You All Created Treasure From the Dr. Phil Show

I’ve been seeing videos popping up about how this Treasure chick just did all of this for a stunt in order to attempt to get famous and go the route of the Cash Me Outside girl who got famous off of Dr. Phil.  Now maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not.  Frankly, I have no desire nor did I have a desire to investigate it beyond what I saw being shared all over social media.  One YouTuber by the name of Positively Udo created a video going over all the receipts proving this Treasure chick to be a fake seeking fame.  So y’all go check her material out and then make a decision from there as to whether you believe the validity of this Treasure chick.  As for me when it comes to this Treasure chick, the issue was never about whether she was just legit or just doing this to seek attention.  The issue was about the willful ignorance she chose to display on national tv in regards to black people and how this issue clashes with the messages that have been coming out of black social media in regards to black people redefining blackness.  Whether redefining blackness means black people “reorganizing the race” or it means that black people are putting more emphasis on positive, inspirational & constructive images about black people in the media, regardless of how people choose to interpret what “redefining” means, this Treasure chick is problematic towards these efforts.

At this point there really is no need for me to rehash how the dominant society has been portraying black people on tv since forever now.  We all know what the deal is and has always been.  My issue is how so many black people voluntarily go out of their way to add to the negative stereotypes and imagery about black people to where sadly, a lot of people actually do believe black society is just tore up from the floor up.  I’m not just talking specifically about how white people and other non-black groups of people view black society, I’m also talking about how black people view American blacks because when you discuss black people in America, by default you have to include Africans and knee grows from the Caribbean who just come over here and can blend in.  Like I mentioned in my previous article, even black people who are not from America have similar views about black american DOS (descendants of slaves for all of you out there clueless on what that acronym means).  Part of this problem has to due with way too many DOS embracing hood rat culture rules and values and then going above and beyond to become the stereotypes too many black people like to cry and complain about in terms of how these images are furthering to wreak havoc on the overall image of black society.  Sadly, a lot of you all want to focus on white supremacy while totally ignoring how way too many black people just blindly let Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonkwikwi continually bring down the image of black society every single chance they get every time they hop online to upload the latest and greatest ratched video or they go on national tv like the Dr. Phil Show or Love and Hip Hop to display the most ignorant imagery of black society that they can possibly conjure up in their minds.  A lot of you will then go even further out of your way to make excuses for these people as if you don’t see what they are doing because after all, way too many of you have bought into the idea that all black people are a monolith.  Sure, a lot of you will say, “NO WE’RE NOT!”, but then you’ll turn around and say something dumb like, “WE’RE ALL JUST ONE BIG NIGGA IN THE EYES OF WHITE PEOPLE!”  Well, how can you not subscribe to monolithic thinking if you believe that all white people see black people as the same and then you turn around and coon-call other black people to death for not agreeing with you?  Help me understand how this works.

To get back to my point, I was never really concerned about as to whether or not this Treasure chick was a fraud or simply just chasing fame.  I was really concerned about how her willful ignorance of going on national tv in front of all of those white people was further helping to make the image of black people look bad as it relates to how way too many pro-black babblers like to discuss on a regular basis.  As for me personally, she doesn’t make me look bad at all.  Some of y’all will say, “IT’S CAUSE YOUR LIGHT SKIN!  YOU’RE BIRACIAL!  BLAH BLAH BLAH!”  Maybe you’re right and that’s why I’m not concerned about that particular aspect too much, but for the rest of you out there who are constantly online making colorism and white supremacy videos, this has got to be killing some of you because it just totally goes against everything you believe in and stand for.  This is why I keep making videos calling into question as to exactly how well are these messages of pro-blackness and getting on code are going for black people because like I’ve stated in the past, people like Treasure see what’s being said on Facebook and Twitter.  She sees the YouTube videos as well, but people like her will still go out of their way to go against the very same things they were once more than likely cosigning coming up out of Blackistan despite knowing all of the potential blowback that’s bound to happen whether that blowback is coming from white society or black society.  They will still do it.

The reason they will still do it is because of the exact same reasons too many pro-black babblers like to preach about onto their congregations.  That reason is, black people do not own nor control any economic aspects of this American economy to where degenerate ratched behaviors like this can be punished.  For all of you who like to make comments as if I don’t know what I’m talking about simply because you find some of my commentary offensive because I’m not spending all of my time making videos talking about white supremacy boogey men, trust me, I know what’s being talked about in Blackistan and fully comprehend it probably way better than the vast majority of you out there.  The reason I don’t go in on white people like I used to is because it’s rather pointless in my opinion at this stage in the game.  I’ve stated it before, how many videos do you need to hear in regards to the subject of white supremacy?  How many videos do you need to hear before you as an individual decided to actually get up off of social media and begin the actual work of doing something about it?  You know, the exact same things your favorite pro-black babbler tells you that you need to be doing?  Truth of the matter is, most of you won’t do anything.  Most of you believe that tweeting and making YouTube videos or putting some money on the latest pro-black babbling documentary is actually “doing something” as if that is going to change or prevent the next Treasure from going on national tv to denounce her blackness whether it be legit or fake.  That’s what this is really all about.  I’ve stated this numerous times on my videos as well, but it’s about black people having absolutely no control or authority over anything in blackness or black society period point blank.  The fact that a dark skin black woman can go on national tv to talk reckless and greasy about black society just for attention proves this because she knows that at the end of the day, there isn’t a knee grow walking around who is going to do anything about it other than turn her into the subject of countless YouTube videos, blogs and memes.

