Single Black Men Stay Struggling to Get a Black Woman

The woes of Sarge Willie Pete:

You ever notice how the biggest complainers on social media when it comes to the subject of who black women choose to date are normally black men?  Now when I say “black men”, I’m specifically referencing non-mixed black men.  But seriously, have you ever just sat back and read some blogs, status updates or watched a few YouTube videos on the subject of who black women are dating and 9 times out of 10, you’re going to see a black man getting all in his feels over the preference that black women have.  They’ll be all in their feels if she chooses to be with a light skin dude.  They’ll be all in their feels if she chooses to be with a biracial dude.  They’ll be all in their feels if she dates an Arab, Hispanic or Asian dude.  God forbid this black woman chooses to be with a white dude, then all hell is bound to break loose.  But regardless of the race or genetic makeup of the man, if black women aren’t walking around with a black dude on the color spectrum from somebody as brown as Will Smith to as dark as Wesley Snipes, most black men just can’t control their feels and will spend ridiculous amounts of time and energy trying to intellectualize why this black woman wants to be with everybody else but his black ass.

But you know who you hardly ever see on these social media streets complaining about the dating preferences of black women?  You never see light skin dudes complaining.  You never see biracial dudes complaining.  You never see Arabs, Hispanics or Asians complaining.  Hell, you never see white dudes complaining.  I honestly can’t think of one YouTuber, blogger or just a random person I know on social media or in real life who isn’t a non-mixed black man who honestly runs around crying over who black women date.  I can’t think of one.  Now, if you know of one, feel free to send me the links to the content this person is creating but even if you can find one, I highly doubt this person is complaining from the standpoint that he’s mad that black women aren’t choosing him.  He might be complaining from a stereotypical racial standpoint to where he’s like, “MAN, ALL I EVER COME ACROSS ARE THESE GHETTO BLACK BITCHES”.  He more than likely won’t be complaining about how black women aren’t choosing whatever race or genetic makeup he may be.  And the reason you more than likely won’t find these types of dudes complaining is because when it comes to black women, THE ONLY GROUP OF MEN WHO STAY CONSTANTLY STRUGGLING WITH BLACK WOMEN when it comes to relationships are BLACK MEN.  That’s it.  No other group of men has any issues with getting with a black woman.  It’s really ONLY black men who constantly have to deal with these struggles.

So when I hear black men out on these social media streets making comments about how black women aren’t choosing up on biracial or light skin men or any other race of men, I just have to sit back and laugh because I’m like, well, if that theory is true, then how come it’s so damn many black men on social media constantly crying about black women NOT being racially loyal to black men?  If this analysis that these black men were putting out were 100% true, then I should be able to go up and down every social media site and find nothing but content all over the place displaying happy black men because they are the ones winning all of the black women and Wakanda is actually becoming a reality.  If black women were really out here being 100% racially loyal to black dudes then why in the hell are there so many black men on social media forever crying and complaining about who black women are dating?  It would appear that I, the light skin biracial dude, should be leading the charge in creating an endless supply of content expressing my feels about black women not wanting to be with my high yellow ass but I’m not and chances are, you aren’t going to find other groups of men who aren’t “black-black” complaining either because fact of the matter is, we know what’s really popping out in these streets.  We know that every group of non-black men typically stays winning when it comes to getting with black women.  Sure, you’ll have some 100% racially loyal black women who want nothing but a black man and she’ll go out of her way to inform everybody that she desires nothing but a black man especially a dark skin black man.  As a matter of fact I know a woman like that right.  Yet as long as I’ve known her she’s been single with no kids mind you and she’s not a bad looking woman, but for some reason in the 10+ years of our friendship, she’s yet to find this perfect dark skin specimen to settle down with.  You’ll have women out there like that and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the reality is, these 100% racially loyal black women are a minority compared to the rest of the black female population.  The rest of the black woman are choosing up on dudes for various reasons the fall outside of the lines of racial loyalty and truth be told, I’ll even agree with Sarge WP to a degree.  The black women who choose to express their racial loyalty aren’t really being racially loyal to black men simply because they are black men.  A lot of these women prefer to be with these hyper masculine black men who are walking around built like Erik Killmonger.  They want these Wesley Pipes, Mr. Marcus muscular dark skin porno type of knee grows who will use and abuse them in the bedroom.  Meanwhile, the average black man is out on these streets looking like Donald Glover from his “This Is America” video.  So, I’ll agree with Sarge WP when he says that when black women fantasize about black men, 9 times out of 10 they are fantasizing about some male stripper Chip ‘n Dale type of dude who’s walking super muscular and glistening because he lotions himself up in baby oil every chance he gets.  That’s the fantasy, but when a lot of these women come back to reality, they are often times faced with the “This Is America” Donald Glover type who smiles at them with a chest full of taco meat.  So when these black women who aren’t racially loyal to black men see a herd of taco meat Donald Glover’s strolling along trying to campaign for their affection, a lot of these black women start looking elsewhere.

