly think you are going to come all the way and find a bunch of black women on that level with you, I have new for you…you probably aren’t.  Sure, you’ll find a bunch of educated black women out there who make descent money, but the problem is, will you be able to find a fine one who doesn’t have any kids in tow (unless you don’t mind playing step daddy)?  Most single black men who are about upward mobility aren’t really checking for single mothers like that and I talked about this before, so there’s no need to rehash that aspect.  The point is, stop wasting your time trying please these same black women who don’t want you when you are trying to get your life right.  Just stop it.  It’s a whole bunch of other flavors of women to choose from fellas that do want you, do appreciate you and will be there to help you build.  So why build for a chick who doesn’t appreciate the actual aspect of building?

Anyways…go get you a Becky and be happy. 😬

Your favorite mulatto.
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