Stop Coddling Pookie & Ray Ray

What’s up with black people’s unconditional coddling of the Pookies and Ray Rays of the world?  More specifically, why do so many black people like to make excuses for the Pookies and Ray Rays to make it appear as if Pookie and Ray Ray are just so helpless and forever trapped in their circumstances to where they can’t help but be anything other than a Pookie or Ray Ray?  The reason I’m asking this is because lately I’ve been seeing quite a few black YouTubers going above and beyond doing quite a bit of Pookie and Ray Ray-splaining to either make the Pookies and Ray Rays of the world come across as the “real men” of black society or to try to make the rest of us who don’t subscribe to the Pookie and Ray Ray mentality feel bad as if we should be dropping everything we got going on in our lives to come rescue the Pookies and Ray Rays of the world.  And the more I listen to these knee grows babble on YouTube about Pookie and Ray Ray, the more I find myself just shaking my head to the point where it’s damn near about to disconnect from my neck because I just can’t believe the level of energy one has to put into the thought process of their mind to try to make the Pookie and Ray Rays of the world appear to be more than what they truly are or to try to make the rest of us feel bad for the Pookie and Ray Rays.  It’s just unbelievable out on these YouTube streets.

So, who is Pookie and Ray Ray?

Well, that’s a pretty subjective question depending upon whom you ask.  But the overall consensus that I think most would agree upon is that Pookie and Ray Ray are typically your everyday run of the mill thug ass niggas, in & out of jail type of niggas, serial baby mama impregnators, dope boys, and just overall lazy good for nothing negros accomplishing absolutely nothing with their lives and living off of their mama or some random hoodrat chick.  That seems to be an accurate description for the most part for what would constitute a Pookie and Ray Ray.  You can probably add a few more descriptors, but for the most part I think I covered your average Pookie and Ray Ray.

So, now that we all have a somewhat good idea of whom Pookie and Ray Ray is, my next question is:  why do so many black people continually make excuses for these dudes as if these dudes honestly bring some type of legit value to the overall progression of the black community?  Is it because black people are conditioned to making excuses for other black people in an effort to strictly blame 100% of everything on DA MAN?  Or is it because too many of us have one or two or a few Pookies and Ray Rays within our families so we feel some type of obligation simply due to blood relation?  Or worse…maybe YOU are the actual Pookie and Ray Ray who’s decided to read this blog article because you are on a break from running around doing drive by ejaculations in the hood to create more miscellaneous babies?  Methinks it’s probably because too many of us know a few Pookies and Ray Rays simply because we either grew up with them, we’re currently friends with them or they are in our immediate families.

I got a few Pookie & Ray Rays within my own family.  I got 2 younger cousins who are brothers.  The oldest is probably about 22 years old and the youngest is about 19 or 20.  These two dudes are the epitome of a Pookie and Ray Ray in terms of essentially being nothing more than just 2 lazy ass niggas who don’t really wanna do shit with their lives.  Now I’ll give them credit for the time being because they’re not out there selling dope, they’re not out on the block terrorizing the local community like a savage, they’re not out there impregnating every chick walking down the street and they’re not in and out of jail.  So, I’ll give them credit for managing to avoid those aspects of being a Pookie and Ray Ray for the time being, but aside from all of that, these 2 young niggas have absolutely no desire to do anything other than lounge around my grandma’s house, smoke weed, eat and sleep all day.  Like that’s their entire lives for the most part, especially the younger brother.

