Subject Matter Experts of Absolutely Nothing Useful

It seems like no matter what social media platform you are on, black people appear to be subject master experts in only one subject and one subject only, and that is the topic of racism and white supremacy.  Typically, that’s all black people ever tend to talk about in some shape or form.  Sure, some of the conversations are valid as they directly relate to something going on in current events to some extent, but even when there is nothing of significance to talk about, most black content creators (especially those in the Blackistan) will go out of their way to find something to talk about related to the subject of racism and white supremacy.  It’s almost like black people have no other set of skills other than seeing who can out bliggity black somebody by trying to come off as the most knowledgeable person on the subject of racism and white supremacy.  Now I can’t even front, I used to talk about the subject a lot myself except when I talked about the subject, 9 times out of 10 it was directly related to something major taking place in the news that had everybody and their mama talking.  But still, even I reached a point to where I grew tired of discussing the same ole thing over and over again because like I’ve stated before, what’s really changed in the subject material?  Everybody pretty much says the same thing, they just try to repackage it in a new and unique way, but the message is still the same.  And that message is:  white people are evil and black people are forever stuck in a state of being victimized simply because you are black.  Even if you live your entire life never having to deal with an act of racism, simply being born black is enough to render you a victim until the day you die.  That’s the common narrative the pro-black babblers like to push and that narrative is very effective indeed.  It’s so effective that black people who religiously follow this narrative have essentially allowed themselves to become paralyzed in life to where they justify everything wrong with their lives due to their “blackness”.  It’s rather sad to sit back and watch this take place and people joyfully embrace this perpetual state of victimization like it’s a bad of honor to prove how “black” they really are.  Meanwhile, you dip off into some conversations with some other groups of people and it’s like an entirely new world over there where people are learning stuff, teaching stuff or just doing whatever.  They’re doing everything except lounging around on social media playing the “woe is me….dem white folks hate us” game all day long.  

It’s a time and place to call out white supremacy but to forever get online and live your life offline walking around feeling like you are a prisoner in your skin color; you knee grows who entertain that stuff, y’all need to find a new hobby.  A new hobby might help you live longer by bringing some semblance of joy to your life every now and then.  It’s like knee grows get online and try to “out black” other black people with their “vast” knowledge on the subject of white supremacy.  But you know what’s funny about this?  It’s that anybody can get online and claim to be a subject matter expert of white supremacy.  There is no official class or certification program for the subject.  Hell, even the pro-black babblers don’t offer any official curriculum on the subject.  It’s literally just a bunch of people going above and beyond to practice confirmation bias day in and day out.  It’s literally what racist white people do.  You look for any and everything that you believe is some form of racism towards a black person to prove your beliefs to be true.  An example could be:

A white dude and black dude are walking on the side walk alongside each other.  The black dude trips over a piece of trash on the sidewalk and falls down.  The white dude stops to help the black guy up.  They both keep on walking.  A person from Blackistan will interpret that scenario the following way:  “In a world dominated by white supremacy, another white supremacists put that trash in the path of that black man earlier to purposely trip him up!”  Something as dumb as that can cause knee grows all over Blackistan to yell, “YEAH…YEAH…THIS IS WHAT A RACE WAR LOOKS LIKE!”

Now let’s just pretend that we are in this race war that everybody is talking about non stop these days.  Let’s just assume it to be true.  How is your mastery of only the subject of white supremacy going to help you out?  Getting online to recite quotes from Malcom X, John Henrik Clarke, Neely Fuller, Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black etc.; how is that actually going to help you?  Let’s say this race war is way more economically driven than it is physically in terms of people actually strapping up to shoot at each other; how are you actually applying this knowledge to help you out?  Being able to explain every imaginable angle about racism and white supremacy is helping you win the economic battle how?  Is it improving your credit score so that you can take out loans to start a business?  Is it helping you to buy properties so that you can fight off gentrification?  Is it helping you increase your knowledge base in S.T.E.M. like how the Wakandans in the actual movie were all about S.T.E.M.?  I’m trying to figure out exactly what are you claiming to learn that is actually making a difference other than to possibly give you a self-esteem boost because you’ve managed to find an echo chamber online from a bunch of black people who appear to have zero knowledge in anything useful outside of who can interpret white supremacy, white racial coded language and hand signals the best.  I’m really trying to understand these things here but none of it makes sense to me when you really start to analyze how the world functions and operates.

