One Year After Comparing Straight Black Men to Racist White Men

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

One year after the infamous VSB article that shook black journalism/freelance writers and made enemies with black men, the same straight black men who are killed by the police while unarmed and reaching for their wallets were and always shall be innocent.  The same straight black men that black women beg for protection may not even care for their tears.  The same straight black men who they cry over when these men chase after white women, now all of a sudden they hate us and compare black men to racist white men.

We are loved, hated, and relegated as sperm donors for black women to be single mothers for them to raise their sons to be another ghetto stereotype.  Meanwhile, some parents try to undo the damage.  Black mothers mold their sons to pursue an education that they were not given a chance to venture.  The boys are drilled the qualities of the ideal ‘good black man’; one who fears Gods and pust black women first, all while sounding like another Tyler Perry’s Madea spin-off.  Fortunately, even single mothers do a good job raising their sons to stay out of trouble.  The misconception of instilling ‘good black man’ qualities in our sons is that these characteristics will make them love longer and better, but it does not work in the streets in connecting with other black people and even operating in conservative America.  All the lecturing black boys are taught in theory to make them white enough to network, but liberal enough to appease black people.  Adults talk to our sons as if they are predestined to die from black on black crime or be in jail.  We them to pull up their pants and get out of their momma’s house to find a job and there is nothing wrong with that.  The problem grows after the subconscious convention of conservatism to black boys.  Now they are thinking too hard and establishing rules for other black people, especially black women who do not want to hear their own talking points to be set on them.

These boys get older and realize they have out matured the girls in school as some boys are rejected or outcasted by their more popular peers who have an average teen life of sex and drugs.  This event birthed blerds whom I think Damon Young is referring to the most.  The black boys who feel too smart or entitled to be around black folks.  The lack of sex and a social life morphs their opinions and black women become their scapegoat.  Young’s explains that black men lack empathy towards black women who have been raped or sexual assaulted.  Blerds victim blame women in those situations because their self-assumed kindness was rejected by the idea of women wanting to be with thugs.  Black women sexualize thugs as the true embodiment of black men and this mystical image of ancient African masculinity.  So of course blerds do not get love or respect.  There is no connection to black men when it comes to science, technology or intellectualism.  Not that dumb conscious shit where the answers to life is melanin or insert some cosmetic origin.  Blerds are not going to fly over the city with their Superman cape saving every women who hurt them.  Now blerds are the black woman haters and bashers.  Black women tell us we hate them, yet they seem to forget we always had crushes on them since high school.

Young does not acknowledge that black women are not picking the best of black men.  As much I would like to save black women from their own demise, I am often confused if black women love suffering and danger as if it grants them a thrill.  Miss me with the Stockholm Syndrome bullshit.  I believe they want the abuse.  When I hear stories of black women being killed or sexually assault on a monthly basis, I watch some goofy black feminist blogger grab cases of black domestic violence cases and draw multiple conclusions.  Yes, black men need to treat black women better, but also blame good black men for not doing anything.  Here is the problem with us not doing for black women, maybe no one notices that blerds are not around.  I am not in areas that make me feel uneasy.  There is not much I or any blerd could do to even get the glory points of wanting to save black women.  We are not invited to parties or even spoken to at the club.

So I do have a bias against black women towards not saving or caring for them, but here me out because I cannot find trouble for your convenience to ensure that black men are doing their job.  My male friends are not abusers nor do they talk down to black women and they are too nice to even hit their girlfriends and even if they had the nerve to hit her, I would not allow it.  I admit, I do feel a certain way that my spaces rarely have black women, especially at work.  It is not my fault.  I also do not denounce that black women face racism in the workplace.  While in school, I recall many times where white males were mocking black women for their looks and personalities, but guess who defended them when no one were present?  It was me of course.  Black women have no problem making themselves revolutionaries and unapologetically pro-black, yet when I tell my stories of struggle to black women they shame me for using the race card and that my situation is not real or that I was not trying hard enough.

If black men are the “white people” of black people, we would have our own patriarchy and most of the problems in our community would be resolved.  Black women would have less to shame us on in what we are not doing as they receive pampering from their beauty getting elevated to having white people come to them for jobs.  Black women would be carefree and say fuck what white people think without the fear of losing their job.

Honestly, I wish Young’s title was true, but it is not.

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