The reason I’m talking about my 2 cousins is because like I mentioned earlier, I’ve heard quite a few YouTubers going on & on about Pookie and Ray Ray lately and their talking about Pookie and Ray Ray in terms as if Pookie and Ray Ray are essentially young children.  Young in terms of elementary aged children to where their minds are still impressionable and a reasonable adult could potentially have a positive impact on that child’s mind before that kid hits his teenage years and the battle to steer that young person towards a positive direction drastically begins to dwindle especially if there was never a strong foundation laid early for that child.  I’m bringing this up because, apparently, according to some of these black YouTubers, I am technically in a position to help the Pookie and Ray Rays out in the world in terms of mentorship simply due to my life experiences, educational accomplishments and professional experiences.  AND I am inclined to agree with these YouTubers who feel that people like me are in a position to help AND I am inclined to take it even a step further in saying that those of who do have real world skills or knowledge that other black people could apply at the speed of now should WANT to give back to either help or inspire others towards getting their lives on a better path if we see a young person with the potential for becoming a Pookie and Ray Ray.  But the problem is, it’s not a matter of me NOT wanting to help or inspire; it’s a problem of the Pookies and Ray Rays of the black community NOT WANTING TO BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN A POOKIE OR RAY RAY.

Let’s go back to my cousins for a minute.  Like I said earlier, these 2 young negros have absolutely no desire to do anything other than get high, eat, sleep and watch tv.  Like…that’s it.  This isn’t some type of phase they are going through.  This is literally the path they have both voluntarily decided to venture down with their lives.  They literally have no desire to do anything…as in nothing, especially the younger one.  Talk to them about getting a job, good luck.  If they need money, my grandma will just give it to them or they’ll find some young hoodrat to finance them for a hot minute until she comes to her senses to realize that they ain’t about shit.  Now some would be like, “HEY GEE…you work in IT, you live a pretty good lifestyle and make pretty good money.  Why not show your cousins how to get it like you so that maybe they can actually become something in life instead of you shitting on them?!”  I would almost be inclined to agree with you, but the like I mentioned earlier, the problem isn’t me…it’s these 2 cousins of mine and their absolute non-desire to do shit with their lives.  Here’s the thing, my cousins know where I live.  They know what kind of car I drive.  They know I stay on cruise boats and taking vacations and shit like that.  They know I’m not financially struggling.  They know all of these things, but none of that is enough to convince them to want to do better.  Hell, we have another cousin around their age who is a truck driver.  This one cousin almost went down the path of becoming a Pookie and Ray Ray until he got into a bit of trouble.  After his little stint with the law, he decided he was done playing around and went and get his CDLs and now he’s probably making around $1500-2000/week driving trucks at around the age of 24 years old.  He even has plans of eventually owning his own truck so I guess he can really begin to make even more money.  Now, I know absolutely nothing about the trucking industry, so don’t even ask me how any of that works by the way…but the point is, he’s doing good for himself.  He’s making money, he’s doing a job he’s good at, he’s not dependent upon anybody to help take care of himself.  He’s doing his thing and I’m extremely proud of him AND every time I see him, I tell him how proud of him I am because I genuinely am.  So with that being said, this particular cousin and I always talk about our other 2 cousins and since those 3 around the same age, I always ask him how come he doesn’t get the other 2 involved with trucking since they obviously see him making money and living a decent life out plus they all are around the same age and guess what he tells me.THE SAME THING I TOLD YOU ALL, they don’t wanna do it.  They have absolutely no motivation to do anything.  Here’s the thing, even if just one of them seriously decided that they were wanted to go get their CDLs and they expressed to me that they needed money to take the course, I would pay for the course JUST so that I could remove as many barriers as possible for them because I would like to see them become something other than 2 young men doing absolutely shit with their lives.  But the reality is, I can’t make these 2 dudes become anything especially at the age they are now.  If I don’t present them an option on how to make some fast money, they’re not interested.

Our granddad died about 7 years ago and I remember when I was younger how he would always tell me how I needed to talk to my cousins and get them on the right track.  He used to tell this to me when I was rather young in my military career because I’m roughly 16 or 17 years or so older than these particular cousins.  But the problem was our age difference combined with the fact that I was hardly ever home due to the military.  When I did come home and I would see them, they would ask me for a few bucks here and there & I would give them some money but even back then I saw the writing on the wall towards their destination to becoming a Pookie and Ray Ray.  Granted, I thought they would be a lot further in their Pookie and Ray Ray lifestyle in terms of having multiple baby mamas, criminal rap sheets and selling dope; fortunately, they’ve somehow managed to avoid that avenue thus far for the most part.  But even still, reflecting back on how our granddad used to tell me to talk to them, even back then I knew it was a lost cause.  And the reason being is because of the environment they were growing up in and the people they were hanging around even at the early of an age.  It just wasn’t enough people around them on a constant basis doing positive productive shit that could really rub off on them.  It was for the most part a bunch of hood niggas doing hood nigga shit.

