Laura Loomer’s Not White, She’s Jewish

I wrote a blog piece titled Apparently It’s Racist to Call White People “White People”.  A quick summary of that piece was basically me talking about how white people are offended when people of color (especially black people) refer to them as WHITE PEOPLE.  It’s like they are actually treating the term “white people” as a racial slur, which I find somewhat amusing & sad.  But the reason I’m bringing this topic back up again is because of a woman named Laura Loomer.  Now for those of you unfamiliar with Laura Loomer, basically she’s a somewhat popular Jewish alt-right wanna be journalist roaming around on social media.  I don’t much about her because I never really cared to check out any of her content to any great length, but from what I’m gathering, she’s somewhat in that Alex Jones lanes.  I’ve yet to verify if she’s a full blown female version of Alex Jones, but I’m just going to assume (for now) that she’s Alex Jones-lite.

Now the reason I’m bringing her up is because of IG post she put up yesterday which was a screenshot of a quick little blog article I had wrote about her last year.  The title of that piece is called Laura Loomer is the Poster Child for Why Nobody Likes White People.  At the time I wrote that article, I had never heard of her prior to that and the only reason she popped up on my radar was due to somebody I follow on Twitter reposting a tweet of hers that apparently went viral.  That tweet said the following:


I pretty much said in that article that it’s reasons like this why black people don’t trust white people because what prompted her to snap that photo was in response to some Muslim terrorist who decided to drive a rental truck on the sidewalk in Manhattan to where he ended up running over 11 people & killing 8 of them.  So Laura Loomer found the first Muslim person she saw walking and decided to take a picture of this woman to create a narrative that simply because this Muslim woman was crossing the street minding her business as she was wearing her customary hijab, that this Muslim woman must be out doing a victory lap in the name of Allah for that dude who ran over 11 people.  So my quick little blurb about her was in response to her willful ignorance, racist rhetoric and blatant xenophobia.  Also in that article I shared a tweet a white dude had tweeted to her as a response to where this white dude said…

In case you aren’t familiar with what the white guy is talking about, he was referring to that white guy who shot up like 50 people at a concert from his hotel room in Las Vegas last in 2017.  He was calling out Laura Loomer’s ignorance as well in saying that white people walking around Las Vegas the very next day after that white guy shot up all those people (where damn near all the victims were white by the way) continuing on with their lives, how’s that any different from this random Muslim woman minding her business as if she is somehow connected to the Muslim dude who killed 8 people the day before?

So yesterday Laura Loomer posted a screenshot of the my blog article to her IG profile and she put the following caption under it saying “OMG someone sent this to me tonight.  I had never seen it until now.  Should we tell him?” Before she wrote “Should we tell him”, she put an emoji of the Star of David to signify that somehow her being Jewish means that she is not a white woman.

Now, I want you all to look at this woman right here and tell me what you see…  

For Laura Loomer to be on the “I’m not white, I’m Jewish” team, why is she throwing up the white power/white supremacists “OK” hand signal?  Why not the “I’m Jewish” hand signal? 🤔

If you saw a group of white woman walking on the street and in the mix was Laura Loomer and you said to yourself, “Look at all these white women”, who in their right mind is going to jump up and correct you and say, “HOLD UP NOW!  ALL OF THOSE WOMEN AREN’T WHITE! THAT ONE RIGHT THERE, SHE’S JEWISH!”  Do hear how retarded that sounds.  If Laura Loomer didn’t post a Star of David or if she’s not walking around with some type of Jewish cultural paraphernalia to signify that she’s Jewish, then nobody in their right mind would ever know anything other than that she is clearly a white woman.  Period point blank.  End of discussion.  Here’s your lollipop kiddo, now carry your ass on home.

It’s almost like the white female version of “I’m not black, I’m OJ”.  

As I’m looking at the comments on her IG post, it’s comment after comment of white people saying, “He’s racist!  That’s racist!  That’s reverse racism!  What if i said he was just black, then we would be called racist!”  And on and on this went.  I’m thinking to myself that if a white person said a black person was black, then where’s the racism at it?  It’s a fact.  When you see a black person, 9 times out of 10, you see a black person due to the color of their skin.  Yet, when you see a white person these days and you say the words “WHITE PERSON”, it’s racist to them especially if they are Jewish because apparently their’s a Jewish skin color out there that the masses are unaware of.  I had one dude on Twitter trying to argue me down about Laura Loomer not being a white woman but simply Jewish and this white dude was like, “B-b-but they are a unique race…the semites…the this the that!”  I asked this dude what box do people check on their driver’s license or some other form asking what their race is because I’ve never seen an option to check Jewish.  He hit me with some more of the “b-b-but…”.  Her being a white woman is not even up for debate.  I don’t care what her religious background is or if they call it an ethnoreligious group, which ethnoreligious simply means a bunch of people who share a common culture and/or identity who engage in a certain religious belief like your stereotypical Amish people.  To my knowledge, Amish people are all white (because I’ve never seen a black, hispanic or Asian amish person before), but regardless of their ethnoreligious background, they are still white people at the end of the day who possess the stereotypical “Anglo-Saxon” phenotype that damn near all white people running around possess.  So this whole, I’M NOT WHITE, I’M JEWISH foolishness is just that…foolishness. Because like I said, let Laura Loomer come strolling down the street in a group full of white women, nobody is going to stop and be like, “Look at all those white woman & that one Jewish woman.”  Nobody.  They’ll just be like, “Oh great, here come the Beckys.”

Getting back to my main point about how white people are getting offended at the reality of somebody saying that they are white is so freaking funny in my opinion.  White people who get online and scream racism because somebody said they are white, it’s like these people are just begging to have something to point back at black people in the form of racism because white people know they have had the racism game on lock for a few centuries now.  And the problem with being the crown holder of racism is that you have to accept the so-called “good” along with the very real bad that comes as a result.  You all want the “good” benefits of just living your life without people judging you based on your skin color in addition to having the privilege of being totally oblivious to how people react to you, but you don’t want to accept the bad that comes with your culture being the crown holders of racism, which means that non-whites are going call out your bs especially when people like Laura Loomer are out on the streets engaging in willful racism & xenophobia.  Yet white folks want to get pissy and scream racism when a black person calls them white.  Are you not white?  When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Are you invisible like a vampire’s reflection?  What would you prefer to be called as if you think referring to you as white is racist?  Somebody who is white and honestly feels being called white is a racist slur, please inform me as to what you would prefer to be called so I can do my best to not cause you spill endless buckets of white tears in the future when I say that a white person is white.  I need to know these things just for my own sanity.  Help me become a better human being by casting this racist demon out of my body who is constantly telling me to engage in racism against white people by describing white people as simply white.  Help a nigga out.  Thanks.

I’m dedicating this song to the one & only Laura Loomer…

Your favorite mulatto.
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