I’s Forgive Forgive Forgive!

You all think I’m just on here trolling black society when I say that black society as a whole is weak and that you are better off learning a valuable skill set so that you can put yourself in the best financial position to fend for yourselves.  You all want to keep listening to these pro-black babblers who want to keep making videos, blogs and podcasts telling you that black people need to come together and get on code so that you all can go about the business of destroying white supremacy.  You all want to keep living in this delusional fantasy land of chasing Wakanda instead of opening your eyes and ears to fully comprehend the reality of the world you live in.  Either you all legitimately don’t get it or you all are doing what old black folks in the church do and that is to just keep on hoping and praying for better days.  But like I said, it’s people out here like me who are called the coons because we tell you to get real.  And exactly what am I telling you to get real about specifically?

I’m telling you to get real about surviving and thriving on your own in a world where black people globally have lost and at least in your lifetime and your kids lifetime, this fantasy of thinking you are going to overthrow and rewrite the rules to the world we live in are just hallucinations.  While you’re out here hoping that black people globally come together and form like Voltron, every other culture is becoming more and more technologically advanced to hoard all the resources and dominate.  Meanwhile too many of you are focused purely on the latest and greatest racism and white supremacy lecture as if those lectures are helping you out.  This example of this little boy by the name of Jeremiah Harvey sitting next to his mother on Good Morning America forgiving that white woman named Teresa Klein who accused him of sexually assaulting her is just another example of the overall cowardice and failure of black society.  But he and his mother aren’t the only ones.  Just a week ago out in St. Louis, the black man named D’Arreion Toles pretty much forgave the white chick named Hilary Thornton who attempted to prevent him from entering the apartment building he lives in.  But wait, there’s more…remember the uncle of that black woman who got stabbed in the neck earlier this year at the train station in California by that white dude?  Her uncle went on tv telling black people to not do anything and just let law enforcement do their job.  But wait, there’s more…remember when Walter Scott got shot in the back by that cop and Walter Scott’s mom went on tv saying she forgave the cop who murdered her son?  But wait, there’s more…remember when Dylan Roof shot up the church in South Carolina and President Obama came down to the church to give a speech and during his speech he broke out into an old negro spiritual which amounted to him telling the people to forgive Dylan Roof?  What about the two brothers in Starbucks out in Philly who didn’t want to sue Starbucks but instead settled for like a $1 payment or some bs.  I’m sure you all remember this stuff correct?  Of course you do.  Yet you all want to honestly hop on social media and tweet and YouTube your feels away about what you think black society should be doing when the complete opposite stays happening everywhere you look.  Who are you all kidding?

Then you all want to pretend to celebrate what’s taking place in Africa with some of these South Africans reclaiming their land while totally ignoring that China is turning Africa into a Chinese colony.  Hell, I believe China has even extended its reach to America’s backyard down in Jamaica by giving them some money to build a highway or something that they know these Jamaicans will probably never be able to fully pay back.  So like I told you all a few weeks back about China attempting to enslave Africa through predatory style loans, guess what, they’re reaching out to the Caribbean now.  But you all honestly want to keep entertaining these pro-black babblers with their delusions of grandeur in trying to convince black people that black people will somehow rise like a Phoenix out of the ash to reclaim the world and implement black supremacy somehow someway.  How Sway?  How is that going to happen?  Tweeting, YouTubing and making documentaries is doing what exactly when everywhere you look knee grows are bowing down unapologetically?  It doesn’t make sense to me.  So when you all come on here talking about reorganizing the race and kicking us mulattos out so all black people can magically transform themselves back to being as dark as Wesley Snipes, I’m like how is that going to work?  You’ll be like this dude who tweeted me on Twitter the other day where he said, “ALL WE NEEDS TA DO IS STOP MAKING BABIES WITH WHITE PEOPLE!”  I then told him, “How when black people love white people?”  Dude then hit the heart button and replied back to me saying, “You’re right”.  But before that he spent 30 minutes attempting to go in on me for being biracial because I told him no matter how passionate about black people and black society you attempt to make yourself sound on Twitter, you have no power to dictate anything about blackness period.  The only power you have is to let your feelings fly all over the place on social media.  That’s it.  Meanwhile in the real world, nobody is paying attention to you.  Now I’m not saying that to belittle black people, I’m saying that because it’s a fact and that fact is backed every single day when black people who are legit victims of racism and white supremacy like this little black boy who was accused by that white woman of sexual assault or that black man who was racially profiled by the white woman in his building or that black woman who got stabbed in the neck when her uncle went on tv telling black people to simmer down; yet these people  aren’t even paying attention to the messages knee grows of Blackistan have been pumping out since before YouTube and social media was a thing.  So if you can’t even get non-mixed black people to listen, what makes you think you can come over here and try to inflict some rules upon us biracials?  You knee grows are completely out of your minds.

