Colorism Pity Parties

I want to piggyback off of my last article where I was talking about how black people have zero, absolutely zero power or authority over blackness.  I said in that article that if black people honestly want me to stop praising biracial people because you all feel you are the best and you look better than us, then you need to stop praising black people.  The reason I said that is because you would have to be an absolute fool to honestly believe that the people who share your skin color are not the best looking people.  So when I am running around saying team light skin is winning, I’m unapologetic with it.  Also in that last article I briefly touched on how when the topic of colorism comes up that this topic is always always ALWAYS spearheaded by black people.  You rarely hear about light skin or biracial people complaining about colorism.  Usually when we do talk about it, it’s because we are responding to some of the flat out bs that black people are putting out there about us light brights; like this comment I received from a woman named Evangeline Whetstone on my video where I was talking about Phil of the Advise Show.

This woman left a comment saying, “Biracial is not the sexiest it’s dark people that’s why every one dates them not weak light skin.  Stop it.”

So shout out to Evangeline Whetstone for leaving her comment of pure delusion.  The reason I’m saying it’s pure delusion is because of this very reason right here:  on the entire internet who is the group of people who complain the absolute hardest about not being able to get a man?  Who complains the absolute hardest about why black men are choosing up on white women and light skin women?  Who is the group of people who complains the absolute hardest about colorism to where when you type in the world colorism in Google or on YouTube, you come across endless blogs and videos created by predominately dark skin black women crying their eyeballs out in some form or fashion about why the world looks down on dark skin people, or why black men are choosing everybody but them, or why they think light skin women ain’t all that, and it’s just on and on and on.  But you hardly ever see content created by light skin or biracial people crying about colorism and you know why?  It’s because we have no issues with getting chose from any flavor of women or men, at least I never had an issue.   This whole situation with Phil is more proof of this concept.  Phil is out here preaching black love, black pride, black this black that, yet this knee grow didn’t even get with a black woman for crying out loud.  I heard he has an ex-wife who is black, but after he split up with her, he didn’t even go back to black woman.

You all know what I’m saying to be true.  Once again, I’ll bring up Tariq Nasheed.  This dude is the king of pro-black babbling that tells you all what to think and how to react; he’s not even married to a non-mixed black woman.  His wife is a mulatto.  But you all want to honestly sit up here and tell me that you all are winning when it comes to the light brights and that nobody is choosing the light brights.  Get real.  Don’t believe me, let’s hop across the water and go look at what’s taking in place in Africa.  Skin lightening cream is like crack over there to mostly dark skin black women.  The truth of the matter is, the rest of you who honestly believe that you are winning are just in flat out denial.  So don’t sit up here and tell me these bs lies that you know are lies and then don’t go out of your way to justify onsie and twosies to prove your point about dark skin people winning where you’ll be like, “LOOK…DWAYNE WADE IS MARRIED TO GABRIEL UNION..GABRIELLE UNION IS A FINE DARK SKIN BLACK WOMAN WITH HER A FINE SUCCESSFUL DARK SKIN BLACK MAN….AND LOOK AT LEBRON JAMES!”  OK…What about Eddie Murphy and his high yellow ex-wife and his current white fiance.  What about Michael Jordan?  What about the countless black celebrities that are with light skin, biracial and white people as opposed to being with a dark skin counterpart (ie. Michelle Obama & Barack, Jesse Williams & his ex-wife).  Anybody can find a onsie and twosie in an attempt to prove a point, but that still doesn’t change the reality of what’s really taking place?  Oh yeah here’s another thing about Michael B. Jordan, dude had black women creaming all over themselves after he played Erik Killmonger only for these same black women to disown him after pictures of him popped up on a boat with him partying with a bunch of white chicks.  Dude got on camera and spit all that pro black babble in black panther and had y’all honestly convinced that he was really about that life.  Meanwhile he’s off the coast of France somewhere on a yacth turning up with multiple Beckys and I believe his current girlfriend just happens to be a Latina if I’m not mistaken, either that or she’s an extremely light skin woman.  Even in regards to Jesse Williams, black women threw a fit when he got with a white chick after his ex-wife.  But the point is, stop kidding yourself in thinking that the world over prefers dark skin people in comparison to light skin and biracial people because that’s just simply not the case.  I’m not saying this to purposely hop on my light skindeded pedestal to demand that you all bow down and kiss the rings of light skin greatness.  I’m just telling you this because it’s the truth.  This is reality.  I didn’t make the rules to this game and neither did you.  This are just the facts whether you want to accept them or not.  Writing comments on YouTube, Facebook or the blogs in opposition to the truth still does not negate the truth.

