The Powerless Thinking They Have Power

So this right here is proof as to why I constantly say that you can’t take the pro-black babblers serious.  A woman named She So Re’Re left this comment on my video about Phil of The Advise Show:

“All this colorism you speaking from your own mouth…you have no reason to speak on NOTHING BLACK!  As a matter of fact, you mix with WHITE YOU CAN’T SPEAK ON SHIT!  You think biracial people are 99% better looking than blacks or every other race!  With that said just stop claiming the black side…WE DON’T WANT CHA!”

It’s comments like this as to why you can’t take too many knee grows seriously these days because they often times speak strictly from a position of honestly believing that they have authority over blackness, when they all know they don’t.

First things first, she is absolutely right that I think most biracial people look better than non-mixed people.  That’s applicable to non-mixed blacks, non-mixed hispanics, Asians, whites everybody.  She is absolutely right and I’m not going to back down from it.   But here’s the thing, why wouldn’t I think biracials (especially us mulattos) look better considering I am one?  I’m assuming that this woman is a black woman, no clue on what her shade is, but let’s just assume that she’s a dark skin woman.  She would sound absolutely foolish to get on social media and not say that dark skin women or dark skin people look the best.  Everybody tends to think people of their racial background or skin tone look the best.  Everybody does it but it’s a problem when I, the mulatto, say it.  Well, she’s just going to have to have that problem.  Here’s another thing, I’m not saying anything new about us biracials.  This is stuff you non-mixed knee grows have been telling us biracials for years.

I’m 38 years old.  I’ve been getting compliments on my light skin and me being biracial since I was literally a little kid before I even was able to comprehend what the hell people were talking about.  My 2 sons, they’re not biracial but they are just as light as I am, despite their mother being a brown skin black woman.  Guess what, they’ve been getting compliments on them being light skin or people thinking that they are biracial since they were literally infants and the people that are the most notorious for propping biracials up are 9 times out of 10 black people.  You all are responsible for propping us up but now you want to be mad when I actually say, “YEAH…TEAM LIGHT SKIN, TEAM BIRACIAL, TEAM MULATTO TAKING OVER THE 99 AND THE 2000”.  What are you mad about?  Non-mixed black people have been glorifying light brights and biracials since forever now.  Why are you mad now?

Are you mad because you think we are granted light skin/biracial privileges over you that you aren’t granted access to (which we probably do)?  Are you mad that the entire world for the most part promotes light skin over brown and dark skin?  What are you mad about?  Don’t get mad at me because I’m playing the game how it goes.  I didn’t make the rules.  I didn’t come out of my dark skin mother’s womb and pretend that I was Morris Day from the Time and tell Jerome to go fetch me a mirror so I can admire my light skin in awe.  If it wasn’t for non-mixed black women taking a liking to me because of my light skin, chances are I wouldn’t even be having discussions surrounding colorism.  But you want me to sit around and pretend like I’m not supposed to big-up light skin and biracial people.  Well, if you are willing to not big-up non-mixed black people, then I’ll stop giving props to team light bright.  How about that?  Will that work for you?  I highly doubt it will work for you.  What you want me to do is hop on this blog and start bowing down to black women, especially non-mixed black women and if I don’t, then you’ll be like, “You’re a black woman basher!  Your mama is black!  Your wife is black!”

Speaking of my wife.  Somebody made a comment saying, “Why didn’t you marry a biracial woman if you think biracial people are so much better lookin?”  Here’s the thing, my wife is a black woman who just happens to be brown skin and she is fine as muhfuggah.  Unlike you all, I’m not on this foolishness of “I NEED TO STICK TO MY OWN KIND.”  I’ve dated hispanic chicks, biracial chicks and black chicks.  I never dated a white chick.  I have slept with a few, but never dated them.  And the reason I never dated them was because despite me being half white, other than them satisfying a sexual need of mines, I didn’t really have much in common in with them like that to where I felt like I needed to date one.  Regardless, out of all the chicks I dated prior to meeting my wife, none of them were wife material for me. None of them. And before I met my wife, I wasn’t out there on the hunt for a specific type of woman or a biracial woman.  I was out in those streets getting at chicks I found attractive regardless of their skin tone or race.

I don’t care about this whole racial purity foolishness that the pro-black babblers are peddling.  I don’t give a damn who people date or sleep with just like I said in my video about Phil.  I don’t care that he’s married to a white hispanic or whatever the hell she is.  That’s his business.  The problem I had with Phil was that everything he preaches to his followers isn’t in alignment with his real life.  If you are out there preaching black love and literally telling black men that they shouldn’t be dating white women but yet your wife isn’t an easily identifiable black woman, then exactly what the hell are you really doing?  That was my issue with Phil.  I would rather him just be say he’s in favor of interracial dating unapologetically since he’s literally in an interracial marriage and stop trying to come off like he’s just strictly about that bliggity black-black life because he literally is not.  That’s my issue with Phil.

To address this woman’s other point where she said for me to stop claiming my black side and I have no reason to speak on anything black.  First off, the moment I do stop claiming my black side, she and the rest of the pro-black babblers will be one-drop ruling me to death like they do everybody.  These are the same type of knee grows who got online and clapped like a bunch of seals when Tiger Woods arrest record had him listed as black.  They were like, “YOU BLACK NOW!”, but then they’ll turn around and tell somebody like me to kick rocks.  The moment I do kick rocks, they’ll be going above and beyond to remind me of my blackness and declaring that I’m nothing BUT BLACK.  They know it, you know it, I know it, the whole world knows it.  Like I’ve stated before, the reason they’ll be one-drop rule me to death is because they don’t want anybody who’s been historically tossed in the black category to get any type of advantage whatsoever over them.  So you all can get on YouTube and tell me to kick rocks and that I’m not black but the moment I do, you same knee grows will be up and down my comments telling me stuff like, “In a system of white supremacy…YOU BLACK!”  Ok.  If that’s the case, then shut the hell up and stop telling me to kick rocks and not speak on black issues.

