Kanye West Doesn’t Need Black People’s Support


I’m not about to go down the list of calling him a coon, a boot licker or any other name that has been floating around in regards to Kanye expressing his love for Donald Trump.  The reason I’m not is because, quite simply, Kanye is allowed to support who he wants regardless of whether his support of said person is in alignment with yours and regardless of if you think he’s crazy.  Further, Kanye meeting with Trump is having exactly what impact on your life?  As a matter of fact, if you are black, exactly what impact has Trump had on your life since he took office?  Some of you will be like, “HE’S RACIST.  HE’S MADE RACIST PEOPLE MORE EMBOLDENED!” to which I’ll say, since when has racism not been emboldened?  Do you know what country you live in?  If not, I suggest you go take a history class of some sort.  The fact of the matter is, Trump hasn’t made your life any worse or any better than it already is.  You know it and I know it.  Most of you just want to complain for the sake of complaining.  That’s it.  Now some of you may be wondering if I’m a trump supporter to which I’ll say, there are some things I agree with him on and there are some things I disagree with him on but honestly, I’m pretty much like that with all politicians.  I’m more of an independent.  I have no loyalty to either party.  I vote with who makes the most sense for my family and I.  Not my community and I but my family and I.

So everybody is wondering what’s wrong with Kanye.  Is he sick, is he mentally ill, is he straight up cooning, is he doing this for attention?  The reality is, this is who Kanye West has always been.  Even going way back to the his infamous quote in regards to George W. Bush not liking black people.  I believe that the Kanye we are all seeing is the Kanye who was always there except the Kanye of the past didn’t have enough resources and money to fully let the present day Kanye completely come out of the closet to where no matter what he says or what he does, financially he and his family will be secure for a few generations.  

If we go back to the old Kanye, he was always telling us about he’s different.  He told you he was different on his first album.  Go listen to College Dropout and listen to the Graduation Skit where Bernie Mac told him that he won’t be graduating or getting his diploma.  Kanye starts singing, “I’m just not everybody.”  Dude has been different since day one.  The problem is, he didn’t have the full resources to let the world know just how different he truly was and how far he would be willing to go to express just how different he is.  When it comes to black people, black people fell in love with him being different in terms of the music he was creating, the content of the music of he was creating, the way he dressed etc.  While everybody back in the day was walking around in bandanas pretending to be king pen drug dealers of various sorts, Kanye came out dressed in Polo sweaters talking about life after dropping out of college.  So black people saw only his creative differences from what most people were putting out, but black people failed to realize that this dude was actually for real for real different from how most black people were brought up telling us how we are to be.

Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, as much as black people love to shout from the top of their lungs that black people are not a monolith, black people are probably the biggest supporters of monolithic thinking.  It’s the reason why so many black people coon-call other black people every chance they get.  It’s the reason why these young Pookies & Rays Rays torment young educated lames who don’t speak fluent nigglish and actually value trying to attain an education.  But let’s face facts, knee grows love monolithic thinking.  I’ve even heard some black YouTubers talking about how black people need to become a monolith.  Now I’m not saying any of this to justify Kanye’s bizarre rant at the White House because the fact of the matter is, his rant was bizarre.  It was all over the place.  He made a few points here and there but his delivery just threw everything off to the point where no rational person could honestly take him seriously about his few legit points he may have had.  I think Kanye’s issue is his brain and his mouth are out of sync with each other.  I think his brain is rattling off a million ideas per second and his mouth is struggling to keep up.  Regardless, this is who Kanye is and has always been.  He’s just now fully being himself completely out in the open.

The reason he’s this way is because he’s made enough money and he’s married into a family with a lot of money to where he can surround himself with enough money to serve as protection.  Ten to fifteen years ago if Kanye was wilding out like this, his career would have been at serious risk because at the time he didn’t have enough albums under his belt to solidify his position in hip hop history.  He was still dependent upon Jay Z.  He didn’t have access to Kardashian fortune.  Sure, he had some bread, but not enough to completely let him just fully come out to where if black people decided they weren’t messing with him, he would be in real trouble.  Today, his pockets are so big either by his own doing or the family he’s married into, that no matter how much black people say they are going to protest and not support Kanye, he won’t be suffering financially.  He’s set.  His wife is set.  His kids are set.  His in-laws are set.  Black people can stop buying every album of his and stop buying his shoes, he’s made enough money in addition to the endless millions his wife makes that he’ll be ok.  Let’s not forget that one of the younger Kardashian sisters is damn near a billionaire due to her cosmetic line.  So losing black support is not even a factor anymore for him.  As long as Kanye keeps professing his love for Trump, guess what, he’s just won over an entirely new base of people that blindly support Trump.  So if Trump is giving Kanye the thumbs up, then guess what, his followers will give Kanye the thumbs up which will allow for Kanye to keep doing Kanye no matter what black people say.

So basically black people, Kanye West doesn’t need your support.  He’s reached a level of financial success from his music, his shoes and the family he’s married into that black people’s opinions about him don’t even matter anymore.  He’s at a level of financial security where he can be himself unrestricted in ways he probably only dreamed about 10-15 years ago.  All these white people who may have hated him when he made his remarks about George W. Bush and especially when he snatched the mic from Taylor Swift, all of that stuff is forgiven now.  Kanye has access to damn near unlimited resources and he’s gonna keep on doing Kanye regardless of how any of you feel.  No matter what T.I., Diddy, Jay Z, Beyonce or any other celebrity may say; Kanye is not struggling and his unpopular opinions are not about to cause him any financial harm that people believe is required to check him and put him in his place.  So like I said, there is nothing wrong with Kanye.  This is who he has always been.  He just didn’t have enough money to let the real Kanye fully come out of the closet to speak his mind, but now he does and here we are.  Now whether you agree with him or not, his money is too long to shut him down and if you are black and you think that your protest of his music, shoes or anything he does is about to stop him well, Kanye doesn’t need your support anymore.  These are just facts.

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