Tough Online, Weak Offline

Back in 2002 after college, I enlisted to join the Army.  Initially I wanted to join the infantry but my uncle talked me out of it, so I instead ended up going into the Signal Corps to where I eventually went into the IT profession within the Army.  They sent me to Fort Jackson in Columbia SC to do basic training.  After that, they sent me down to Fort Gordon in Augusta GA to do what they call AIT (advanced individual training), basically that’s where you learn how to do the job you signed up for the Army.  After that, they sent me to Fort Benning in Columbus GA to go to airborne school where I eventually went on to jump out of a plane 5 times and earned my airborne wings.  After that I was under the belief that I was going to Fort Bragg in North Carolina to spend the remainder of my Army days being an airborne soldier jumping out of planes every other day, but to my surprise they sent me back to Fort Gordon, which eventually worked itself out in my favor.  Between my time in basic training, AIT, & airborne school that was a grand total of about 10 months or so out of my life where I really didn’t have time to watch tv to get caught up on the news of the world because I was always training for something.  The reason I’m saying this is because during that time is when the war in Iraq had started to really kick up to where the news was broadcasting every other day about how many soldiers had been killed or maimed.  So when I eventually got to my first unit at Fort Gordon, I was totally unaware of what was going on in Iraq.  So as I started getting accustomed to watching the news again and I’m hearing all of these stories of doom and gloom, a part of me was literally terrified about the possibility of going over to Iraq.  Granted, I understood that me simply enlisting in the Army meant that there was a high chance of me going, but like I said earlier, when I was in training, I didn’t really get to watch a lot of tv for about 10 months straight so I had no idea of what was being broadcasting on the news every night.  

Fast forward to the 2006, my number gets called and I’m on an airplane flying to Kuwait.  When I get to Kuwait the entire time I’m thinking I’m just going to in-process and then they are going to put me on a convoy or another plane and fly me straight to Iraq.  Now by this time the news had been reporting doom and gloom for about 3 straight years and all I kept thinking about was the stuff I saw on the news every night.  To my surprise they tell me that I’m going to be assigned to a unit that literally just got back from Iraq 2 weeks prior and I’ll be spending my first so-called deployment chilling in Kuwait.  I was collecting all the combat pay minus the combat so I wasn’t really complaining.  I check in with my unit and I start talking to some people who just got back from Iraq and naturally I start asking questions about all the doom and gloom and everybody I’m talking to is just looking at me crazy and all but laughing at me because everything I was telling I heard, they were telling me that none of that was happening where they were.  Now granted, obviously the stuff the news was reporting was real in terms of soldiers being killed but the way the news was portraying it like it was some absolute bloodbath on a regular basis was not happening at all.  My unit that I had just got assigned to they were in the heart of Baghdad in an area called the green zone and basically they were telling me that some of that doom and gloom stuff was popping off around them but while they were there, they were pretty much chilling for the most part.  And when i say chilling, I’m talking about having pool parties and barbecues type of chilling.

Fast forward to the year 2010 and I find myself on another airplane flying back to Kuwait.  As I arrive in Kuwait, a week later I’m on another airplane flying to a tiny country called Qatar where my battalion headquarters is located.  As I’m walking in the doors to the HQ there’s this book at the entrance with about 70-80 people’s pictures in it.  All of these people were once a part of this battalion who were killed in Afghanistan.  Now here I am entering this battalion to in-process so I can be put on another plane flying out to Afghanistan.  So I’m in Qatar for about 2 weeks and I’m there with my homeboy who was in my last unit with me.  He’s scheduled to go to a base in southern Afghanistan and I’m scheduled to go to a base in northern Afghanistan somewhere up in the mountains.  Well, his wife was in the Airforce and he gets word that she just came down on orders to go to the same base I’m supposed to be going to.  So my homeboy calls up the chain of command to see if he and I can switch units, to which I have no problems with.  So we get our units switched.  I’m now going to southern Afghanistan and he’s going to northern Afghanistan to be with his wife.  After the switch we start getting info about how the base I’m going to has been ranked as one of the worst bases to go to due to the numerous attacks from the Taliban.  So here I am thinking that this is just my luck.  I’m about to get fucked out there in those Afghanistan streets if what people are saying is true.  So it’s time to hop on the bird and fly out.  We’re on the plane flying out and it’s about a 3 hour flight because the plane has to fly down and around the country of Iran or else if we crossed into their airspace we risked getting shot out of the sky.  So I’m on the plane, I got all my gear.  I got my M4, I got 7 fully loaded magazines for my M4, I got my kevlar helmet, my flak jacket, my first aid kit, my duffle bag, my book bag and my iPhone with my headphones.  I got all of that and about 20 minutes into the flight, I took all that crap off and went right to sleep thanks to the vibrations of the plane.  About 30 minutes before the plane is to land at this base called Kandahar Airfield in southern Afghanistan, the crew of that plane tell us that we need to put on all of that equipment that I just took off.  So I put on all my gear because at the time I heard it was non-stop action at this base in terms of rockets flying and firefights galore.  So I’m thinking it is about to be on & popping as soon as they open these damn doors to this plane.  Well, the doors open and nothing is happening.  Absolutely nothing.  They walk us into the terminal and this terminal is literally littered with bullet holes all over the place, so something happened before, thankfully it was before my arrival.  Fast forward, I check in with my unit, get settled down and now I’m in somewhat chill mode trying to figure out what’s there to do, then all of a sudden I hear this boom and an alarm goes off.  First thing I do is drop to the ground freaking out.  As soon as I did that, a bunch of laughter erupted from people looking at me.  I’m looking at them like wondering what the hell they are laughing at.  They tell me, “It must be your first day here big sarge.  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”  They were right.  Basically what ended up happening was, these explosions and alarms would go off so much that you eventually reached a point where you were like, well obviously I’m still alive so whatever man.  Normally you’re supposed to run to the closet bunker and get a head count of your personnel but after a while, you just got used to hearing this stuff and you figured, it is what it is.  If you were the unfortunate one to get killed that day, it was just meant to be because you had no control over it.  It was like getting struck by lightening.  

