Seductive Mixtape Series #27: Angela Winbush

No one…I mean NO ONE…can deny the sultry sincerity in the voice of Ronnie Isley’s ex-wife, Angela Winbush.  Whether as one half of the epic group, Rene and Angela, or solo, her songs electrified a multitude of my writing sessions, car rides, insomnia nights, etc.  Every time I heard one of the songs below, I had to pause and appreciate the beautiful and underrated songstress.  Her voice and lyrics made you feel that black love was possible and mattered.  Real talk!

Other than being known for her powerful singing, she is a very accomplished songwriter and producer that influenced the music of various artists including The Isley Brothers, Stephanie Mills, and Notorious B.I.G.  I reiterate how underrated she is, and I appreciate her contributions.  Below are a few of my favorite songs featuring Ms. Winbush.

Song #1: You Don’t Have To Cry by Rene and Angela

This is a powerful duet!!  Rene and Angela complimented each other perfectly in this track. It seemed like a song in which both of them are saying, “You are never alone, baby.  I have always been there and will always be there for you.”  Whew!  There are quite a few small, powerful takeaway lyrics in this short song like, “I’ll catch any teardrop before one can fall” and “I’m just here to fill you with some good love…” BRUH!!!!

Back in the “Quiet Storm” era, this was an essential song to put on your seductive mixtape.  Hell, there were even sounds from a storm actually playing in the beginning of this one…lol.  I’m telling you…they just don’t make duets like this anymore!  Regardless of the backstory of these two, they made some beautiful music together.  We need more songs like this today to counter some of the shallow and selfish love songs of today.  Just my opinion…

If you have a few seconds, also check out another one of my mixtape favorites that was inspired by this song.  Romeo & Juliet by Sylk-E. Fyne laid some of those early 90s hip hop verses over this classic track.  I love it!!


Song #2: My First Love by Rene and Angela

Some new-new old heads may only know of the version of this song sang by Avant with KeKe Wyatt.  Don’t get me wrong; they did their thing, but the original by Rene and Angela is waaayyy better on so many levels.  I love the newer version a lot, but there is something soooo pure and raw about this version.  (Those strings though…what?!?)

Honestly, I like how Avant sang his part better than Rene, but Angela killed this!  You hear me?!?  Angela undeniably did the damn thing here.  The emotion spewing in her voice makes you want to never forget how beautiful love can be.  This is one of those “sit down on the couch with your lady” songs while you hold each other and feel each other’s energy.  I know that I am not the only one who has done that, right?

I heard a rumor somewhere that this song was originally written for Janet Jackson, but she refused it.  I can’t find any definite proof or acknowledgement of that, but it’s cool.  Let’s say that I glad that Janet didn’t cover it because as good as she is….she couldn’t have owned it like Angela did.  You feel me.  I know you do!!


Song #3: Your Smile by Rene and Angela

As soon as one hears the beginning music of the song, you know it is on!  Then the bassline comes in….whoop whoop!!  Then…then….an angelic voice blesses you with some of the sweetest and heartfelt lyrics that I have ever heard.  The poetic aspect of this song are rare in a lot of the music today.  I’m not just saying that as a bitter old head…it’s facts!  Check out some of these lyrics:

“When our lips kiss….silent words move the earth…” –OR– “In your touch, there’s tenderness…sweet caress…that soothes all pain.”

What!?!  “Move the earth”….”soothes all pain”.  Who doesn’t want a love that feels like that??

Angela, your smile (and voice) makes you one of my top female vocalists ever.  Such beauty…such strength…such elegance.  Thank you…thank you.  I just hope that I can introduce others to your great music.  May it invoke the same in them that I feel whenever I think of the lyrics or hear them playing on the radio.  Those who know you, I hope to remind them of the good feelings that come with your songs.


Song #4: Angel by Angela Winbush

I wasn’t going to discuss four songs, but I couldn’t say that I did Ms. Winbush and her legacy any justice without covering Angel!  I remember watching the video on Video Soul back in the day (shout out to Sherry Carter by the way).

The beat of the song is similar to the beat of Your Smile, but I don’t know which one came first.  It doesn’t matter because Angela is totally unhinged in this one and showcases that she is one of the best.  The range and riffs she shows still gives me chills when I play it…every time.

Check out the video!  That white outfit is mad sexy…real talk.  Do ladies even feel like this about men anymore?  I don’t know, but I hope someone one day sees me and says, just like Angela, “You’re all I want…all I need.”

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