They’ll look at us light brights and biracials and some of them will be like, “Well, he may not be the over-sexualized and glorified Erik Killmonger, Mr. Marcus, or Wesley Pipes type of nigga body wise who’s dark skin, baby oiled up with tattoos all over the place…but I bet this nigga can give me a pretty baby and some stability.”  Sure, there are plenty of dark skin taco meat Donald Glover dudes who can provide stability as well.  These would be your educated lames, but can they make a pretty baby? 😂  We all know how black women (in particular dark skin black women) love nothing more than a pretty baby.  So can taco meat Donald Glover give her a baby prettier than what the high yellow, half breed tragic mulatto Gee Lowery can produce?  I doubt it.  Now I’m not trying to shit on black dudes but let’s just be honest here when it comes to black women who like to pursue light skin and biracial dudes.  A lot of them want us because of our genetic makeup.  I’m not gonna lie about that.  I’ve had countless black women tell me over the years that “I BET YOU MAKE A PRETTY BABY!” and if you all could see what my 2 sons look like, they are “pretty babies”.  Despite me being married to a brown skin woman, my 2 sons got damn near 99% of genes from me.  They are just as high yellow as I am.  My oldest son even has the exact same style of non-nappy hair even down to the damn swirl in the front of his head like me.  My youngest son he gets his hair from his mother.  But the point is, my two sons fit perfectly the “pretty baby” stereotype.  And I can prove it.  When my oldest son was in daycare as an infant, do you know how many day care workers (especially the black women) showed favoritism towards my son.  At first I thought it was a just a fluke and didn’t pay much attention to it.  But when my second son was born, the exact same shit happened.  It got to the point where one daycare worker (a black female) used to tell my wife & I that our son was “her son” at daycare and she always made sure he was first to get snacks or some shit like that.  Now, I found that a bit creepy and somewhat of threat to the point where we eventually pulled our son out of that daycare because I didn’t know how far this daycare worker was willing to take her fantasy of my son being her son.  But the whole point of me mentioning this is, us light brights and biracials, we know why black women like us.  They’ve been telling us since forever now.  And we all know why black women often times fantasize about hypermasculine black men.  I was a preteen in the early 90s when MC Lyte came out with her Ruffneck song.   Essentially that song was quite possibly the spark of black women’s affinity for fantasizing about thug ass niggas and hypermasculine black dudes.  But I remember that era.  I was alive.  As a matter of fact, that song came out in 1993 and I was 13 back then and was just exiting my “girls are icky” phase.  Now that I think about it, I wanna say back in 1992 was when I first kissed a girl. But the point is, I was around for the transition and was of age where I could comprehend what was taking place.  Sure, we light brights took a hit for a few years, but it was never to the point where we were totally down and out for the count because fast forward to the late 90s early 20s when I was in my late teens going into my early 20s, I and plenty of other light brights were still winning and black dudes back then were still crying and complaining about how come sistas were choosing up on everybody but them.  Hell, even the educated lame light skin or biracial dudes were winning and I should know, because I was one of them to a degree.  Now that I think about it, when’s the last time you heard of somebody talking about an educated lame outside of the parameters of black man?  You rarely, if ever, hear that term in reference to other groups of men.  Now, white dudes have their incels, so I guess that could be the white version of the black educated lame.  Regardless, whenever I hear somebody talking about an educated lame, 9 times out of 10, they’re specifically talking about black men.

