“Gimme Dat Becky” — Phil of The Advise Show

When it comes to the pro-black babblers on YouTube, to my knowledge Phil of The Advise Show has the biggest audience with over 800K subscribers.  I’ve heard rumors that he bought them and I’ve heard people say his following is purely organic.  Either way, I really don’t care.  I’m just highlighting how massive of an audience he has especially in regards to the content he is known to create which is pretty much pro-black babble disguised as second hand news.  And you know what, that’s all good I suppose.  All of us who are content creators on YouTube have to get it how we live I suppose.  But the problem that tends to arise is when people start researching exactly how some of these pro-black babblers are getting it how they live and if how they claim to be getting it actually matches up with what’s taking place in their real lives.  Well, according to everybody making videos about Phil, it appears that he’s not actually getting it how he claims to be living.

So the story goes, Phil from The Advise Show has supposedly been outed due to having a “white” wife.  Phil says she’s not white, everybody else is looking at her picture that’s been floating around and saying, “Nah brah….your wife is white”.  I saw her picture and maybe the lighting was bad, but that woman is clearly white.  She may be a hispanic of sorts who knows, but that woman is white and as far as I’m concerned, there’s absolutely nothing wrong that.  Nothing at all.  The reason I say there’s nothing wrong with his wife being white or looking white is because I myself am the proud product of an interracial relationship.  I am team biracial, team mulatto and I believe the world needs more mixed race babies like me to help make this place sexier because we all know when it comes down to who holds the crown in the good looking department, team biracial tends to run board 99% of the time.  So as far as Phil is concerned in regards to his “white” wife I say, keep doing your thing Phil.  Keep doing your thing.

The issue I do have is in regards to the pro-black babbling that Phil likes to do.  Now I am subbed to his channel and I do follow him on IG and Phil claims to be all about black empowerment and calling out suspected white supremacists every chance he gets.  He appears to be doing his best to adhere to the pro-black babble rule back and he appears to be having some success with doing so.  But exactly how pro-black can a man be who’s not walking around with a black queen on his arm?  That seems to go against everything in the pro-black rule book.  There are countless videos & blogs on the subject telling people that if you date anybody who is not easily identifiable as a black, you are to a bed buck or a negro bed wench.  We’ve all seen the videos, we’ve all heard the podcasts, we’ve all read the blogs.  This is what it is in Blackistan ladies and gentleman.  You cannot get up on these social media streets and start professing your undying love for black people and black empowerment and calling out every single infraction of suspected racism/white supremacy only to turn around and put on your pajamas to hop in the bed with a person who can’t sit outside for more than 10 minutes without risking skin cancer.  You just can’t be doing that on these social media streets.  You are being dishonest.  You are misleading the people, the very people who look to you to feed them and endless supply of pro-black babble to help boost their self-esteem because they refuse to often times examine themselves to discover that their biggest problems in life isn’t white supremacy…it’s themselves.  You just can’t be out on these YouTube streets racking up almost 1 million subscribers preaching black pride, black love, black this, black that and your wife looks identical to the very people you proclaim that black people need to stop getting involved with.  You just can be doing that.  Knee grows like to hop in the comments on my videos when they discover that I’m biracial and tell me all day, “YOU MULATTOS ARE A PROBLEM IN BLACK SOCIETY.  YOU NEED TO BE KICKED YOU.  ALL YOU DO IS CAUSE DISSENSION AMONGST BLACK PEOPLE!”  I’m like really, I do?  But then you go to the platform of the most bliggity black black person you can find with a significant following and discover that these people are doing the complete opposite in their personal lives from what they tell you all that they are doing.  But I’m the one causing dissension.  Ok.  I’m not causing anything.  I know what time it is and I know exactly where my position is on the totem pole of race relations.  I’m not the one out here trying to convince you all to be something you’re not or trying to tell you all to “get on code” especially if I can’t “get on code” in my own personal life.  I’m not the one doing those things.  A lot of your pro-black babblers are the ones doing those things.  But this isn’t about me.  This is about promoting, marketing, selling and exploiting the image and narrative of being pro-black for personal gain.  This is about selling an ideology to a group of people who are completely lost, confused and desperate for some type of win in society that they’ll just blindly buy into anything a charismatic person will tell them about their blackness but yet these same people refuse to do their due diligence to see if the person selling them the ideology of pro-blackness is even living up the message that they are preaching.  That is what this is about.