And this is the other part of the problem with trying to save the Pookies and Ray Rays of the world.  The first problem is that there are too many black people who aspire consciously or subconsciously to be nothing but a Pookie and a Ray Ray and the other problem is too many of these Pookies and Ray Rays start their existence off surrounded by often times nothing but a bunch of Pookies and Ray Rays.  Now keep in mind, Pookie and Ray Ray is just a blanket statement.  Pookie and Ray Ray could be women as well, normally we refer to them as hoodrats, but for the sake of simplicity, I’m just blanketing everybody as Pookie and Ray Ray.  But like I was saying, the other problem is, there are simply too many young kids being raised in a household full of Pookies and Ray Rays and their communities are full of Pookies and Ray Rays.  And the reason this is so important to mention is because, if you, the NON POOKIE AND RAY RAY, decided to venture off into these communities to rescue these young children in terms of showing them something valuable that could genuinely enhance their lives for the better, you are up against a real uphill battle if what you have to offer isn’t something steering them towards the direction of attaining fast money.  Sure, you may find one kid here and there and some of you will be like, “all it takes is one” which is true on the surface, but how effective do you think you can honestly be with that ONE going up against an entire community who embraces the Pookie and Ray Ray lifestyle?  That kid would have to be one mentally tough ass child to be able to see beyond the trees full of Pookies and Ray Rays to a different life that you are talking about.  I’m not saying it can’t be done but, you have some serious work cut out for you.  So some would question is it even worth it when you know the odds are stacked against you.  I guess this is where one would have to make a distinction between loving the black community and being real with the black community.  You can have mad love for black people all day long and truly hope that black people as a whole get their shit together but you also have to be a realist and realize that it’s a bunch of niggas out there who aspire to be nothing more than the stereotype of the black community despite them knowing how fucked up the stereotype is.  But then some of you will say, “Well, they don’t know any better…they grew up like that, this is all they know!” To that I will say BULLSHIT.  If this was 1988 or maybe even 1998, I might somewhat agree with you.  But this is 2018 where everybody (too include Pookie and Ray Ray) are walking around with smartphones that have access to the internet in which this internet allows for people to gain access to knowledge and a whole other world outside of their little Pookie and Ray Ray zone of comfort.  So niggas know that there is more to life than what they may have been born into or raised in.  All you got to do is download the Facebook, YouTube and Instagram apps and your horizons will expand like never before, assuming you want to expand your horizons.  Then some of you will say, “Well, they don’t have access to resources to do anything better so they choose to live a Pookie and Ray Ray life”.  To that I will say bullshit again.  My two lazy ass cousins who don’t do shit at all somehow manage to stay dressed fresh to def.  Every time I see them they got Jordans on and the latest trending clothing.  I don’t question how they got it, but they dress fresh.  So I don’t wanna hear this bs about how niggas in the hood don’t have access to resources.  A nigga can find a way to get access to money.  It’s just that way too many choose to utilize that money for tricking off purposes instead of investing that money somehow into something that could prove to be beneficial for them.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

Aside from me being this IT nerd and Army vet, I’m also a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida, although I don’t actively engage in real estate.  And the reason I don’t is because after I got out of the Army, I wanted to try something different so I started dibbling and dabbling with wholesaling, which is a form of real estate that doesn’t require one to be licensed to sell a house.  Anyways, after moving from Georgia back down to Florida, I decided to get my real estate license and try selling houses as a licensed agent simply because down here in Orlando, the market turned to where it’s easier to sell a house now than it is to wholesale a house.