So you all can get mad at me and call me a tragic mulatto who’s trying to cause dissension amongst black people or I’m implementing Willie Lynch or I shouldn’t even be in the conversation because I’m biracial.  You all can keep saying that all you want but it still doesn’t change reality regardless of who says it.  Reality is, these ratchets, hoodrats & “I’S FORGIVE KNEE GROWS” currently define what it means to be a black American DOS because the rest of you who adamantly oppose what these people are doing, well, too many of you invest way more time into just simply talking about the stuff you would like to see or you envision yourself one day doing.  But you don’t actually go about the business of doing these things so that you can create this reality to where black people can check other black people who “get off code”.   You know what I’m saying to be true, you just like to hear the so-called tragic mulatto tell it to you. 😂  Well, you’re going to keep hearing it because fact of the matter is, until you all learn to embrace educational, professional and business excellence you will continue to hear me beat my drum on calling out the fatal flaws of black society that will inevitably cause black society to eventually fracture like how I briefly discussed in my last article.  And in case you missed that, I was referencing another YouTuber who was talking about how black society will break up into 3 classes in the coming years where it will be Africans who emigrate over with education and wealth becoming the upper echelon of black society who if they decide to deal with American DOS, they will only deal with those who come from 2 parent households who have money and a sense of maintaining a solid family structure, not any of this baby mama baby daddy foolishness.  The second group will be biracials like myself running around doing whatever the hell we want to do because we can, and the third group will be everybody else, your pro-blacks, your hood rats and your ratchets.  That last group will unfortunately be ran by the ratchets of black society who will chase social media fame and straight up nigga shit.  Then once these people get a few baby daddies or baby mamas under their belt and then start discovering how hard life can be when you’re out there making babies with people who are not financially or mentally qualified to bring life into this world, then these people will eventually discover their “blackness” and join the pro-black babbling squad and start preaching about white supremacy every other day.  In a nutshell this is more than likely bound to happen in the coming decades.

Regardless, the overbearing strong influence of black ignorance, ratchedness and not embracing education or learning and mastering critical skills that is deemed valuable by society at large is why you will continue to have more people like Treasure coming out of the woodworks looking to get some shine for talking greasy about black society.  Whether they believe in what they are saying doesn’t even matter.  What matters is, this is a result of the overall failure of black people to control the image of black society by creating an economy and institutions that can reward and punish behaviors of this sort.  Like I said, don’t act like I’m just making this stuff up.  Your favorite pro-black babbler will tell you the exact same things.  Meanwhile, all these Asian people you all detest due to their treatment of black people, you don’t see them coming out the woodworks like this going in on their own people.  They’re too busy taking your money for the hair products you purchased and sending their kids off to college to learn and master STEM.  Meanwhile, knee grows out here devising plans on how to get social media famous so they become what they call a “clout chaser”.  Now I understand what the term clout chaser means, what I fail to understand is exactly what these people are getting out of this so-called clout chasing other than being social media famous for about 5 minutes.  Is it helping you to improve your credit scores?  Is it helping to put more money in your bank accounts?  Is it helping you to get into college, get a promotion at the job or acquire a loan from a bank so that you can start your own business?  Maybe because I’m 38 years old and I came of age in an era where social media didn’t exist so I never understood this unnecessary desire to chase undeserved fame.  Who knows.  But the point is, there are millions of knee grows, young and old mind you, who are “chasing clout” in hopes that finally somebody will take notice of them because if they are old, they more than likely have wasted their life engaged in a bunch of useless foolishness that has failed to increase the overall value of their lifestyles.  If they are young, they more than likely were raised by these useless adults in black society and now they are just repeating the process of becoming the next generation of useless black people who bring absolutely no value to black society other than their ability to try to get noticed.  Sadly, they’re not getting noticed for anything of substance and value, just more ratched nigga shit that helps to keep this ratched black stereotype alive that unfortunately affects way more dark skin black people than those of on team light skin or team biracial, hence the reason why I was specifically harping on dark skin black people in my last article.

But anyways, this is part of the reason why you have these Treasure type of people out here.  Black society’s overall undying love of sitting around and talking about all the things they want to do versus doing it combined with allowing these degenerates and ratchets to define blackness in America to where black society’s failure to accomplish things of tangible significance…well, these ratcheds sadly can’t be punished, instead they are rewarded with money or temporary fame.

Your favorite mulatto.
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