Now I say all of this not to say that ALL BLACK MEN ARE LOSING because I know plenty of black men who stay winning.  My younger brothers are two of them.  A lot of my frat brothers are winning.  Now that I think about it, for those of you who don’t know, I attended Tuskegee University back in the day from 1998 – 2002.  Plenty of black men were all over the place.  Upon reflecting on my days at Tuskegee, the black dudes who were winning the most with the ladies were the football players and the frat boys.  And the reason why is because all of these men represented in some form hypermasculinity as opposed to being an educated lame.  And I can prove this.  You all know who Derrick Jaxn is correct?  Guess what…he went to Tuskegee University as well.  We didn’t go at the same time.  I believe he went probably 6 or 7 years after I attended.  But look at Derrick Jaxn…big muscular black guy who sits in his car telling black women all the right things they wanna hear and black women literally cream on themselves every time a video drops.  Guess what, Derrick Jaxn played for the football team at Tuskegee University.  By his own admission he was a man-whore using his hypermasculinity to his advantage to run through black chicks like he was changing out his socks.  Fast forward to this day, he has further utilized his hypermasculinity to propel his name to the level that it is, except he’s taken a softer approach.  Now if Derrick Jaxn was talking the same talk except he looked like taco meat Donald Glover, ain’t no way in hell black women be taking him seriously and drooling all over him.  Now if I decided to get my Derrick Jaxn on and sit in my driver’s seat speaking all the right words to make a lot of these bitter broads feel better about themselves and I didn’t have Derrick Jaxn muscles, I too would be winning like Derrick because black women would be staring at me drooling over my genetic makeup first.  And I can prove this as well.  There’s a YouTuber by the name of Angel Ramirez-Jordan who I believe is black and some type of Hispanic.  Dude doesn’t have a Derrick Jaxn type of muscle anywhere on his body, yet black women flock to his channel licking their computer screens every time he opens his mouth.  Why?  Becuase they are hoping they can lick up some of his “pretty boy” DNA to somehow magically create a baby.  Meanwhile your everyday run of the mill taco meat Donald Glover type who’s either an educated lame or a Pookie and Ray Ray type, well, these dudes stay losing and they stay on the internet complaining about how come black women want every other group of men or how black women only FANTASIZE about these big muscular Derrick Jaxn type of dudes.

So like I said, it appears every group of men is winning with black women except for black men, unless that black man is a Derrick Jaxn looking type of dude.  But the reality is when it comes to these Derrick Jaxn type of dudes is, black women just wanna sleep with them only because they have bought into the fantasy that all big muscular black dudes are walking around with penises the size of baby arms and will blow their backs out and pull their tracks out.  It may or may not be true.  I’m not in the room when these activities are taking place obviously.  But speaking for myself, sure I have consciously used my genetic makeup of possessing the “pretty boy with the good hair” genes to inch myself to the front of the line considering it’s way more taco meat Donald Glovers out there compared to the number of big muscle head Derrick Jaxn types, but the “oooohhhh…he can make a pretty baby” allowed for me to slid the panties off ole girl.  I personally have yet to have any complaints about me not being able to blow backs out and sweat out weaves.  Now, maybe because I was in the Army and I worked out all the time and that played a major factor, who knows.  Regardless, if a chick looked at me as a “pretty baby making machine” which allowed me for me move to the front of the line because I wasn’t looking like a thugged out Pookie, you think I ever complained?  No.  It’s a part of my biracial light skin privileges package that white Jesus bestowed upon me.

So sure, maybe I’m not the what most black women envision in terms of the image of being a “black sex symbol” that women dream about, but 99% of the rest of you non-mixed black men aren’t either.😂  If a chick sees the genetic potential I have for making the human race prettier and sexier and that promotes me ahead of 99% of the taco meat Donald Glovers of the world, you think I’m honestly about to start complaining?  You got me fucked up out in these streets. 😂  But we all know that most black women aren’t gonna be with a Derrick Jaxn type of dude.  Their options are the Taco Meat Mafia running around and when they see the Pretty Baby Maker Brigade roll up on the block to shove the Taco Meat Mafia in the face, well, hence the birth of endless youtube videos, blog articles and status updates of the Taco Meat Mafia constantly crying about how come black women aren’t 100% racially loyal to black men.

Soooo….that’s pretty much how this works out ladies and gentleman.  The Taco Meat Mafia is the only group of men who constantly stays struggling with black women.

Your favorite mulatto.
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