Bill Cosby Should Have Tried to Buy CBS Instead

I want to give you guys a very quick recap of why Bill Cosby is jail where he belongs because apparently it’s a whole bunch of niggasplainin’ taking place out on these internet streets in order to excuse a black man who actually admitted to doing the things he was thrown in jail for.  So this will be a very quick recap.  If you want a more in depth explanation, then I suggest you get your Google on to find the deposition statements which eventually caused him to wind up jail.

So the very quick recap of why Bill Cosby is in jail is this:

Bill Cosby was on trial due to what he did to a woman named Andrea Constand, not all of those other women who came out claiming he did some stuff to them.  He was just on trial because of her.  Some of you are like, but they made mention of the other women.  Well, too bad.  I guess their stories gave credibility to his own story about what he said he did to Andrea Constand.  So the the quick version of events is this…

Andrea Constand went to visit Bill Cosby for whatever reason.  During her visit, Bill decided to offer Andrea Constand 3 pills according to him to help her “relax”.  Bill stated that he didn’t tell her what the pills were.  Bill later claimed that the pills he gave her was over-the-counter Benadryl.  Well, if you do your Googles real quick, you’ll discover that some of the side effects of Benadryl are:  drowsiness, fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, dizziness, & disturbed coordination as in, those are the most common side effects of that over-the-counter drug.  After giving her the pills, Andrea claims that the pills made her semi-conscious and somewhat unable to move.  Now remember, I just told you all the most common side effects were drowsiness, fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, dizziness & disturbed coordination.  During this state of semi-consciousness, Andrea claimed that Bill began to fondle her breasts, her crotch and he put his schlong in her hands.  Bill claims that he touched her and slid his hands down her pants to play with her kitty.  Bill also stated in his deposition that he didn’t explicitly get permission to fondle this woman either.  He stated, “I don’t hear her say anything.  And I don’t feel her say anything.  And so I continue and I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection.  I am not stopped.”  That’s a direct quote from Bill Cosby himself, but regardless of the fact, both Bill and Andrea both make claims that Bill was fondling her while she was under the influence of a drug that had the side effects of drowsiness, fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, dizziness and disturbed coordination.  So Bill was essentially molesting a woman who was under the influence of a drug he had given her that even he stated he didn’t tell her what it was.  Bill was also asked, “What effect did you want?” in reference to him giving her the alleged Benadryl.  Bill stated, “I wanted her to be comfortable enough to relax and go to sleep after we had our necking session.”  The next question he was asked is, “What effect did they have on her?”  Bill said, “She didn’t go to sleep.”

So one more time for the slow people in the back…

Bill gave a woman 3 pills that he didn’t inform her of what the pills were.  These 3 pills he later claimed were over the counter Benadryl.  Benadryl’s known side effects are drowsiness, fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, dizziness and disturbed coordination.  The woman claims she was semi-conscious as Bill was molesting her.  Bill admits to molesting her after he gave her the pills and even acknowledged that he received her permission to touch her after he gave her the pills.  The woman claims Bill fondled her breasts, her kitty & put his schlong in her hands.  Bill stated he did slide his hands down her pants to play with her kitty.  The woman claims she later woke up around 4am to discover that her clothes were all over the room leading people to believe that something more happened after she eventually blacked out.  Bill stated that he gave the pills to her so she could relax but that the pills didn’t have the intended effect on her that he wanted.

Now some of you are probably saying, “B-b-but bill said she didn’t go to sleep.”  You are correct, Bill did say that.  But guess what, that doesn’t mean she was wide awake either.  She more than likely passed out after taking the 3 pills where the side effects are known for causing people to essentially pass out.  Regardless of how she “went to sleep”, Bill even admitted out of his own mouth that he molested her without her permission.  She claims that he molested her after those pills had to began to kick in to where she stated she was semi-conscious.  Either way, Bill was doing a whole lot of touching he shouldn’t have been doing.  So he was charged with sexual assault and now he’s in jail for sexual assault.  He even stated he didn’t get permission.  He even stated he was touching her after he gave her those pills, those same pills with the side effects to make a person go to sleep involuntarily.  You can’t go around touching people without their permission especially if they are under the influence of something.  That’s what Bill did and that’s why he’s in jail.