You all have got to understand that the pro-black hustle is identical to the black church hustle in a lot of ways.  You get these charismatic speakers who know how to entertain a crowd and hold an audience’s attention.  Often times the audience they get are typically a bunch of people in search of something to explain why their life is the way it is in order to avoid having the real discussion about the choices one has made to cause their life to be where it is.  In church, people look for God and place all their worries at the feet of God.  “GOD WILL MAKE A WAY. IT’S IN GOD’S PLANS”, you’ve heard those statements before.  In the church of Blackistan, instead of you casting all of your problems off to God, you instead substitute God with white supremacy and blame everything on a “system” that nobody can ever truly explain beyond saying the words “system”.  Your daddy left you…WHITE SUPREMACY.  Your mama couldn’t find a hobby other than spreading her legs…WHITE SUPREMACY.  Black person gets harmed or killed by a non-black person…WHITE SUPREMACY.  Job laid you off for whatever reason…WHITE SUPREMACY. Y our credit score sucks because you can’t pay your bills on time…WHITE SUPREMACY, and just on and on and on.  But the moment you try to get these same knee grows to examine if they had anything to do with their circumstances to a degree, all of a sudden you’re cooning.  Basically if you are not blaming the white man and white supremacy on every single thing, you are cooning for butter biscuits.  You must lay all of your problems at the feet of white supremacy in Blackistan and hope the magical black supremacy genie by the name of Ogun will come out of his bottle and fix it for you.  Until he arrives to fix it, you need to be making your daily tithes to the melanoid ministries in order to keep the social media black empowerment dream alive.  Never mind that the pro-black babbler may be doing the complete opposite in their real life from what they tell you that you need to be doing.  Just make sure you keep watching their videos so they can get that Adsense money, keep donating to their Patreon, put more money on the books of their documentaries so they can avoid using the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars they earned off those documentaries to fund their own projects, and put some money on the books for their music band they put together in order to help pay all of these non-black people who helped put those songs together.  Just keep on donating & watching in the name of black empowerment and keep on focusing on the white man and white supremacy.  That’s what you all need to be doing ladies and gentleman.

Anyways, y’all keep on thinking that these pro-black babblers are really about that pro-black life once they log off of YouTube.  Most of them are not.  Most of them are only about that life on social media because they’ve either found a way to monetize their pro-black babble or they are getting social media famous with the hopes of trying to monetize their fame.  That’s it.  That’s all this is about ladies and gentleman for each and every last one of them.  I don’t care how convincing they appear to be on their videos, blogs or podcasts; if they weren’t getting money or social media fame off of it damn near all of them wouldn’t be doing it.  These are just the facts.

I just want these people to be honest.  If you have a non-black wife be proud and stop pretending like you are the most pro-black bliggity black guy on the internet because you’re not.  That’s not how any of this works.  You can’t be out here telling black men to leave Becky alone when chances are if your wife was in a room full of Becky’s, the average black person wouldn’t see anything but a room full of Becky’s.  I just want these pro-black babblers to really start being honest for a change.  There are other knee grows out there telling you that you essentially can’t trust one white person at all, yet he lives in a gated community full of (I’m assuming) multimillion dollar houses surrounded by white people.  How does that work?

All I’m saying is, exactly how pro-black can you honestly be if the one who is the closest to you isn’t even black?  She doesn’t even look biracial for crying out loud.  Exactly how does one build up such a huge presence on social media by speaking the good pro-black word and telling other black people all the reasons why they shouldn’t be dating non-black people but your spouse represents the complete opposite of all of that?  How does this work ladies and gentleman?

Your favorite mulatto.
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