Kiss the Light Skin Rings of Greatness

I know a lot of you all are new to my site and you more than likely have no idea who I am and then there are quite a few of you who ventured over here from Sarge WPs YouTube channel due to our little back and forth from about a month or so ago.  So I just want explain who I am somewhat in regards to the content I make because apparently, a lot of you have no idea what to think about me and I’m quite possibly at fault for that to some extent.  But the reason I want to explain this is because of this comment I received from some person on YouTube who goes by the name of Purely African.

So on my video titled Black People Have Zero Authority Over Blackness, Purely African stated the following:

So I want to address a few things before I get to this person’s comment in regards to me, my website and my YouTube channel.

So first thing’s first, I’m not brand new to creating content.  I’ve been creating content damn near non stop since since December of 2013 either in the form of blog articles or podcasts.  I actually started podcasting back in March of 2014.  I get 10s of thousands of views on my blog and have thousands of people who listen to my podcast around the world, as in literally.  The only thing somewhat new is my presence on YouTube.  For some reason when I first started podcasting I didn’t think to put my podcasts on YouTube because I was always under the belief that YouTube strictly catered to people who produced actual videos of sorts instead of these single image slide shows with my podcast audio laced over them that you all listen to.  So I want to say around November of 2016, I started my first YouTube channel and I used to do the regular video format where my face was all up in the screen.  I did that for a few months until my channel got terminated, which initially pissed me off, but then later I didn’t mind it being deleted because for one:  the channel was only alive for a few months and I didn’t really have a significant YouTube audience, especially in comparison to my regular podcast audience, & 2) the sexiness that my light skin exudes is just too much for YouTube to handle.  So to give all of the non-light skin black people a fair shot and not take another L from team light bright, I decided to go the single image podcast audio format, plus I’m a somewhat lazy content creator to a degree and I’m just not really that interested in video creation and perfecting the art of making videos.  I know that there are some content creators in the black sector of YouTube who go above and beyond to make their videos look some made for tv type of production, but it’s not that serious with me.  I just want to record about 15-30 minutes worth of audio talking my shit and move about my life for the most part.  So that’s why you don’t see my super handsome mug all up in the videos.  I’m looking out for team dark skin.  I want y’all to feel like you’re winning at something in this never ending battle of team light skin vs team dark skin.

Now to somewhat address this team light skin/biracial vs team dark skin as it relates to Purely African’s comments, when I first started my blog and podcast, damn near every piece of content I created was going in relentlessly about white people and white supremacy.  So the people who make comments questioning how come I don’t talk about white people since I’m half white, well, I actually have a way bigger library of talking about white people and white supremacy than I do of talking about black people’s bs but, it’s just not up on YouTube…it’s on my blog.  So if you want to read my old blogs or listen to my old podcasts, feel free to do so.  But one thing that noticed before I began to make my shift to talking about the bs black people do is how when I was talking non-stop about white people and white supremacy, every black person who either read my blogs or listened to my podcasts swore I was the blackest thing alive, despite them knowing I’m biracial.  Meaning, they had absolutely no issues with my “blackness” when I was turning up on white folks, but the minute I started calling out black people’s bs then all of a sudden the, “YOU’RE BIRACIAL, YOU’RE A MULATTO….GO BE WITH YOUR MULATTO PEOPLE…TALK ABOUT MULATTO ISSUES…blah blah blah!”, that stuff came out with the quickness.  Let my content switch back to strictly talking about white people and white supremacy, the one’s who want to kick me out of black society will the very first ones preventing me from leaving by one drop ruling me to death.  You know, the same way they one drop rule every mulatto or biracial out there.  Now I’ve talked about this before, but the reason why they will one drop rule us to death is because no matter how much they may claim to despise me for being biracial (as if I had a choice in the matter), they don’t want to see us biracials getting a leg up on non-mixed black people in any shape or form.  They want everybody to reside in the bucket of blackness right along side of them.  Some biracials don’t mind in being strictly in the bucket of blackness, some of us want no parts of being in the bucket of blackness and some of us will come down to kick it with those who can’t escape the bucket of blackness for a few hours then hop our asses out the bucket to see what those light skin/biracial privileges are hitting for these days.  Point is, we have options that the rest of you don’t and the fact that we have options is why so many of you want us to be seen strictly as black, so as long as we don’t talk smack about blackness…then y’all want to kick us out.  When they attempt to kick us out and they see we may get a few privileges here and there that they can’t get, then they want to try to snatch us back down.  Basically, it’s just a never ending cycle the non-mixed negro population goes through.  Funny thing is, a lot of them who want to kick us out one day and then snatch us back the next day, they act like they are really in control of the scenario, but fact of the matter is, us biracials, especially those of us who are light skin like me, control the narrative because we’ve always known since our youth in some shape or form that we can blend in the non-mixed black population like it’s nothing and then run over to mixed race light skin land and chop it up over there.  For those of us who grew up around mostly white people, we fit in fine over there too.  We may not be white, but I guarantee the overwhelming vast majority of us really aren’t dealing with too many issues from the whites like the non-mixed black population may deal with.  Take Colin Kaepernick for instance, if he decided to walk back every he ever word he said about police brutality and he apologized for kneeling, white society would welcome him back with open arms like nothing ever happened.  This is just reality folks and for people who are not mixed trying to tell me different, well you’ve never experienced life as a biracial.  You all think you know white people, well I’m here to tell you, we know white people probably better than you considering those of us who are mulattos, we’re half white our damn selves.  For those of us who grew up around mostly white people, they are the experts out of the group.  I didn’t grow up around mostly white people but I know a few who did and I see first hand what takes place.  Now I said all of this to say, you can fantasize about kicking me out all day, but like most things when it comes to the progression of black society as a whole, as the great urban philosopher by the name of Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G.) once said, “IT WAS ALL A DREAM”, meaning, it’s just a fantasy that you all know you have absolutely zero control over.  You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it.  Sure you’ll get on social media and do your hardest to convince people otherwise, but offline, we all know what’s taking place and what’s taking place is, non-mixed black Americans, especially non-mixed American DOS stay losing in everything for the most part.  Even the stuff non-mixed black people appear to be winning in, like sports and entertainment, non-mixed DOS stay losing because at the end of the day, hardly any non-mixed blacks (if any at all) are signing any checks of significance.  You’re just not.

