What Did Reverend Jasper Williams Say Wrong?

It’s been a few days since Aretha Franklin’s 8 hour long funeral ended and over the last few days everybody and their mama has been talking about the eulogy that Reverend Jasper Williams gave. 

I want to discuss on a few points he brought about in his eulogy which have pretty much caused him to be tossed on the coon train from black America.  But yet, when I hear the reasons for why he got tossed on the coon train, I’m honestly trying to figure out why he was tossed on there to begin with because these very reasons that caused people like Tariq Nasheed to come out with their coon-calling with their pitchforks, well these very reasons are a very real reality in black society.  But talking about these reasons are pretty much taboo these days.

Reverend Jasper Williams mainly caught flack for talking about single mothers being unable to raise boys into men and he also talked about how “black lives don’t matter” if black people do not even value black lives themselves.  Now if you are one of these hoodrat baby mamas running around, you are automatically under the belief that you can do any and everything by yourself without the aid and assistance of man, too include raising a boy to become a man.  For some reason black women who subscribe to this line of thinking appear to think that black men are only good for donating sperm to help facilitate the process of creating a child.  Yet when the child is born, these hoodrat baby mama nut cases want to pretend like a positive male influence on the child, more specifically in the form of the child’s father, is a non-necessity for the upbringing of that child.  That is until these little boys turn about the age of 13 years old and puberty begins to kick in and these women quickly realize that their precious little son is often times taller than them and physically stronger than them; now all of sudden the hoodrat coalition wants to jump on the internet demanding black male accountability outside of the form of a child support check.  But prior to it, she was all bad by herself.  Now, I can’t totally fault these women for raising these kids on their own because we all know she didn’t get pregnant by herself.  We all know it’s a bunch of dudes out there named Dusty Darryl who voluntarily decided to get these women pregnant and bounce on them and often times the reason why these dudes bounce is because they all of a sudden claim that she’s a hoodrat, but none of that mattered prior to them blessing her with his seed.   When you examine these Dusty Darryl type of dudes, you’ll often discover too many of them grew up with a single mother and an absent father, so they’re just repeating what they’ve been taught from the previous generation.  It’s just a never ending vicious cycle that all parties are pretty much cool with in too many cases which is why I advocate for black people who believe in being an active parent in their kids lives to leave the hoodrats and Dusty Darryls behind to fend for themselves.

In regards to grander scheme of things, we all know that over 70% of black children are born to an unwed single mother.  Last time I checked, that stat was hovering around 72%.  It’s probably higher now.  That means 72% of the black population is born to a single mother.  72%.  Now some of you will fire back and say, “Well, that can simply mean that the mother and the father are just not married, but that doesn’t mean that father isn’t around”.  Sure, you can make that argument I suppose, but how many of you out there know a bunch of single women to where the fathers of these kids are active in their child’s lives beyond just paying child support?  How many of you can honestly say you know more dudes who are active in their child’s lives that they created with their baby mamas than you do of baby mamas running around talking about how their baby daddies are hardly ever around.  Chances are you know more single mothers with absent baby daddies than you do of single mothers with baby daddies who are present.  Further, what is so appealing about having children with a person that you as a woman more than likely already know isn’t going to turn out to be anything but a Dusty Darryl?  If you see your homegirl or some chick from around the way is struggling financially to raise her child or children because the father or fathers of those kids are hardly around, what makes that lifestyle so appealing to you that you must contribute the 70%+ single mother stat and join the brigade of single mothers who will more than likely be financially struggling to raise a child?  Is it because you see these women getting food stamp and section 8 benefits?  I would like to know these things.  I mean, just to qualify for those benefits, you have to be willing to live below the poverty line.  So what’s so appealing about raising children below the poverty line?  What’s so appealing about popping out babies that you can’t afford to raise?  Is it so you can join the baby mama sorority?  I don’t get it.  I never got it.  I’ve always made educated guesses as to why women do it, but being that I’ve never gotten a chick pregnant before that wasn’t planned, I never truly understood the mentality that goes into voluntarily subjected myself to a lifestyle of unnecessary struggle.  Now I get that a lot of these women were more than likely struggling prior due them more than likely being raised in a similar environment, but to voluntarily add extra struggle on top of the current struggle is ridiculous.  