Now to quickly focus on this aspect where she claims Bill put his penis in her hands, guess what, Bill has even admitted to this type of thing before with another woman.  He had a woman come visit him who wrote him a poem or something like that, he got her in a room and passed her some lotion so she could use it to jack him off.  So the very thing this semi-conscious woman claims he did with his penis, Bill himself even admitted to having another woman do something very similar to him in the past.  So for those of you fixated on all of these other women from so many years ago well, it just so happens that quite a few of them were telling similar stories that even Bill admitted to.  Bill has admitted to giving women quaaludes in the past to help “relax” them prior to intimacy.  He admitted to giving Andrea some pills to help her “relax”.  He has admitted to having women jerk him off.  Andrea says during her semi-consciousness he whipped his junk out and put it in her hand.  So you can attempt to discredit these other women from the past due to these events happening decades ago or whatever, but you can’t deny the words that Bill admitted out of his own mouth in regards to these other women as far as the pills and the hand jobs go.  The same thing this woman Andrea claims happened to her is what Bill basically admitted to.  Bill and Andrea both claim Bill gave her some pills.  They both claim the pills had an effect on here to where she wasn’t fully aware of what was going on to the point where she could give permission.  Bill even admitted he didn’t get permission.  She & Bill both say Bill molested her.  She claims the pills caused her to go semi-conscious.  Bill claims she didn’t go to sleep and that the pills did the opposite of what he thought they were going to do.  

So I’m trying to figure out why so many of out there are constantly trying to niggasplain’ for this dude.  The only discrepancy is the level of molestation.  Everything else, they both pretty much agree happened.  Then for the “WHITE SUPREMACY IS TRYING TO BRING A BLACK MAN DOWN.  BILL IS JUST AN EXAMPLE TO SHOW THAT THEY GONNA COME AFTER THE REST OF US.”  Well here’s the thing, if you don’t go around giving women pills all willy nilly to get them to “relax” followed by you fondling them without their permission then you shouldn’t have to worry about white supremacy coming to get you and make you out to be another example.  “B-B-BUT…YOU BLACK.  THE I’M WHITE AND I SAY RULE CAN GET YOU NO MATTER WHAT.  THIS IS A RACE WAR JACK!”  Maybe white supremacy can get you whenever it wants, maybe this is a race war, but what’s that got to do with you potentially putting yourself in a position to give a woman some pills that make her semi-conscious to where you just take it upon yourself to molest her?  What’s white supremacy and a race war have to do with that?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing at all.  That’s all your fault if you do that.  “THIS IS PAYBACK FOR BILL TRYING TO BUY NBC MAN!”  First off all, I hate that excuse.  Let’s just assume that Bill was actually trying to buy NBC for a moment.  What makes you think that NBC was obligated to sell to him?  How come NBC just couldn’t simply tell him that they weren’t interested in selling to him?  You know, people and companies do have that right you know.  Just because somebody may be interested in buying something from you that doesn’t mean you have to automatically sell it to them.  Y’all do know this right?  Ok. The niggasplainin’ is on a hundred thousand trillion over Bill Cosby.

I even had one dude leave me a comment on my BlackJunction page saying the following:

Now if that isn’t the greatest pro-black knee grow babble I’ve ever read on social media in response to something I’ve said, I don’t know what it is.  That person deserves the Blackistan comment award of the year for that one.  My goodness.  The way this person managed to put this hotepalistic pro-black niggasplainin’ babble together so flawlessly, I feel like I should send this person a gift card to have dinner for 2 at Applebees.  My goodness, he’s on another level of understanding.  Give this man an applause.  I’m sure he’s an extremely valuable asset to black society.  After reading that I’m ready to go throw an African medallion around my neck, get me a limited edition Umar Johnson dashiki and fitted baseball cap, pass out copies of Hidden Colors and The Isis Papers and march around in front of the jail where Bill Cosby is being held while throwing up the Wakandan W.  I’m ready to do the damn thang y’all.

All in all, Bill Cosby is where he is because of what he admitted to doing and actually did.  It’s kind of hard to say a knee grow didn’t do something that this same knee grow actually admitted to doing.  How does that work ladies and gentleman?  You tell me you robbed a place with a gun, you go to jail and here I am out on the streets arguing the complete opposite telling everybody that you didn’t rob a place with a gun after you admitted that you did.  How does that line of logic work in Blackistan ladies and gentleman?  Please help me understand just for my sanity.

But anyways, if Bill Cosby had of attempted to buy CBS OR ABC instead of NBC maybe Bill would be a free man right now.  You picked the wrong company Bill.  Now look what that cost you.

Your favorite mulatto.
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