Now I’m not saying this to shit on black people, I’m just saying this to help non-mixed black people really understand their current position in this world and I’m also saying it because I empathize which is why the overwhelming vast majority of my content was created towards going in on white supremacy.  This is also the reason why damn near all major historical “black” figures of extreme importance in our country who actually helped push black society forward like your Booker T. Washington’s, Frederick Douglass’s, WEB DuBois’s all the way up to your Colin Kaepernick’s; well guess what they all have in common?  If you guessed that they are mulattos, you are correct.  I did a video talking titled Biracial is the New Black where I ran down a long list of historical “black” figures to modern day celebrities who pushed black culture forward, but they are all mulattos and mixed race people.  So for people like Purely African to say mulattos are the “weakest link” of black society, I think somebody needs to revisit history to see who has actually moved black society forward the most in a real tangible way.  Now that’s not to take away from the greatness of people like MLK or Marcus Garvey etc, but let’s keep it real here, you all are worshipping a mulatto right now by the name of Colin Kaepernick for crying out loud.  Out of all the non-mixed black professional athletes to where police brutality and racism affects non-mixed black people way more than it does light skin/mixed black people, it took the mulatto to once again lead the charge for pushing the so-called agenda of black people forward.  Now whether or not you currently agree with that agenda is another thing, but it took a mulatto to wear socks with police pigs on them and to kneel in order to get the whole world to stop, look and pay attention to what was/is happening to black people, in specific, more non-mixed black people than us mixed black people.  But we are the wink links.  OK.  Without us, where would black society be?  Probably marching around in shoes with your heals leaning begging for people to listen to you, but we’re the weakest links.  OK.  It’s statements like that as to why nobody ever takes non-mixed black people seriously because those of you who cosign statements like that can’t even see when people are doing stuff to bring about a benefit to you or at the very least awareness to you that you have unsuccessfully tried to shine light on for decades.

Next, Purely African says, “we refuse to create our own community”.  Well we do have our own community, but the beautiful thing about being biracial is that we can dip our toes into the black community, the mixed race community and the white community all willy nilly if we want.  That’s one of those biracial privileges we possess.  Now some of you will say, “WELL YOU DON’T GET TO EXPERIENCE THE FULL PRIVILEGES OF BEING WHITE”, to which I will agree.  But we do get to experience the full privilege of being biracial, especially those of us are light skin like me.  We may not be driving the top of the line car, but we’re currently riding around in the mid-tier category instead of driving around in the hooptie.  I may not have the the most coveted of privileges but I got more than you. 