So when Reverend Jasper Williams is out here talking about how more black men need to be in the homes raising these kids they are creating because black women can’t truly afford to raise the kids by themselves, I’m trying to figure out exactly what the problem is.  We all know this problem is a major issue in the black community.  We all know what the effects an absent father has on a child in the majority of the cases.  Sure, you’ll have your onesies and twosies here & there that end up producing a happy healthy child who goes on to do great things, but that’s just not the case for the vast majority of single mothers.  And the evidence of that is littered all over way too many black communities, especially the ones that have high levels of crime and poverty.

This leads me into Reverend Jasper Williams’s other talking point about black-on-black crime and how black people don’t value black lives until a cop kills a black person.  Well, I ask, exactly what was flawed in what he stated?  We all know it to be true.  We all know as soon as Officer such-n-such kills Demarcus, black folks are ready to burn the city down, but yet Ray Ray and Pookie stay shooting up the block religiously and hardly anyone is ready to burn the city down to rid their communities of the Pookie and Ray Rays.  As a matter of fact, you’re called a coon for calling out the savagery of Pookie and Ray Ray as if you are supposed to just live your lives pretending these savages don’t exist.  These savages are more a threat to your life than any cop or racist roaming the street could ever be and the reason they are a threat is because too many in the black community idolize these savages or continually give them a pass for fear of being ostracized by the black community for calling out their bs.  

It’s been reported that there have been more than 4700 lynchings in America that can be verified going back as far as 1882.  Since 2015 to present day at the time of this recording, 837 black people have been killed by the police.  Back in 2016, there were 7881 black murder victims.  Out of those 7881 victims, 2570 of those black victims were murdered by other black people.  So that means in one year, more black people were killed by other black people to the tune that the rate was 3 times higher than that of cops killing black people over a 3 year period from 2015 to the present.  That also means that in one year that black people nearly killed half as many other black people in one year than all of the years of lynchings that took place.  This was all just in one year back in 2016.  You go back and look at the numbers for 2015, it’s probably the about the same, but I figured I would keep the numbers as low as possible by only just using one year for comparison purposes.

I can already here the, “WHITE PEOPLE COMMIT CRIME TOO!”

We know white people commit crime, but how come I can’t just talk about black people committing crime?  You know that same argument black people put up when black people only want to discuss police killings and then some white dude rolls up into the convo saying, “What about black on black crime?”  and that black person tells that white person, “WE’RE TALKING ABOUT POLICE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE, NOT BLACK PEOPLE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE!”  WELL, I’m talking about black people killing black people, not white people killing white people.

The next response is, “Crime is crime”.  

True, crime is crime.  But once again, why is it so wrong for me to talk about crime that directly affects black people?  How come I’m only supposed to talk about ALL CRIME as if black people are waving their ALL CRIME MATTERS flags around?  It’s funny, we’ll go hard in the paint to talk about Black Lives Matter being separate from black-on-black crime, but the moment you talk about black-on-black crime, all of a sudden it’s ALL CRIME MATTERS.  


Oh really.  Tell that the black people who live in these communities with these savages who are terrified to tell the police who’s terrorizing the block for fear of retaliation.  I believe we refer to this as the “no snitching policy”.  So I guess we’re just going to pretend like that policy never existed and still doesn’t exist which allows for a lot of these savages to get away with murders.  But I guess I’m just making this stuff up huh.  Hell, I just gave you the numbers from 2016.  In 2016, 7881 black people were murdered, 2570 of those black victims were killed by other black people and I assume that these are the murders that people were actually arrested for.  That still leaves 5311 black victims.  Now if you go to the FBI reports the grand total of black people murdered in 2016 regardless of the race of the offender, that number comes out to 2870.  That means out of all the black murders in 2016, only 300 of the victims were killed by non-black people.  But guess what, that still leaves up 5,011 black murder victims who appear to be unaccounted for.  In case you are slow on the math here, I’ll rewind real quick:

In 2016, a grand total 7881 black people were killed in America.  In 2016, out of those 7881 black victims, a grand total of 2870 of those black victims were killed by people who were white, black, other or unknown.  Out of that 2870 black victims, 2570 of those victims were killed by other black people.  That leaves 300 black victims who were killed by white people, others, and the unknowns.  So out of the grand total of 7881 black victims in 2016, the FBI can account for only 2870 homicides of black victims leaving 5,011 murders of black victims unaccounted for.