I know some of you are probably wondering why I’m telling you this story and what’s this got to do with black people.  Well, it has a lot to do with black people especially as it relates to black people allowing these pro-black babblers to instill unnecessary fear into you to the point where you think everybody’s out to get you and they’re coming for you at any minute.  The same way the news broadcasters were telling stories of non-stop doom and gloom back when the Iraq war first kicked off is the same way these pro-black babblers are instilling unnecessary fear into you all when they hop on the mic or on Twitter purposely cherry picking stories in order to maximize the minimum to make it seem like it’s just a full blown assault on black people every single day to where you need to be standing by your window holding an assault rifle like Malcolm X while you got the latest pro-black babbling lecture blaring in the background.  This is what is literally taking place and after reading the comments on my last video, I’m more convinced now than ever that way too many black people are just so easily manipulated off of irrational fears.

There are people in my comments saying stuff like, “JUST WAIT TILL THEY COME GET YA!  WE’RE AT WAR!  YOU AIN’T GONNA MAKE IT!” and the whole time I’m shaking my head because the majority of the people making comments like that more than likely don’t have the slightest idea about how to survive if something ever did kick off, whether this “war” be physical or financial.  Meaning, I’ve actually trained for real combat for 13 years of my life.  Some of you will be like, “BUT YOU JUST SAID YOU WERE AN IT NERD!”  True, I was but even IT nerds spent considerable amounts of time at the weapon’s range firing weapons, cleaning weapons, practicing various other combat and survival techniques etc.  I’ve been out of the military for almost 3 years and I still have most of gear and combat uniforms along with various other combat and survival related stuff.  Meanwhile, too many black people have a closet full of skinny jeans, Jordans and weave bundles but you all are going tell me that I’m not going to make it. 😂  Are you all serious?  For real, are you serious?  Have you all seen a video on Worldstar, YouTube or Facebook lately where it’s endless knee grows shooting weapons gangsta style?  I saw a video of some young black dudes at a range and they were running around with some type of assault rifle doing barrel roles & not practicing muzzle or trigger finger awareness.  I’m watching this like, if somebody gets shot, it was just meant to be.  Meanwhile you venture on over to white YouTube land and it’s videos of kids as young as 6 years old taking marksmanship classes.  But you all want to be in my comments talking all this rah rah stuff about how you ready.  Man if y’all don’t get the hell up outta here already.  The overwhelming vast majority of you wouldn’t have a clue on what to do if something popped off.  I hate to bring it up, but that brother who got killed in Clearwater, Florida by that white dude not too long ago in the parking lot of that convenience store; he wasn’t ready either (but that white dude was unfortunately).  Now maybe that black dude wasn’t aware of the messages Blackistan has been pumping out about a race war, but clearly that white guy was.  I’m saying this because more than likely the overwhelming vast majority of you all fall into the same category.  You all talk big in the comments and on the videos, but when reality hits, most of you will be hiding up under you beds ready to call the very same so-called race soldiers you all complain about to come save you.  And you know what I’m saying to be true.

