Pro-Black Babblers Love Caping for Bill Cosby

Welp…Mr. Jello Cup aka Mr. Pudding Pop aka America’s Favorite Dad aka Bill Cosby was just recently sentenced to jail today.  He’ll be spending at least the next 3 years locked up before he’s eligible for parole, but that’s not the exciting news ladies and gentleman.  The exciting news is how all of the pro-black babblers all across social media are having epic meltdowns and trying to niggasplainin’ away this conviction, and we all know how the niggasplainin’ goes.  You simply just blame everything on white supremacy.  That’s it.  It doesn’t require any serious thought, rhyme or reason.  It’s like one of those charts where you have to answer a question and based upon your answer, you proceed to a certain question until you get to your final answer.  Well in this case, or in any case for the matter, you don’t even have to break out the charts to try to make sense of anything because all conclusions will take you straight to blaming white supremacy in the world of pro-babblers.  It’s the equivalent to religious fanatics who constantly running around saying stuff like, “It’s a part of God’s plan.”  Now that I think about it, the pro-black babblers like to say that white supremacy is a religion that people subscribe to.  Well, I think it’s fair to say that blaming everything on white supremacy is a religion that pro-black babblers from Blackistan subscribe to as well.  It’s just the way it is I suppose.

Aside from the pro-black babblers being angry that Bill Cosby was convicted and sentenced because they believe it’s all one big white supremacy conspiracy, what I found rather interesting was the actual levels of anger being presented.  It’s almost like the pro-black babblers are angry at the fact that since Cosby has been sentenced, they now cannot go around drugging and raping women.  The excuses these knee grows are concocting on social media is right up there next to the great conspiracy of Bill Cosby trying to buy NBC.  It’s unbelievable.  Seriously, the storylines these pro-black babblers are putting together, one would actually have to sit down and wonder if these excuse makers are really mad because now they can’t run around giving women random drinks that might be laced with some type of rupee.  Who really goes out of their way to get this angry over a dude who was convicted and sentenced for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman, especially over a knee grow that these very same pro-black babblers once kicked out of black society because they were angry at this dude for telling them to pull their pants up?  Who gets this angry?  The only people who get this angry are people who more than likely see nothing wrong with the act of drugging and sexually assaulting women.  That’s who.

But let’s really call it what it is; these knee grows are mad that a bunch of white women took Bill Cosby down.  If damn near all of these women who came forward were a bunch of black women, 1 of 2 things might happen:  1) the pro-black babbler congregation would be doing everything in their power to see that Bill Cosby is locked up for life or, 2) the pro-black babblers would be ignoring this case as if it never happened; pretty much like how they do in regards to black women in general.  So I’m inclined to believe that scenario number 2 would be what would take place.  But being that this is a bunch of white women who went after a very rich black man well, cue in the classic white person versus black man story that is repeated 50-lemen times a day in Blackistan.  Nothing catches a pro-black babblers attention better than a story about white people going after a black man.  Not a black woman, but a black man.  Sure some of you all will say, “But we paid attention when they were going after Serena a week or two agao.”  No you weren’t.  Damn near all of the Blackistan knee grows were calling here all kinds of negro bed wenches galore.  So miss me with that foolishness.  And like I said, had most of Bill’s accusers and victims been black women, knee grows would be all up and down social media ignoring these women because the most important rule in Blackistan is to remain on code when it comes to black men only.  Everybody else is fair game to get tossed under the bus.  But this is just how ridiculous these pro-blacks are.  Knee grows proudly go above and beyond to defend black men who are convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting women.  They are only going this hard because it’s a bunch of white women and you know you can’t let a day slide without working that good ole white supremacy blame game into the equation.

Anyways, as the great white supremacy expert by the name of Tariq Nasheed would say…HOLD YOUR OWN NUTS.  So Mr. Bill Cosby, you need to hold your own pudding pops and Jello cups sir.  For those of you out there caping for Bill Cosby, we need to throw you on the suspected pro-black babbler rape apologist list.  You knee grows will literally defend a black man regardless of what he’s been accused and convicted of simply because he’s a black man.  That’s it.  This dude could knock all the teeth out of your mama’s mouth and you would be there to testify as a character witness for the dude who assaulted your own mama just because he’s a black man.  That’s how delusional you pro-black babblers are, but this is to be expected.  Remaining delusional is part of being code in Blackistan.

Your favorite mulatto.
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