What Are You Doing for the Black Community?

I received an interesting comment on my Facebook fan page in response to my video titled Black Women’s Loyalty to Asian Hair Stores.  The comment came from a dude named Jim Bonds who apparently took issue with my narration of the video. Jim proceeded to say the following:

I got to tell you, this is the most used and abused statement in all of black society:   “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT I?” or, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY?!”

Every time you read that response in regards to another black person, just understand that the negro spouting that is the main one not doing a damn thing for the black community at all period point blank.  At least the biggest difference between this person and myself is, I’ll be upfront from the jump and tell you that I’m not going to do anything.  I don’t have to sit around and come up with excuses saying, “I’M NOT GONNA TELL YOU WHAT I’M DOING…”  And the reason they’re not going to tell you is because they are not doing a damn thing to begin with. Seriously, who do these people think they are trying to run game on here?  Most of you negroes who either say, “WHAT YOU DOING FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY” or those of you who say dumb stuff like, “I’M NOT GONNA TELL YOU WHAT I’M DOING”, y’all are the number one people who are known for not doing a damn thing to begin with.  Like I told this dude in my comments, all he’s gonna do is sit around on social media watching videos or reading status updates and making comments, that’s it.  At the bare minimum, at least I’ll provide him something to read and or watch; so that’s my contribution to the black community.

But here’s the thing ladies and gentleman, why do black people even feel like they owe the “black community” something to begin with.  You look around and examine your life right now and you tell me exactly what has the black community done for you to help you get to whatever stage in life you presently are at.  Some of y’all will say, “We have to honor our ancestors for what they went through during slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights era.  And that’s Fine, I get all of that.  Honor the ancestors in the best manner you know how.  But in the year 2018 and moving forward, outside of your parents (assuming you actually have parents…parents with the letter S on it which indicates a mother and a father), what has black society as a whole done for you lately?  Has black society provided you a job with benefits?  Has black society provided you money to go to school or did you have to take out student loans from the big bad scary government?  Has black society built up black communities where black people respect each other and support each other to where the respect and support is second nature?  Has black society honestly made you feel safe and secure amongst other members of black society to the point where you don’t have to wonder about if another nigga around you is plotting or trying to get over on you?

Now I can hear all the coon-callers entering the room saying, “MAN THIS NIGGA SOUND LIKE A COON AND HE WORSHIPPING WHITE ZADDY!”  I guess you can say that, but if you want to be honest about reality for a moment, how many of you knee grows would be broke, starving, naked and homeless if it wasn’t for WHITE ZADDY providing a way for you in life somehow someway because hardly any of you know of a BLACK ZADDY who’s out there hiring people, giving people money or loans to go to college and most of you don’t know any BLACK ZADDYs who are building up their communities.  The BLACK ZADDYs that you all know are a bunch of babbling talking heads on social media who tell you week after week that your life sucks for the most part thanks to white supremacy, but like I said before, how many of these pro-black babblers are actually trying to employ you knee grows so that you won’t be dependent on WHITE ZADDY?  None of them.

But this isn’t even about so-called WHITE ZADDY WORSHIP.  This is really about black people steadily believing in this idea that just because you are born black or classified as black or whatever, that you are somehow indebted to black society to where YOU MUST do something for black people simply because you share the same skin color or background as “the people”.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do anything for the black community if you don’t want to.  You are not obligated to do a anything.  If you choose to do something, then that is your choice, not a mandate.  But the real reason that you are not obligated to do anything for the black community is because quite truthfully, none of you can afford to do anything for the black community.  Most of you can barely afford to do anything for yourselves, yet you wanna run around pointing fingers demanding to pull receipts to see what other black people may or may not be doing as if you don’t realize that the majority of these other black people are just as broke and helpless as you.