Some of you will say, “THE RACE WAR IS MORE THAN JUST A PHYSICAL WAR!  IT’S FINANCIAL!  THEY GENTRIFYING US!  THEY’RE DOING THIS, THEY’RE DOING THAT!”  OK, fine.  What are you doing about it?  Better yet, let me ask you this, do you have at least 6 months to a year’s worth of savings in your bank account?  You probably don’t.  You probably have just below a thousand dollars because that’s what the average American has at any given time.  I imagine it’s probably lower for black people.  The reason I’m mentioning this is because, if the so-called race war is going to be a financial one as well, how do you expect to fight back when you have no money to compete?  You want to talk about, “WE NEED TO BUILD OUR OWN BUSINESSES!”  OK.  You got the money?  Can you log off OF your computer right now and round up 10 people you know in real life who can put up at least $5k on the spot right now?  What about your credit score, what’s that looking like?  Can you walk down a local bank right now and get a loan for $10k no questions asked?  Can you?  I can.  Can you?  The reason I’m saying this is because, once again, you all can get on YouTube and talk big talk in the comments section but everything in reality says the complete opposite.  Reality says most of you don’t have a lot of money and you don’t know people with a lot of money.  And if you did have access to money, most of you wouldn’t know what to do with it beyond tricking it off on rims, weaves, Swisher Sweets and Newport cigarettes.  And don’t act like I’m just making this up.  I can go to any predominately black area in any city in America and it’s the same ole story every where you go.  It’s a bunch of black people with absolutely no survival skills and no money to engage in any form of a so-called race war whatsoever.  You know what I’m saying to be true, but y’all want to get all mad at me for telling you what you already know.  I don’t understand why because the very same pro-black babblers you all listen to tell you the exact same things.  One in particular (Jason Black) has made 3 documentaries telling you about yourselves for crying out loud, but y’all want to get mad at me.  Is it because I’m a biracial?  Y’all don’t want to hear the so-called tragic mulatto tell black people about black people because you all somehow believe that I don’t know black people as if I haven’t literally spent my entire life living around, going to school with, and dating black women all up and down the black community?  “YOU MULATTOS ARE TRAITORS!  YOU ARE THE ENEMY TO BLACK PEOPLE!”  Meanwhile, you all are bowing at the alter of Colin Kaepernick and were jumping up and down cheering when Nike signed him.  But I’m the confused one. 😂  Man if y’all don’t get out of here with this foolishness already.

Listen, I legitimately want black people to do better and actually start winning at something.  I sincerely do.  I’m just not going to get on here and sugar coat stuff for you all.  I’m not going to sit around and hop on my microphone in hopes that you all gather around the radio like people did back in the ’20s and ’30s and tell you white supremacy boogey man stories all day long when the fact of the matter is, most of these pro-black babbling story tellers are purposely maximizing the minimum in order to keep you fearful and loyal.  It’s the exact same thing preachers do to their congregations and cult leaders do onto their flocks.  Maximize the minimum.  Think about it, before most of you decided to become “woke” and “black first”, most of you were out there living your lives carefree being the exact so-called coons who are asleep you run around calling everybody else these days.  All of sudden you got hypnotized by the eloquence of a pro-black babbler and now you go to sleep with one eye open just incase Billy Bob pops up out of nowhere in the middle of night.  

But then you’ll be like, “B-B-BUT BILLY BOB AND HIS BOYS ARE OUT THERE GETTING PEOPLE!  LOOK AT THE COPS!  LOOK AT PROUD BOYS!  LOOK AT CHARLOTTESVILLE!”  Meanwhile, I’m like, “Look at Pookie and Ray Ray.”  You have a way higher chance of getting handed that work from Pookie and Ray Ray than you do of some random white supremacists catching you slipping.  But my bad, I’m not supposed to talk about that.  That’s that good ole “WHAT ABOUT BLACK ON BLACK CRIME” coon talk i suppose. 😂  My bad.  I know that’s what you’re thinking because you’ve been trained to think that way, but it still doesn’t negate facts.  Fact is, Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonkwiki have a way higher chance of giving you that work that Billy Bob and his boys.

Regardless of who gives you the work, the overwhelming majority of you out there talking all the rah rah stuff in the comments and on video…nobody believes you.  Most of you are not trained for anything whether it be physical or financial.  You’re just not.  Have you seen just a regular fight video on social media lately?  Knee grows are still out here swinging their arms like windmills.  Grown ass men mind you, you know, you’re so-called warrior class.  Meanwhile, I’m trained in hand-to-hand combat, weapons training, and other basic survival training…and I’m far from broke with access to other people who got money too.  But y’all say I won’t make it 😂  Then again, I could be lying just like you all.  I guess we’ll just have to find out and see.

Bottom line is this, I just want you to do an honest assessment of your lives so that you can truly evaluate if you are ready to deal with these big bag scary white supremacists the pro-black babblers are literally terrifying you to death with.  That’s all.  I’m not trying to come down on black people.  You just need somebody to just be brutally honest with you and not feed you scary bed time stories about white people everyday because chances are, either the majority of these white folks are not thinking about you or they have access to money, resources and other things to effectively hand you that work that you more than likely will not be prepared to deal with.  These are just facts ladies and gentleman.

Your favorite mulatto.
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