What “Getting On Code” Really Means

So I’m supposed to be in bed, but around midnight I found myself engaged in a twitter debate with Judge Joe Brown…yes, the famous Judge Joe Brown from tv and our debate was centered around Bill Cosby and how the judge was pretty much flapping his cape in the wind for Bill Cosby.  We argued a little bit here & there where he corrected me in saying that Bill gave Andrea 1 and a half pills of Benadryl, not 3.  Then I asked Judge Joe Brown to explain Bill saying how he basically put his hands down Andrea’s pants without her permission….I’m still waiting for the judge to respond back with all of his great judicial wisdom.  Anyways, our little back and forth is on my Twitter if you want to read it.  One thing I will add is, I hate arguing with celebrities on Twitter.  I’ve had back & forths with quite a few from Roland Martin to Talib Kweli to a few others and the one thing about debating celebrities on Twitter is that your replies and mentions get clogged up with a bunch of random ass people blindly cosigning the celebrity.  Basically how Twitter tends to work in a debate is, whoever has the most followers will automatically win the debate by default simply due to their follower count jumping in the convo all willy nilly to defend whatever position your celebrity opponent has made claim to.  Often times these followers just jump in at random points in the debate without even going back to see how it all started first before making a decision of whom to side with.  But regardless, when arguing a celebrity, just understand that once their fans start entering the thread, anything of potential substance no matter how respectful the debate may be will go down hill rapidly when they show up to the point where you don’t even want to engage anymore.  This is why I run my mouth on my blog.  I’m totally uninterrupted in expressing my thoughts and I let you all do what you do in the comments for the most part.

What I want to talk about real quick since I’m up is what it means to “be on code”.  We’ve heard this phrase time and time again in the negrosphere of social media and we all have a somewhat clear understanding of what this phrase is intended to imply.  If you don’t, basically it’s means that black people need to develop a code of conduct.  This code of conduct is supposed to mean that black people need to put the interests of black society above any and everything first and foremost.  It sounds noble on its surface and also in theory, but this Cosby case is proving that “being on code” is just another piece of pro-black babble bs being tossed out to the simple minded masses who really have nothing of substance really going for themselves in real life other than listening to endless lectures about racism and white supremacy all day long.  Now while “getting on code” in theory could be a good thing somewhat, you have to realize that getting on code also means accepting every piece of black degeneracy there is too include defending the likes of a Bill Cosby.  Sure these pro-black babblers will tell you that black people need to “thin the herd” of the coons & the hood rats, but they’ll go out of their way to defend the Pookies, the Rays Rays, the Cosby’s, that bummy negro who makes random babies all over the place uncontrollably.  Basically, just about anybody who is a black male no matter how revered they are in society or how down right disgusting they are to society, if they are a black male, they are to be protected at all costs and every excuse you can make for them is to be made unapologetically.  When it comes to black women, good luck.  But black males, it’s excuses galore.

But if you want to keep it even more real, “getting on code” isn’t really about doing things of nobility.  “Getting on code” is really about just going all out to defend pure niggardtry at all costs, especially when it comes to defending black men from white people.  The pro-black babblers will always say something like, “white folks are getting on code” every time white people are involved in some situation involving a black person no matter how major or minor the situation is.  Often times the situation in question has to do with some bs a white person may have done to a black person.  For example, all the white people getting behind George Zimmerman during his trial or if some white person gets a slap on the wrist for some heinous crime he/she may have committed.  You rarely hear black people say, “white people are getting on code” when it comes to white people doing something legit that is good and noble, and this isn’t just reserved for white people, this is for any group of people outside of black society.  The phrase “getting on code” is typically reserved for these other groups who appear to be doing something in favor of a member of their race who did some bs.  So when it comes to black society, as much as black people claim to despise white supremacy, the pro-black babblers love nothing more than to try to mimic white society.  So it’s only natural when you hear the words “get on code” being tossed around, it’s usually to imply black people getting behind a black person (in particular a black man) who has done some flat out bs.  It’s like all those people who walk around the hood with their “Free Pookie” shirts on knowing damn well that last week Pookie shot 2 people, beat up both of his baby mamas, and robbed the local gas station.  But you’ll still have people out there talking about, “HE DIDN’T DO NUFFIN…HE’S A GOOD BOY!  FREE POOKIE!”  That’s basically what “getting on code” means.  It means making excuses for black degeneracy especially if that degeneracy comes from a black male.  That’s it.

Seriously, when have you ever heard that phrase referenced in another manner?  Some of you will say, “I’ver heard Tariq Nasheed & Jason Black say it in reference to black economic empowerment!”  Oh yeah, you’ve heard them say the words when that topic comes up, but let’s keep it real.  I’ve listened to both of these dudes for like the last 5 years, they use the phrase “get on code” when talking about black economic empowerment when it’s time for them to pass the collection plate around to collect money to help fund their documentaries or in the case of Tariq, when it’s time to fund the Mink Slide album or Crispy’s Biscuits, or his failed MoorUs app.  That is the only time you’ll hear them talking about “getting on code” when it comes to the subject of black economic empowerment.  Any other time it’s to promote the idea of protecting another black male that’s in the news (celebrity or not) who was engaged in some degenerate behavior.  You rarely if ever hear that phrase in reference to a black person who’s doing something positive and stop lying if you say you do because you don’t.  Knee grows who go around chanting “we need to get on code” are really just a bunch of knee grows who want the ability to get a slap on the wrist or set free from some bs that they may have done like they believe their white counterparts are getting away with.  That’s it.

The only person I hear talking about “getting on code” in reference to something productive is Sarge WP in his endless rants about Wakanda.  Although I think he’s delusional about that topic, at least he’s consistent with his beliefs and his message of “getting on code” so that one day Wakanda could become a reality, which it won’t.  But he’s the only person I see talking about “getting on code” in a positive manner.  Everybody other pro-black babbling YouTuber you hear saying this, they all are talking about getting on code to let black men get away with degenerate behavior that is truthfully toxic to the progression of black society.  Being that they believe they are in a race war going up against white supremacy and every other group of people, well I guess they feel they need the numbers in terms of black men so they have to let this degenerate & often times savage behavior slide because they want to be like their white male counterparts so bad.  

So like I said, bringing this back around to Cosby and Judge Joe Brown caping for Cosby, the excuses black men make for other black men who they know damn well have done some bs is unbelievable.  Just unbelievable and y’all wonder why I say people like Sarge WP is living in a delusion about Wakanda.  Sarge WP will never have his Wakanda so as long as you got black male YouTubers out there making excuses for Bill Cosby or black YouTubers who make videos promoting that black men prey on teenage girls or other black male YouTubers out there constantly making excuses for Pookie and Ray Ray as if Pookie and Ray Ray are the epitome of what it means to be a man in the black community.

Your favorite mulatto.
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