So out of the 5,011 unaccounted for black murder victims, are you honestly going to sit here to try to convince me that there are a combined 5,011 cops & white supremacists who appear to have gotten away with murder thus far?  Or are we all going to agree that probably most of these unaccounted for murders are probably due to the hands of your local neighborhood savages that go unchecked because people are too scared to drop dimes on them.  Now remember, I’m talking about murders, as in people were purposely killed, not drug overdoses or suicides or whatever, but straight up murders.  But y’all want to pretend like the majority of these unaccounted for murders aren’t due to the savages roaming around all willy nilly….get real.


Yeah, I get that and I’m not telling you to not call out these cops who kill black people with impunity.  I’m telling you to call out both if you really care about black lives.  Sure black lives was started in response to George Zimmerman getting away with killing Trayvon Martin, followed by Mike brown and Eric garner etc.  Sure, I have been understood the original meaning of it and I’ve even argued the original meaning of it ad nauseam quite a few times myself, but even in the midst of me arguing people down about what black lives matter stood for, it never escaped my mind that black people were gunning each other down way more than cops were and that a black person’s biggest fear isn’t necessarily a rouge or racist cop; it’s that of another black person because the numbers show that 3 times as many black people killed other black people in one year than the past 3 years of black people being killed by cops.  We just have to be real here and face facts and stop hiding from the reality we live in.  You have a higher chance of being killed by another black person than you do of a cop killing you.  That’s just facts.  Pure facts.  And here’s some more facts…ALL OF YOU KNOW THIS.  You just don’t want to be called a coon and publicly admit to it because you’ve somehow convinced yourself that being publicly labeled a coon for telling the truth is somehow going to actually cause you grief in life.

Listen, a black person calling you a coon is not about to harm your livelihood or money.  I don’t care if it’s Tariq Nasheed personally calling you a coon.  That is not about to stop you from making money or causing your livelihood any harm at all because like I’ve told you all before, black people have zero authority over anything in this country.  So with that being said, just be honest for once about stuff you already know.  Just like you know that most of these cops will get off for killing unarmed people in general, you all know that you have a way higher chance of being harmed or killed by another black person than you do of a random cop or white supremacist.  You know this and you should just come forth and be honest about the situation already.


We know that, but are they making you smoke or sell that stuff?  Are they making you shoot up the block too?  No.


We know that too.  So I guess that’s an excuse to shoot up the block, sell dope and do drive by ejaculations creating random babies all over that place that nobody can properly afford to take care of…makes sense I suppose.

But anyways, I just wanted to discuss those 2 main points that got Reverend Jasper Williams tossed on the coon train.  I personally don’t see what the issue is.  We all know that there are just way too many single mothers in the black community trying to raise kids with very little to no assistance from the men they created these kids with which in turn increases the chances of these kids being raised in poverty with very little economic upward mobility.  We all know this to be true.  We also know that these kids being raised by these single moms to where far too many of them are growing up in the hood surrounded by poverty and hood nigga activities to where a lot of these kids will unfortunately grow up to become a statistic either as a victim or an offender.  I gave you all the numbers from 2016.  Sure, black on black crime as a whole has gone down, but not by much to where black people can hit the streets to throw a major block party to celebrate.  It’s still a lot of black people killing other black people to where the numbers are a hell of a lot higher than that of cops or racists killing black people, which is why I don’t know why you all fall for this race war foolishness people like Jason Black are pushing.  Every week he’ll highlight a story of a white person or a cop doing something bad to a black person to serve as propaganda for his belief in a race war, yet totally ignoring the countless stories of black people harming or killing other black people daily.  He’ll just attribute it to, ”CRIME IS CRIME.  WE NEEDS TO FOCUS ON WHITE SUPREMACY!”  But like I’ve told you all before, reality says the biggest threat to your welfare and safety is another black person, not some random cop or white supremacists.  Now if that makes me a coon, so be it.  But just remember, a black person labeling me a coon isn’t stopping anything in my real life.  It’s just not.  And it’s not about to stop anything going on in yours.  So you all might as well just be honest about what’s taking place in black society and who’s really causing the issues amongst us.

Your favorite mulatto.
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