T.I.’s Trap Music Museum

I was meaning to talk about this earlier but I’ve been hella busy with life as of lately.  But anyways, I want to talk about the King of the South, aka Clifford Harris, aka T.I. aka T.I.P. and this Trap Music Museum he just recently opened up in celebration of a genre of hip hop music that has gone above and beyond to glorify one of the worst things that has ever happened to black people in America…CRACK.

The reason hardly anybody will see the contradiction or take issue with this museum is because this museum represents the addiction to black dysfunction that black people desire.  You all can get irate over Kanye doing a piss poor job at articulating himself to the President to where you all feel he made black society look absolutely horrible.  I’ve stated that Kanye only made himself look horrible, but you know how black people are; the group who claims to be the most non-monolithic in terms of thinking, yet somehow this non-monolithic thinking has convinced countless black people that Kanye somehow represents all black people.  Amazing how this line of thinking works in the black community.  But you all can get angry at Kanye for making you look bad on the world stage all you want, but too many of you all are celebrating a dude who continually glorifies black pain.  How does that work?

Go listen to any so-called “woke” person out there and one of their talking points that they always mention is how cocaine was dropped off in the black community and just completely wrecked havoc which resulted in countless black men being sent to prison which eventually helped to destroy the black family which lead to countless single women raising kids by themselves that they couldn’t control and blah blah blah.  We’ve all heard the lectures countless times.  We all more than likely have a family member or 2 who got caught up in all of that.  I for sure do.  I got an uncle right now who’s been addicted to crack my entire life.  To this very day, if he gets paid on a Friday, chances are he’ll smoke up his entire paycheck in one weekend.  He’s been like this since I was a little kid back in the 80s.  I got another uncle who’s about 11 or 12 years older than me, this dude has been in & out of prison probably half of his life due to selling crack.  I got another uncle who used to be known as the neighborhood bully due to how muscular he was back in the day who was also known for slanging dope.  Fast forward to the present day, this dude, last I heard, is as skinny as a damn pole and addicted to the very product he used to push.  So those are just 3 examples in my own family of how crack cocaine wrecked havoc and I’m sure it’s plenty of you out there with similar stories.  So it makes me wonder how black people can honor and celebrate people who make music about the destruction of the black community from the very product that a lot of these so-called “woke” people cry about the white man dropping off to purposely destroy the black community.  

Some of you will say, “IT’S JUST MUSIC!” and to a certain extent I will agree and I will agree that the music can be very catchy to listen to.  I’m not going to pretend like I’ve never listened to rap music.  Hell I was a teenager in the 90s which also happens to be known as the golden era of hip hop, so I know all about hip hop music.  I still know exactly where I was when I first heard the news of Tupac and Biggie being killed.  And yes, I’m familiar with the glorification of drugs back then too.  And yes, I did listen to it, and still do.  So I may sound like I’m contradicting myself to a certain degree and maybe I am, but the issue I have is, as I rapidly approach the age of 40 and I’m able to listen to a lot of rap music with the ears of a 38 year old man with 2 young sons as opposed to the ears of my 16 year old self back in 1996 or even my 26 year old self back in 2006; my 38 year old ears sometimes wonder how in the hell did black society as a whole (and now the world) come to love and celebrate a genre of hip hop music that blatantly goes above and beyond to celebrate the complete destruction and dysfunction of the black community to the point where we have a rap star like T.I. opening up a museum to where when you walk in the museum you can see replications of all sorts of drug paraphernalia that I assume you would find in an actual trap house, because I’ve never been in one.  I saw a video of T.I. walking around the museum showing off a few exhibits and one exhibit was the Young Jeezy exhibit to where there’s this giant snowman standing in front of a literal wall of bricks of cocaine stacked up on top of each other.

Then T.I. went to the Gucci Mane exhibit and it’s a kitchen and in the kitchen there are scales, Arm & Hammer baking soda, pots on the stove, & busted open packages of cocaine all signifying the production process of turning cocaine into crack.  Then you venture on to T.I.’s personal exhibit, he has a mock room full of assault rifles all over the place and I’m just looking at this shaking my head like, MAN, with all the money & resources you have access to, this is what you choose to do with your money.  Mr. pro-black babbling celebrity blacktivist who can go off on Kanye for simply visiting Donald Trump, yet you are over here opening up a museum essentially teaching people how to turn cocaine into crack.  The very substance that helped to further destroy black people and the very same substance that turned you into a millionaire due to you glorifying the destruction of the black community.  The only thing this museum appears to have been missing was an exhibit displaying all of the junkies and crack babies that came as a result of crack cocaine.  If you’re going to open up a museum in celebration of music that’s glorifying crack, you have to tell the whole story, not just the glorified parts.  Put up an exhibit showing off the junkies like my uncle.  Put up an exhibit showing off the crack babies who were born addicted to this substance.  Put up an exhibit showing off the countless black people who were locked up being crack, like my other uncle.  Put up an exhibit showing the countless dead black people who were gunned down by other black people over selling crack.  Don’t just show off the fortunate rappers who made it in rap who talk about how they used to sell crack.  Show off the “trail of tears” that selling this substance has left in the wake.  Since that museum is honoring Young Jeezy, put together a Big Meech exhibit, you know the guy who ran BMF (Black Mafia Family) in Atlanta that pretty much funded Young Jeezy’s rap career for the most part.  Put an exhibit together in honor of the 30 years in prison Big Meech has to serve for heading an organized drug ring.  I’m just saying, tell the whole story instead of just highlighting the good that came up of out it because it’s way more bad than good.  For every 1 rapper who may have actually sold dope then went on to become rich off of rapping about selling dope, how many people died, went to jail or became crack heads as a result?  Tell the whole story.

I think black people really need to revisit this whole coon-calling thing where knee grows are just so quick to label a black person a coon, a sambo or whatever simply because a person may have a different political ideology or personal belief than you.  Like I said in my last blog about Kanye, him meeting with Trump more than likely is not about to have any impact on your life whatsoever. I f your life was horrible or great before Kanye went to White House, more than likely it will continue on the same trajectory and more than likely it will be because of your own doing.  But to continually ignore the real coons of black society like your neighborhood dope boys and people like T.I. who continually celebrate the dope boy culture, a culture that is known for death and destruction, it makes no sense to me.  Even worse is the fact that T.I. pretends to be so pro-black as of lately but opens up a trap music museum which promotes and glorifies the complete opposite of what pro-black is supposed to represent and the masses of knee grows celebrate this dude all because he’s figured out how to coon-call another black man who voiced his opinion.  Amazing how the black community works and this is part of the reason why I’ll continue to say that nobody will ever take black people serious when knee grows can’t even recognize the walking talking contradictions amongst them who do nothing but promote the most degenerate of behaviors and stereotypes.  But y’all want every other group of people to take black people seriously.  How when knee grows can’t even take themselves seriously?  And it’s not like T.I. is just some run of the mill rooty poot butt ass dude; this dude is a rich celebrity.  The same way you all feel Kanye makes black people look bad, well, if you really cared about the image of black people, you would be saying the exact same thing in regards to T.I. and how his Trap Music Museum is making black people look bad.  But chances are you won’t because knee grows don’t care.  Knee grows care more about a bumbling fool like Kanye giving incoherent opinions than they do of a former drug dealer who became a world famous rap star who now has a museum honoring those who rap about selling crack.

Your favorite mulatto.
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