For all of you who like to run around chanting, “I’M DOING STUFF….I’M DOING STUFF”, exactly what are you doing?  And I’m not talking about passing out book bags or giving kids occasional free haircuts for school.  Exactly what are you doing that another black person could truly benefit from at the speed of now that is tangible that could carry them on for possibly the rest of their lives?  What are doing?  Are you investing in real estate so that maybe one day your children or some random black person that you designate could benefit off of that real estate in the event of your death?  How many of you knee grows have a life insurance policy for crying that another black person could benefit off of when you die?  How many of you knee grows are actively going to banks to apply for loans to start up businesses, and I’m not just talking about barbershops, beauty and nail salons, but actual businesses that can compete with their white, Asian and Indian counterparts?  You know, like grocery stores, convenience stores, auto mechanic stores & shops hell, stores to fix computers, smartphones and iPads…you know stuff that you see on damn near every corner in any community that’s 9 times out of 10 owned by everybody except a black person?  But then again, let’s be real, would you even support these black people?  A lot you will get online and shout from the top of your lungs that you will unapologetically support black businesses till the day you die and a lot of you go above and beyond to sell your talking points but when you look around in the real world, we see videos of black women walking into Asian nail salons passing out flyers to black patrons or we see videos of black women lined up to cop discounted bundles of hair from the same Asian store where a black woman was just assaulted or we see brothas out there fresh to def in the latest European apparel, but won’t dare support an up and coming black fashion designer.  We see this stuff, but y’all wanna demand that black people be required to do something for the black community.  Do what exactly when 9 times out of 10 your efforts will not be supported.  Most of the time they will be heavily criticized even if the effort is legit, honest and actually beneficial and you all know what I’m saying is true.

As a matter of fact, if you really wanna feel like you’re doing something for the black community and you want to ensure that you will get the respect and support of the black community, just go out there and babble on and on about racism and white supremacy all day until you build up a biggest enough audience to allow for you to go on speaking tours to allow for you to sell some t shirts and DVDs.  You’ll get support all day long for that, but for those of you who are constantly supporting that, explain to me exactly how your life has changed?  Hidden Colors 5 is currently being produced right now, exactly what changed in your life since the first Hidden Colors?  Did your Hidden Colors education get you hired somewhere or allow for you to get a raise?  Did it help pay any bills you may have been struggling with?  Did it put something on the college tuition for you kids so that maybe your kid won’t have to take out a student loan?  Did Hidden Colors make your baby daddy decide to become an actual father to his kids he created with you?  Did Hidden Colors make your baby mama put down her stereotypical hood rat ways that you claim to dislike so much, yet you had no issues with those traits prior to getting her pregnant?  Tell me exactly what has Hidden Colors done for you other than tell you over and over that white people are evil.  Now understand, I’m not trying to shit on Hidden Colors (even tho I probably am), I’m just honestly trying to figure out how those documentaries are helping you in the real world other than to stir up your emotions and maybe give you a little bit more information about history that you might not have known.  Even still, exactly how have you applied that knowledge in real life to help your life out?

Now some of you are probably wondering why I appear to be going in on Hidden Colors and Tariq Nasheed.  Well I’m not intentionally going in on him or his documentary, but I’m just trying to highlight probably the biggest example of a black person that black people blindly follow who really isn’t providing any tangible benefit to them, yet he stays getting blind support.  But if you go out there and meet a random black person on the street trying to open up a legit business doing whatever because this black person recognizes a need for that business in his community, chances are that black person is going to fail because that same community he/she wishes to serve more than likely WILL NOT support this person.  But if this person went on a full blown racism/white supremacy lecture jihad, money MIGHT flow into his/her pockets.

I know a woman who put up a post on Facebook today talking about how she really wants to support black businesses so she was saying how she went to see a black mechanic who owned his own shop to do some work on her car.  He quoted her a price for parts and labor which came out to be about $400 or so.  To save some money, she decided to go to the local auto store to buy the parts with the intentions of going back to the black mechanic to have him install the parts and she just pays for the labor.  As she was paying for her parts at the store, she saw 2 hispanic dudes out in the parking lot who were installing parts on people’s cars, not anything major of course that would require getting real down and dirty with the cars, but basic stuff that most people are probably too lazy to look up on YouTube.  Anyways, she said these 2 hispanics told her that they would charge her $100 to install the part which would save her about $150 compared to the black mechanic.  Who do you think she ended up paying?  That’s right, Pablo & Juan of course.  Now I’m not really getting on her for choosing to save money when there were 2 dudes right outside of the parts store charging people to install some basic simple parts, but I am wondering if the thought of calling the black mechanic up to see if he would lower his price some to compete with Juan and Pablo, more than likely she didn’t.  So I tell that story to provide another example of the lack of support or even just the basic lack of consideration for black owned businesses that is far too often the case running rampant in the black community.  But to get back to my main point, you’ll have knee grows like Jim Bonds running around saying, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY?!”  What do you mean what am I doing?  I’m not doing anything specifically for the black community because more than likely whatever I do won’t be supported and stop pretending like you all don’t know this by now.