I really do not even want to dive back into that particular discussion about black people not controlling a damn thing especially in regards as to whether biracials can be in the black community or not.  But to address the people who tell me, “WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING TO STAY IN A COMMUNITY THAT DOESN’T WANT YOU?!”  Fact is, I’m not fighting.  I’m coming in kicking my shoes off and putting my feet all on your coffee table and smacking your woman on her behind and telling her to go fix me a drink all while you are sitting in your lazy boy watching me do it.  Why?  Because you have no power.  You can’t even get non-mixed black women to get on code for crying out loud.  So we’re not fighting to do anything.  We’re literally walking through the front door of Wakanda with our Rick James boots on dragging mud and hopping on your couch and saying “Fuck yo couch nigga!  Fuck yo couch!”  Point is, you don’t run the black community.  Never have and never will.  The Chinese are about to run Africa.  Black people over here are run by white people and will get on national tv and say the complete opposite of what every black person on social media is telling them not to say, and the crazy thing is, you all know that these people read and listen to what all of the pro-black babblers say on social media.  Every black person (well everybody in general) hears what’s coming out of Blackistan on a daily basis and yet these very knee grows will still go on national tv and do the complete opposite.  But you all want to tell me you control black society.  No you don’t.  You don’t control anything.

You know what you can control?  You can control getting your life in order to increase your earning potential the best you see fit so that you can stack your chips up to increase your lifestyle and put together a war chest of funds to fight legit battles on your own.  The reason I’m saying that is because I’ve been seeing a lot of black people online talking about, “HOW COULD THAT MOTHER OF THAT LITTLE BOY DO THAT?!  WE WERE GOING HARD IN THE PAINT FOR HER!  SHE CUT US OFF AT THE LEGS WHEN SHE TOLD HER SON TO FORGIVE THAT WOMAN!  NOW WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING FOR HER!  SHE’S DOING THIS FOR A CHECK!”  First off all, exactly what were you honestly planning to do besides beat your thumbs to death on your keyboard tweeting out your feels all day?  What if the mother did tell her son to forgive that white woman because some type of check may be coming her way?  My thing is, had this mother told her to stick to the script and not forgive this white woman and let’s say that the big bad scary white supremacists dropped the hammer even harder on this mother and her son by causing her to lose her job or further harassing her or something, were knee grows going to break open their wallets to put something on the books of this woman to help her out financially or were knee grows just going to walk around the streets marching and protesting and Twittering away?  I’m just trying to understand how was this all going to go when it comes to actual legit help besides yelling and screaming on social media all day long.  Fact is, more than likely nothing but yelling and screaming was going to take place and if something ever happened to you, please understand that after all the yelling and screaming has silenced because knee grows have moved on to the next story in social media, please understand that no type of real aid or assistance is about to come your way either from the masses.  It’s just not.  So I’m saying all of this to say that, you are all you got at the end of the day.  You better do whatever you got to do to get yourself and your family right and be prepared to fight your own battles the best way you can because I don’t care what you hear being shouted out of Blackistan from the pro-black babblers who want to hop online and preach getting on code so that black people can take care of one another, that’s not about to happen in real life.  That message sounds good online but it’s not really applicable offline.  The reason it’s not applicable is because unfortunately, black people as a whole have been broken.  Once you’re down hooping and hollering online, all of you know that in the real world there is no safety net created by black people to catch black people who may be going through it for real with legit instances of racism and white supremacy.  This is why you see this mother telling her son to forgive because this mother more than likely has to clock in for Mr. Charlie somewhere and she understands that Mr. Charlie is going to see that news story and he may take offense to her expressing her allegiance to Blackistan.  Meanwhile, this same mother more than likely also understands that your Tariq’s and Jason Black’s of the world have yet to build and secure that safety net that they have been babbling about since the day slavery ended.  These are just the facts.

Understand, I’m not trying to instill some coondalini vibes of cowardice in you.  I’m just being honest with you.  A lot of you will get on here and say, “MAN I’LL NEVER GET ON TV AND FORGIVE THEM WHITE FOLKS!  I AIN’T BOWING DOWN!”  But let those cameras get thrown up in your face, we have enough footage over and over again that says you more than likely will be on the “I’S FORGIVE EM” train too.  But like I said, it’s cool to get online and fantasize about being powerful and what you need to do to acquire power, but nothing in the real world is reflecting any of that when some real shit pops off.  You know it, I know it, the entire world knows it.  It just is what it is.  This is why you need to invest some of this time you put into soaking up every pro-black babbling lecture and learn something of value to help you truly survive and thrive in this world that is not being ran and dominated by black people.  You can call me a coon or defeated all you want, I really don’t give a damn.  All I’m saying is, these warrior ethos you all are putting out there on social media to tell these black people not to forgive or back down when faced with these racists and white supremacists, how’s that working?  Don’t act like these people aren’t reading your tweets or watching your YouTube videos.  They see them joints too.  How’s that working?  So, instead of waiting on the spirit of Ogun to unite black people under a warrior spirit, you all had better do what you can do to look out for you and your family alone because when reality hits and you start looking around for that black safety net, realize that there isn’t one and when those cameras are thrown in your face, all that rah rah bliggity black talk about how you’re not backing down or forgiving anybody is going to go right out the window as soon as some reporter asks you if you forgive the white person who threatened you and you then realize that Mr. Charlie may be watching that news report deciding how your current employment status is going to be impacted by how you choose answer that question.  And then you realize that if you don’t answer it the way Mr. Charlie prefers, that nobody in Blackistan is going to be there to help you out because knee grows are way too invested into strictly just listening to lectures instead of doing the necessary things they have to do; like fixing your credit, stacking your cheese, learning a valuable skill/trade so that you can open up your own business of sorts to catch black people faced with these dilemmas of screaming “I’S FORGIVE YOU MS. BECKY!” on national tv.

Your favorite mulatto.
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