Am I Anti Pro-Black?

Apparently some people believe that I’m giving off the impression that I’m anti pro-black due to my commentary of always going in on the pro-black babblers of Blackistan, and if that’s how I appear to come off to you, well just based on that perception, I really couldn’t disagree with you.  But here’s the real deal:  I’m not anti pro-black.  I’m not out to cause harm & destruction to black people.  I’m just sick of all the nigga shit that is hiding up under the umbrella of so-called pro-blackness.  Now I could rattle off an extensive list of nigga shit hiding under that umbrella ranging from a dude who refuses to be open and transparent about how the funds he has been collecting are being allocated towards the building of an imaginary school.  I could talk about a dude who stays passing around the collection plate to fund documentaries that don’t teach black people anything tangible & worthwhile after probably making millions off of these documentaries.  I could talk about a black woman who goes out of her way to trash black men every chance she gets because she believes that black men are addicted to Becky, yet this same black woman has a strong love affair for Becky’s hair.  I could talk about a mysterious black dude hiding behind the face of Eldridge Cleaver who constantly like to convince black people that at any moment a Klan member is going to show up on their front lawn to burn a cross to officially kick off a race war.  I could talk about a dude with a PhD who go above and beyond to tell black people that they need to start a business, but to my knowledge nobody even knows what the financial statements of any of the business ventures this PhD has started are looking like to justify if he even knows what the hell he is talking about based on actual application instead of just college professor theoretical talking points.  I could talk about a dude who tells you stop chasing Becky even tho the is hiding a Becky lookalike in the closet.  I could just talk about a whole bunch of stuff in reference to a lot of people who are hiding up under the umbrella of pro blackness, but what’s the point?

I think the bigger point here is just all of the pro-black foolishness that is totally redefining what it means to be pro-black to the point where any rational person with half a functioning brain cell simply just honestly cannot take being pro-black seriously anymore.  It’s literally nothing more than a popularity contest on who can repackage that pro-black babble the best and spit those hot pro-black babble flames.  But in order to ensure that your flames are being seen and heard by the people, you have to resort to getting into some pure nigga shit such as making puppets, constantly niggasplainin’ for the most degenerate of black society, getting your YouTube beef on, coming up with the latest and greatest pro-black moniker that you hope and pray catches on when you confront a person who doesn’t blindly follow your bs, you have to engage in non-stop conspiracy theories and blame a mysterious group of white people hiding in the shadows.  Basically when it comes to being pro-black these days, you literally have to remove all common sense and enter a world where a bunch of these babblers sound like the black version of Alex Jones.  These people swear they have all the answers in life figured out and if you doubt them, then you are a cooning sellout Uncle Tom butter biscuit eating bed buck or bed wench and they have to tell you this every chance they get because honestly, their endless campaign to coon-call or beta male call or whatever phrased they coined is really all their followers tune in to hear if you want to just be honest.  These people have been on your social media feeds for years now and not one of you out there can honestly sit here and tell me that out of all of the content they have created that you have religiously tuned into, that there is one thing of real substance that you were able to take and apply to your life to help you get on a better track.  Not one.  Well, maybe the dude who holds a PhD can teach you a few things here and there.

Some of you will say, “B-b-but, I learned how to identify suspected white supremacists” or “I stopped dating interracially” or “I learned what the word gentrification means” or “I learned that we need to practice black economic empowerment.”  OK.  Good for you.  I’m glad you learned something.  Now tell me exactly how has any of that helped your life?  Did your education in learning how to identify a suspected white supremacists or what the OK hand signal allegedly means help you get hired, promoted or help you get a loan to start a business?  When you stopped dating Becky, Ana Marie or Chun Li in favor for Keisha did that help your credit score improve?  Did that dating preference switch help you get into college or pay off your student debt?  Did learning what the word gentrification means help you to increase the numbers in your bank account so that you can possibly compete with these other groups who are coming in to buy up your block?  Constantly repeating “WE NEED TO PRACTICE BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT”, has that magically created some real life black economic empowerment anywhere in your area or at the very least, has the phrase “We need to practice black economic empowerment” actually convinced you to actually practice black economic empowerment with a local black owned business or has it just allowed for you constantly donate to the melanoid ministries of various sorts courtesy of some fund raising site and the YouTube super chat?  What I’m saying is, you’ve been listening to these people for years; what exactly have they taught you other than that your life pretty much sucks thanks to white supremacy and there is nothing you can do except to get on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to see who can argue in the comments section the best?  What have you actually learned and applied to make your life better?

Chances are you haven’t learned anything of real value from any of these people other than how to say the words “coon” and “negro bed wench”.  That’s it.  I told you all before that most people treat pro-blackness simply as a form of escapism whether they realize it or not.  They just want somebody to whisper something good in their ear to help them temporarily forget about the reality of their lives that they more than likely caused, not some scary boogey man white supremacists.  If this was 30, 40, or 50 years or so ago I would be like, ok, yeah, the white man is on ya.  But in the year 2018, thanks to the internet and smart phones, I’m really tired of hearing black people in America play the “woe is me…deem white people’s” game.  There’s all kinds of things that you could be learning and doing in real time damn near from your phones to help get your life moving in the direction that you want it other than constantly getting online to “practice” black empowerment when in all reality you’re simply just tuning into people who need you to feel like your life sucks thanks to white supremacy simply because you’re black.  Don’t you get tired of people telling you that you can’t win because of some mysterious force out there pulling the strings like a puppet master?  You have to get tired of this stuff at some point to where you just aren’t taking these people seriously anymore and you just tune in for the entertainment value.  You have to reach that point.  But then again, if you reach that point, most of these babblers would go out of business and I guess that wouldn’t be good for so-called “black economic empowerment”.

I want black people to win and go on to do great and wonderful things but my goodness, you will never get even a slight opportunity if all you do is allow people to tell you day in and day out that you being born black will forever mean that you ultimately have zero control over your life because at any minute, a white supremacists is gonna come get you.  Knee grows have been hearing that since forever and being that you are black, you have a way higher chance of another black person getting you than you do of a white supremacists getting you.  I wrote about this subject a few weeks back and ran down the numbers, but that kind of speak goes against the Blackistan curriculum, so knee grows aren’t trying to hear it because the message is to forever blame white people for any and everything at all costs so that you can never truly take accountability and responsibility for some of the stuff that you may actually be doing which has caused you to end up where you are in life.  It’s just so much easier and possibly more profitable to just blame white people.

If you want to know why I sound so anti pro-black, well, it’s not intentional because I do want black people to prosper but this non-stop victim mentality, blaming white people all day long and listening to endless white supremacy conspiracy theories; how much of this stuff can a rational person actually take before they honestly look at their lives and start doing the necessary things they need to do to fix their lives?  Plus how much more of these pro-black babbler can you entertain before you come to conclusion that they are literally making money off of convincing you that your life sucks due to no fault of your own?  You literally have a dude out here who lives in a Mcmansion in a gated community in LA surrounded by a bunch of white people who tells you everyday that simply being born black means you are victim of white supremacy and that just because he’s living a good life, that at any moment, the white supremacists can still come get him and take everything away.  Yet he’s still chilling…about to go on tour as a matter fact.  I guess the white supremacists are letting him go on tour I suppose.  They’re going to wait until he’s about Bill Cosby’s age before they decide to come get him or something like that, who knows.

Anyways, I’m not anti pro black.  I’m just anti nigga shit and pro-black victimhood babble.  I think black people deserve better than and I think the description of what it means to be pro-black deserves better than what is currently being spewed all over the internet these days.

Your favorite mulatto.
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