But here’s the thing, I am doing something for the black community.  I’m making sure that I can provide my wife and kids and immediate family the best opportunities to thrive in this world dominated by white people.  I’m not gonna sit around and cry and complain all day everyday about the big bad scary white supremacist because crying all day about them isn’t putting any money in my pockets at all.  It isn’t helping to elevate my lifestyle at all.  Maybe if I started doing speaking tours, selling t shirts and putting out DVDs crying about white society, then that would be something different but currently, I have absolutely no plans of doing so and even if I did, chances are it would even be supported.  And it wouldn’t be because I wasn’t being genuine in my white supremacy lectures, it would be because knee grows can’t even get along in the conscious community for crying out loud.  You got a whole bunch of knee grows ranging from Tariq Nasheed to Umar Johnson to Jason Black to Boyce Watkins to Cynthia G etc…all of them stay beefing despite all of them talking about the exact same subject.  How does that work?  How do you have a bunch of people who literally talk about the exact same subject material with slightly different twists here and there to differentiate themselves from the others, yet damn near all of them stay beefing or sneak dissing each other?  But these are often times the main knee grows who are “praised” for “DOING STUFF FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY”.  So if they can’t get along, then a lil ole random knee grow like me doesn’t even stand a chance to garner support but yet, you all wanna honestly sit up here and pretend as if you don’t know why people like me aren’t about to start doing a damn thing for the black community outside of uplifting our individual families.  Get real.  People stay walking around with the latest and greatest smartphones in the palms of their hands, yet still choose to pretend to be dumb.  A bunch of idiots with smartphones…the irony.

Anyways let’s just be honest here as I close this up, hardly any of you are doing anything for the black community other babbling on social media and I’ll toss myself into that category too.  The difference between you and I is that I make content talking about this stuff that you already know to be true, except you are afraid to own up to the facts for fear of being ridiculed on or offline and possibly having your black card revoked.  But we all know what the real deal is.  This stuff isn’t hard to figure out.  Most black people aren’t doing anything and they’re not going to do anything because:  1) they can’t afford to do anything & 2) they know that they will struggle trying to get genuine support.  And if you don’t believe me when I say most black people can’t afford to do anything, just go watch a video by ToneTalks or Yvette Carnell when they get to breaking out their charts and graphs showing you exactly where American DOS’s (descendants of slaves) stand financially in comparison to every other group of people.  Also if you don’t believe me when I say most black people know they won’t get support, look at how many of them who start off wanting to cater to black people but quickly realize that in order to survive to avoid having to return to the corporate plantation, they have to change their tune to be white people friendly to attract white dollars and investors and the moment they do, these people are often times called SELLOUTS.  But those calling them sellouts never really supported them to begin with because if they did, these black people would not have had to SELL OUT in order to keep their business alive.  Am I lying?  How many black business owners do you know of who went on to become big strictly off of black dollars & investors?  Let’s just keep it real here.  If the business isn’t preaching those good white supremacy sermons, then chances are these knee grows will be struggling, but y’all wanna pretend like black people should be required to support the black community.  Get real.  You are only required to support yourself and your families and to get it the best way you know how and once you get to where you want to be life, then if you decide on your own accord to do something for the black community, then do what you feel needs to be done, but until then, don’t let these random knee grows try to shame for not doing anything for the black community because like I said, chances are, they aren’t either and the overwhelming vast majority of black society isn’t doing a damn thing as well.

Your favorite mulatto.
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