You look at all these other cultures and they are learning skills they deem important and are actually applying that knowledge to make the world move one way or another.  Meanwhile in Blackistan, it’s literally millions of black people solely focused on the latest and greatest lecture on racism and white supremacy that tells them the same thing over and over again.  How can you ever truly expect to be effective at challenging racism and white supremacy when your only skill set is talking about racism and white supremacy from a historical standpoint or you’ve somehow managed to turn yourself into a master of identifying who the latest and greatest white supremacist is?  Yet, you haven’t mastered how to do whatever skill these alleged white supremacists have learned to essentially dominate the world?  If all you can do is TALK about racism and white supremacy and form conclusions about racism and white supremacy simply because you engage in confirmation bias yet you have no other real tangible skill to allow for you to effectively compete against the allege white supremacists who are using their real world skills to dominate, then what good are you?  How many black people does black society need to constantly hop on social media or wander around in the real world pointing out alleged white supremacists’ symbology or trying to tell everybody who will listen to them the latest and greatest angle they can think of to talk about racism and white supremacy?  How many pro-black babblers do we need out there?  Another way to put it is, everybody wants to be in front of the camera to become a star but nobody wants to learn how to operate the camera or set up the microphones or lights.  Whether you are a YouTube star in Blackistan or you’ve managed to develop some star power offline, everybody can’t be a star, but yet everybody wants to be subject matter expert in ONLY the subject of racism and white supremacy.  How come hardly any of these blackistan knee grows want to master the subject of finances?  Yes I know Dr. Boyce Watkins exists, but why is the only one?  Where the other black financial experts to talk to black folks about finances because that’s what their professional experience and education is in?  Where’s the Blackistan knee grows who wants to educate people on guns?  Oh my bad, there actually is one by the named Maj Toure whom to my knowledge goes above and beyond to educate black people on firearms but yet, his named was dragged through the mud over a picture of him posing with Tomi Lahren at a gun show.  So for that, he’s been essentially ostracized from Blackistan.  Soooo, you kick out your most well known firearm expert?  Great job guys.  So who are you going to replace him with?  Where’s the super duper knee grow from Blackistan who knows IT up and down and around and around and has the education and professional experience to teach it?  Some of you might say, “Aren’t you an IT professional?!  Why don’t you teach it!”  I would, and truth be told, I actually used to teach IT for a living at one point, so teaching is not an issue.  The problem is, I appear to be not black enough for Blackistan these days 🙃, so I see no need in lending my expertise to a group of people who want to expel me.  Now as soon as I leave, they will prevent me from leaving by one drop ruling me to death.  But where is this Blackistan IT person at to help black people learn something useful that is in actual demand in the real world?

Ultimately what I’m saying is, if all you ever talk about or listen to is subject material about racism and white supremacy all day long from the standpoint of pointing out the latest racist, the latest act of racism that’s gone viral, the latest racist hand gesture, or the latest documentary telling you the same thing you already know; how effective are you when everybody you have deemed to be an enemy is learning real world skills of various sorts that they can actually put into a real world use to further their dominance?  It’s literally millions of black people from Blackistan who can tell me what the OK hand sign allegedly means but hardly any of them can tell me what “price elasticity of demand” means.  For those of you who have no idea what price elasticity of demand means, ask Dr. Boyce Watkins, I’m sure he knows.  For those of you who constantly say, “WE NEED TO OWN OUR OWN BUSINESS AND HAVE OUR OWN ECONOMY!”, well, it’ll be in your best interest to learn and understand what price elasticity of demand actually means if you actually want your business to survive and thrive, regardless of how big or small the business is and regardless of what product you are selling.  And I mentioned this phrase “price elasticity of demand” on purpose because it’s something that literally affects everybody every single day who has at least one dollar in their pocket to spend on some product.

The whole point I’m trying to make is, at this point in the game since the Blackistan powers that be have declared a full blown race war is currently taking place.  If true, don’t you think that black people should start learning stuff of actual value to help facilitate a victory in this alleged race war other than the same ole babble being repackaged over and over again?  You can still have your lecturers and your philosophers all you want, but eventually somebody has to be willing to step up and educate others on actual stuff that people could use other than how to identify an OK hand signal or tell if a person is a white supremacist because they may be wearing a pair of New Balance sneakers with some Oakley sunglasses.  At some point, in order to truly build Wakanda or even just another Black Wall Street somebody has to know something useful other than offering another lecture on white supremacy.  

I have one person who tunes into my content and he sent me an email not too long ago telling me about his YouTube channel where he talks about tools and home repair type of stuff.  You know, stuff that black people could actually benefit from.  I would put his name out there, but being that he sent me this info via email, I’m not.  I’ll let him identify himself in the comments if he so chooses to do so.  But one thing he did tell me is how in this particular sector of YouTube that he creates content for, he says this particular sector is overwhelmingly white.  It’s a few knee grows sprinkled here and there but nothing to level he would prefer to see.  So I’m saying, if you genuinely believe you can bring something of value to the black community other than rambling on & on about white supremacy all day, then why not create a blog or a YouTube channel and educate black people on this stuff.  Another guy who pops up in my comments has a channel where he appears to educating people on auto mechanic stuff.  I did one video recently about how to repair a broken side view mirror.  Now aside from me changing tires and changing oil, you’re not going to get much content from me on automotive repair.  That’s just not my lane.  But, if you got the skills to educate black people on that stuff and you are a member of Blackistan who claims to care about the welfare of black people, why not create content around subject material like that instead of endless “white people are evil…white supremacy white supremacy white supremacy” videos.  If you really care and you really believe you are in a race war, then you need more people to teach other black people stuff they could actually utilize in this so called war.  Another “make me feel good lesson on that good old racism and white supremacy” isn’t doing anything for you but helping you to fall asleep with your thumb in your mouth each night.

But anyways…y’all do what you want I suppose.

Your favorite mulatto.
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