Black People Do Not Owe Asian Media Any Support

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

I thought black women were boycotting Asian businesses after the assault of Christina Thomas in a salon in Brooklyn, New York.  Not too long after that incident another black woman was assaulted in Tulsa, OK.  We’ve seen black news sites cry and demand justice.  In response, Asian stores are still operating quite fine as black women still buy and purchase their services.

Yeah they will say, “fuck such-and-such businesses”, yet forget about being woke the next day.  When we say we (as in black people) are boycotting Asian businesses we need to mean it.  Black folks could not even rally behind a black woman running for state senate in Michigan because she called her Asian opponent a racial slur.  Of course, black people operated off code and voted for State Rep. Stephanie Chang, instead of State Rep. Bettie Cook Scott.  With disbelief and shock, State Rep. Bettie Cook Scott was disappointed that black people would rather vote for an Asian woman in office than their own.  Even black women cannot support each other.  So black people of Michigan do not get mad at your future results when Chang does nothing to provide clean drinking water for the people of Flint, MI.

Boycotting does not stop at beauty supply stores or voting, but also the media.  Yet for some reason, black women drop the ball again to go out of their way to promote a progressive agenda.  Lesbian actress Lena Waithe wants black people to see Crazy Rich Asians because it is the Asian community’s “Black panther”.

Asian Americans are desperate to become mainstream trends and are tired of being foreign side-kicks to white leads.  DC and Marvel Studios have not even directed a movie with an Asian lead and majority cast.  I am not mad at Asians for wanting their own to succeed, but it is not black people’s responsibility to care or support their media.  Especially when the Asian community has always taken slick shots at African Americans in music, culture and businesses.  They won’t hire black people in their shops, yet except our money with 1-star service.  As a black man, fighting other people’s battles are for coons.  For years, I have seen non-black people of color finger wave their child to not be like us or associate with black people.  They are clever and sacrifice hundreds of dollars to get their child far away from black majority public schools to private schools with a white majority.  Asians at least in America did not bother seeing Black Panther and were complaining that an all black cast made them uncomfortable with topics on racism.  Rumors circulated that Chinese viewers did not enjoy watching the movie due to it being too dark and having too many black people.

The major problem with black women is that they latch themselves to follow Asian activist who play devil’s advocate.  They will shun racist Asian culture and actions, yet expect black people to support them more than their own.  This is why I cannot stand Love Life of an Asian Guy (LLAG) and his pro-Asian articles from NextShark.  Granted, his duality confuses me on why he does not mind Asian businesses being boycotted, yet he too wants black people to see Crazy Rich Asian in full force as they did for Black Panther.

One reason, I wont be seeing the film is due to a racist Asian actress, Nora Lum, better known as Awkwafina.  She uses that ghetto stage name for her failed and cheesy rap career.  She is just another Lil Tay who raps about being hard while living on the whitest streets in America.  Despite claiming to be from Queens, New York; Awkwafina has been called out as being a suburban brat who lives in a community where black people make up 2.5% of the residency.  Awkwafina appropriates black culture and of course gets a pass because she is not white and has some black supporters.  One being Akilah Hughes, who is a comedian who believes Awkwafina is a hood girl from Queens.  Yet, Hughes fails to realize that Awkwafina is a running joke that stigmatizes black culture as ghetto and cancerous.  Oh look at this corrupted Asian girl who should be playing with a calculator, instead she is rapping about her vagina.

Beyond the racism and boycotting, I just have no interest in the movie.  I rarely go see romantic comedies in theaters as some actors force the audience to laugh.  Plus what guy sees these movies by himself.  It’s going to be a no from me player, my black dollars are going to support Spike Lee’s Blackkklansman.  Granted, I am even less movtivated to see Crazy Rich Asians as the N-word is used in the book version of the film.

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