But here’s the thing ladies and gentleman, I don’t feel sorry for any dark skin people who choose to engage in a colorism pity party.  I’m sorry I just don’t.  Well, let me back that up somewhat.  I show concern for little children who begin to comprehend what colorism is at an early age, but once a person reaches around 16 years old or so, I don’t feel sorry for you anymore.  And the reason I don’t is because if you are 16 or older and you are still running around throwing colorism pity parties because you think that all the black men are choosing white women, light skin and biracial women over dark skin women, or you are a dark skin dude who feels a certain type of way about your skin color because you feel like light skin men are out here just snatching women up everywhere effortlessly…well, I’m sorry.  You need to get over yourself and develop some self-esteem by either seeking out a therapist or digging deep within to find that love and appreciation for your skin.  I don’t care what message white society as a whole is pushing in terms of promoting whiteness and light skin over dark skin, at the end of the day, you have to take control over you emotions and feels and turn that shit into something positive that can bring value to your life.  Only you can do that.  But if you really want someone to blame for this whole colorism issue and why you can’t seem to get over it and accept who you are, then blame your mama or your daddy for failing to instill in you at an early age that you were a beautiful dark skin girl who should be proud of your skin color, and the same for you dudes who who cry about colorism too…like Sarge WP.   Your parents failed you.

I was watching a movie on Netflix about a week staring Sanaa Lathan and the name of the movie was called Nappily Ever After.  The movie was about Sanaa Lathan’s obsession with making sure her hair was flawless at every minute of the day until she realized that her pursuit to maintain perfect hair couldn’t secure her a man, so she ended up cutting all of her hair and going bald.  In that movie there was a scene where Sanaa Lathan was at this dark skin dude’s house where she was having dinner with him and his 10 year old dark skin daughter.  During that scene the father told his daughter it’s his job to make sure that his daughter knows she’s beautiful and that her hair doesn’t define her.  Now granted the movie was about hair, but his daughter was a cute little dark skin girl and when her father told her that she beautiful, her face just lit up like a Christmas tree to where this dark skin girl’s confidence was on 10 during the whole movie to the point where even Sanaa Lathan’s character was a bit envious of this 10 year old’s confidence.  The point is, if you have have an issue with your skin color to where you are one of these people constant creating content about colorism or you find yourself going down the rabbit of colorism topics because you feel light skin and biracial people are just causing havoc everywhere we go, then that’s more than likely your parents fault for failing to instill in you a sense of pride in your skin color regardless of what the rest of the world may think.  And I for one am not about to be one of these people feeling sorry for you once you pass the age of 16 years old.

But to wrap this up…if people were really out there choosing dark skin people to the level that this woman who left that comment wants to try to convince herself that people are doing then how come dark skin people lead the charge when it comes to endless topics about colorism?  Shouldn’t we light brights and biracials be the ones creating endless content crying all day long about how come dark skin people are winning or how come everybody wants a dark skin person over us or how society favors dark skin over us and blah blah blah?  Shouldn’t we be the ones doing this?  Seriously, just type the word colorism in the search box on YouTube, the vast majority of the videos you see on this subject are videos created by black people, more specifically dark skin black women with a certain YouTuber by the name of Chrissie leading the pack.  If you all were really winning out there like that, then why is Sarge WP always crying about reorganizing the black community to make Wakanda become a reality?  He should be making videos where he’s popping bottles every day laughing at people like me because he’s sitting up somewhere with about 5 dark skin black women feeding him grapes and giving him a pedicure and manicure….but he’s not.  He’s on YouTube every other day crying about how black people aren’t “on code” and how a reorganization needs to take place.  You venture over to Chrissie’s channel and it’s colorism this colorism that, light skin women this light skin women that, but y’all are the ones winning and are the most sought after.  Well how come your content doesn’t reflect that narrative.  Why is Phil sitting up here pushing black love but married to an other?  Why is Tariq up here pushing black empowerment etc but sitting up here married to a mulatto?  Now that I think about it, the conscious stripper that Dr. Umar Johnson got caught up with, wasn’t she a light bright if I’m not mistaken?  The whole point is, stop getting on YouTube lying to yourselves in order to help boost your self-esteem because it’s not working.  Everybody knows what time it is.  

Instead what you should be doing is figuring out how to develop some self-love and self-confidence and embrace the skin you’re in since it’s obvious whoever raised you failed to do so if you are constantly crying all day long about colorism.  My mother is a dark skin black woman.  I have never heard her cry, complain or even whisper the words colorism or anything remotely related to that out of her mouth.  My mom has been hella confident in the skin she’s in my entire life to the point that her confidence is probably the reason why I’m so confident in my skin and praise my own skin and praise my biracial dna and also why I don’t show feel sorry for people who hop online day in and day to throw colorism pity parties.  I just don’t.

Deal with it and fix yourself, then go surround yourself with people who appreciate your dark skin color just as much as you do.  To cry all day long about how light skin people are snatching all the dark skin people or how light skin people need to be kicked out or how you honestly think you are winning on a macro level when endless content uploaded by dark skin people says the complete opposite…get real.  Stop trying to feed yourself a false sense of pride to make up for the failure that your parents more than likely didn’t instill in you at an early age.

Your favorite mulatto.
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