Purely African then says that people like me want to be the overseers of black people and keep black people in check.  I beg to differ.  How is speaking out on behalf of black people and leading the charge in creating social change that impacts black people more than it impacts us light skin biracials; how is that us trying to be the overseers of black people?  Take a look at Shaun King, granted I don’t know exactly what the hell he is, he may be white for all I know, but let’s assume he’s genuinely a mixed race person who just happens to be very fair skin.  This dude does probably 99% of his stories on mainly nothing but non-mixed black people who were either harmed by a white supremacists or harmed by a cop.  How is he trying to be an overseer and keep black people in check?  Me personally, I’ve spoken ad nauseam about racism and police brutality that once again, affects non-mixed black people more than me.  Exactly how am I trying to be an overseer of black people and keep black people in check?  I think a lot of you babbling pro-blacks got the game confused.  A lot of us mulattos who identify as black (or even if we don’t) sympathize and empathize with non-mixed black people and we try to help black people because we all know we’re not the ones taking the brunt end of racism and police brutality to the degree non-mixed black people have to deal with it.  We know this, you know this, the entire world knows this.  So I think a lot of you who take issues with us mulattos got the game fucked up and I think a lot of you need to be reminded about things really go.  You all get on social media and fall into your comfort zones of blackness by flocking to the first pro-black who tells you something to make you feel good in order to help you escape the realities of the real world for a brief moment.  The problem is, you forget that you are engaged in online escapism and think that most of that stuff these babbling pro-blacks say to you applies in the real world in terms of having too many of you thinking that you are more than what you are when it comes to how this society currently operates as far as social constructs are concerned.  If these babbling pro-blacks really cared about you they would be telling you stuff that could actually help you survive and thrive in this world instead of filling your heads up with pipe dreams of a world dominated by non-mixed black supremacy.  They would be telling you to learn a viable skill and actually pointing you to real tangible resources to help you develop those skills to compete. 

I did a video titled Wakanda Believed in S.T.E.M. not too long ago.  A lot of you salivate over the idea of a real life Wakanda where black people are untainted by white supremacy and are pretty much the most powerful group of people on the planet, yet compared to the Asians and whites, the number of black people in the S.T.E.M. world is damn near non existent.  I work in S.T.E.M., my degrees are in S.T.E.M., my professional background is in S.T.E.M., and I got the IT certifications to match them.  So you want a world of black dominance but refuse to learn the necessary skills that the rest of the world applies to where they either currently dominate the entire world (white people) or their group is way further up on the totem pole than black people.  Look at Africa right now where the Chinese are slowly taking over.  They’re not sending over the bums of Chinese society.  They’re sending over people who are either in S.T.E.M. or they are in S.T.E.M. support roles…or they are in the military.  I’m saying all of this because too many of you will spend ridiculous amounts of time listening to your favorite pro-black talking head whisper the sweet sounds of racism and white supremacy in your ear to get you all riled up to help you temporarily escape the reality of your situation offline in the real world, but hardly any of them are teaching you something of real value that you could apply at the speed of now to actually help you compete in the real world under the current conditions we all live up under so that maybe, just maybe, one day you could have your Wakanda and global black supremacy.  But in the midst of all of that, you want to get mad at the mulatto and kick us out as if you could do it on your own.  If you could, then you would have, but history has already been recorded and told us the real deal.

Anyways, I know it sounds like I’m coming down on non-mixed black people but that’s not my intention, but sometimes some of you need to be reminded about your place in society and how things really work.  Too many of you got the game twisted because you’ve allowed these babbling pro-blacks to fill your head up with bs like a lot of pastors in the black church do onto their congregations.  Instead of you trying to kick us out (as if you honestly believe you can), history has shown it’s in black people’s best interest to embrace us because we’ve proven over and over and over again to push the agenda of black society forward.  But if everything I say is offensive to you and you think it’s complete bs, remember, the man you are currently celebrating by the name of Colin Kaepernick is a mulatto who’ll more than likely go down in history as one of the greatest athletes to stand up to racism and white supremacy.  He’ll be right there next to Muhammad Ali.  So, keep that in mind the next time you wanna try flex on mulattos.

Your favorite mulatto.
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