As far as speaking on black issues is concerned. I’ll say it again, none of you knee grows have any authority over blackness, who gets to speak on blackness and who actually gets to claim blackness.  None of you.  You all think that by hopping on social media to express your feels that that actually translates into some sort of real power.  You all think that by listening to these pro-black babblers with large followings who tell you all to “call out” people whom they deem aren’t black-black as if that really has some legit power in the real world.  Here’s the reality that you know better than me, you have no power.  You’ve never had any power and the way things are going for black people in general, chances are you won’t have any power no where in the near future.  I’m not trying to sound harsh, but these are just facts.  What power do non-mixed black people possess either in the past or the present that has actually helped non-mixed black people progress beyond a level that their non-mixed ancestors from yesteryear were dealing with?  Name the power and a person associated with the power.

You all are worshipping at the feet of Colin Kaepernick for crying out loud.  A mulatto who will go down in history right next to Muhammad Ali for speaking to issues the primarily affect more non-mixed black people than it affects us biracial and mulattos.  These are just the facts.  I wrote an entire blog a few months back where I literally ran down a list of movers and shakers in American black history who actually made a significant impact on the progression of black society as a whole.  Everybody on this list was either the first governor, the first doctor, the first this, the first that and they all were mixed race, biracial or mulatto.  So if you want to kick us biracials out, then give me all the biracials back who helped push black society forward.  That means you can’t claim Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, Barack Obama, Colin Kaepernick, hell, you can’t even claim Bob Marley.  You have to kick out a lot of people who got you to this point where you can freely hop in my comments and tell me to shut up about black society.  As much as you all love Tariq Nasheed, you probably got to kick him out too because as much as he proclaims to unapologetically love black people, he just happens to be married to a mulatto and I don’t think he’s leaving his wife for any of y’all.  So if you kick her out, you have to kick him as well.  You have a bunch of celebrities you got to kick out too.  Give me back Alicia Keys, Jesse Williams, Drake, the Splash Brothers, Tracie Ellis Ross, Dwayne Johnson, Halle Berry.  You have a lot of people who have either pushed black society forward or are currently representing black society in some form or fashion in a positive way who are biracial or mulatto.  You have to give all those people back and some.

Regardless of all that, I don’t care what these pro-black babblers tell you; black people don’t own or control blackness in America.  You just don’t.  It’s a hard pill to swallow, but you just don’t.  You all are going to have to come to terms with this.  If it wasn’t for the contributions of so many biracial and mulattos, where would black society as a whole be today?  Seriously.  So stop hopping on social media and fronting like non-mixed black people have authority over blackness simply because you know how to type words in a comment section.  Also stop pretending like us light brights were the ones who kicked off this whole colorism issue in the black community because we weren’t.  At the same time, stop pretending like I’m supposed to feel shame because I’m biracial because I don’t feel shame.  And then stop pretending like you can dictate to me as to whether I am strictly black or strictly biracial.  I can jump back and forth all day if I want because I’m both.  I am biracial but I also live in a country that has historically tossed my kind in the bucket of blackness since day one.  So therefore, I’m both and if I want to claim both or just claim 1 one day and the other next day, guess what, that’s a part of those biracial privileges I have that you don’t.  That’s reality.  This is not fantasy.  I told you all before that I’m now starting to see an option box on forms asking me my race where the box says “2 RACES”.  So guess what, I can check black box if I want or I can check “2 RACES” box if I want.  These are options I have that you don’t.  Don’t hate.  It is what it is.  You live in a country where you as a non-mixed black person (and I as a biracial person) we don’t have the power to dictate racial categories.  And you pro black babblers even admit to this all the time and even go out of your way to celebrate it like you all did with Tiger Woods.  The funny thing about Tiger Woods, had that police report had an option to check “2 RACES” and that “2 RACES” box was selected, you all would be on social media demanding that Tiger Woods is nothing but a black man by one-drop ruling him to death.  And you know you would.

But anyways, it’s beginning to feel like once a month or so I have to have to conversation with you all and remind you that just because you hop on social media and express your feels about us biracials that at the end of the day, they’re just feels that don’t mean anything.  They are feels that can’t do anything to change reality in regards to non-mixed black people’s lack of control and authority over blackness.  Deep down you all know what I’m saying to be true, but you just refuse to admit it publicly because you so desperately want to feel like you actually control something in this country, but you don’t.  This is just reality folks.  This is not me saying this come down on you, but you even hear this from your favorite pro-black babbler.  Just turn on a video from the infamous lady with the wig up in Seattle, Washington.  She makes endless videos telling black men that black men don’t have any power cause if they did, then why are black people subjugated by white people?  She actually says this stuff, not me.  Turn on a video from the king of babblers who lives out in LA.  This dude literally tells you that you are victim simply because you were born black.  He literally says this.  Guess what, if you are victim then by definition you have no power.  Victims are powerless because if they did have power, then they wouldn’t be victims.  Like I said, this is coming from the guy who leads the charge in pro-black babble, not me.  So if that’s the case, what makes you think you have power and authority to dictate who gets to talk about blackness or claim blackness if some of the most popular pro-black babblers that you all blindly cosign literally tell you that have no power?  Help me make it makes sense ladies and gentleman.

Your favorite mulatto.
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