For those of you who don’t know what I mean, I’ll break this down as simply and quickly as I can:

Wholesaling is basically when a person “buys” a house from a person looking to quickly get rid of a house without putting the house on the market; market meaning putting it on the MLS, which requires the assistance of a licensed real estate agent who just happens to be a REALTOR.  Now let’s say you had an older relative who died and they left their house to you and you didn’t really wanna have anything to do with the house meaning, you have no plans of living in it, you have no plans of turning it into a rental and you have no plans of fixing it up; you just wanna sell it as quickly as you can and be done with it.  Well, if that’s the case, more than likely you’re going to attract the attention of a wholesaler.  How you attract that attention is really nothing that you do per se; they will often times find you.  But, you just wanna get rid of the house.  Let’s say the house is worth a even $100K at its current market value in its current condition.  Being that I know you just want to sell this house and get it out of your life, I as a wholesaler would offer you about $65K to buy that house because that’s typically what a wholesaler is willing to pay (except we’re not actually paying for that house).  You see my offer and you’re like “HELL YEAH!” because that’s an easy $65K that you didn’t have to earn or do anything for because I as the wholesaler will tell you that I’ll buy your house as is…junk, damages and all.  Matter of fact, when you see a sign out on the street that says, “I BUY JUNK HOUSES OR HOUSES IN ANY CONDITION”, 9 times out of 10 that is a wholesaler advertising.  But what happens next is, I get you to sign a contract giving me an equitable interest in the property which therefore allows me to sell your house on your behalf without the need for utilizing a licensed real estate agent.  Essentially, equitable interest means I somewhat have a degree of ownership…somewhat, but not completely.  The reason being is that (at least in Florida), a homeowner who wants to sell his house doesn’t need a license to sell his property.  So in oder to get around being a licensed real estate agent, which a license is what you need to sell anything classified as real estate in Florida, you need to be licensed.  But you don’t need a license if you are selling your own property.  So that’s where this whole “equitable interest” thing comes into play.  You agree to let me have equitable interest and sell your house.  What happens next is, I immediately advertise this property to every real estate investor I can get ahold of to let them know I have a house for sale and I’ll sell them the house for at least $70K.  Remember I’m “buying” it from you for $65K but I’m going to turn around and sell it for $70k to an investor so that I can make a $5K profit, and the average fee a wholesaler typically makes off of wholesaling a house is between $5-10K.  So I find an investor to buy the house for $70K, I get my $5k fee and you the person selling gets your $65K & everybody walks away happy.

Now the reason I don’t do this currently in Orlando is because typically wholesaling and flipping houses (which is what most investors are, they are the ones who flip the houses, they tend to buy them from the wholesaler)…well, wholesaling and flipping is often times way more profitable when you are in a buyer’s market or the economy is down like during the recession from 10 years ago.  Matter of fact, when the recession hit, thats when a lot of house flippers made a ton of money.  Matter of fact, all those houses that got flooded during Hurricane Harvey a year or so ago are prime targets for wholesalers & investors.  Essentially when the market is bad or the area is bad (think gentrification) that’s a wholesalers and investors dream.  Well down here in Orlando, everybody and their mama is moving to Central Florida these days which means it’s a seller market which means it’s plenty of people selling their houses and it’s plenty of home builders building houses all over the place to be sold that people are buying.  So when I moved back to Orlando, I decided to get my real estate license because currently I could make more money selling real estate as a licensed agent than I could wholesaling.  But the reason I’m not doing it is because quite frankly, I don’t like selling real estate.  To me, it’s just not that interesting and it can become somewhat expensive to a degree especially if you are a full time real estate agent, which I never was.  Truth be told, I just want to be an investor who owns a few properties and rents them out.  My goal is to own 10 homes with about 5 or 6 of them being Airbnb properties since I live in one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world.  Down here I could rent out a house for like $1000/week minimum AND people coming from wherever to visit Disney World would pay that price because it would be a lot cheaper than renting a hotel for a week.  But anyways, that’s my brief lesson wholesaling real estate.  

The reason I mentioned all of this is as it relates back to the Pookies and Ray Rays of the world is this:  THIS IS LITERALLY SOMETHING A POOKIE AND RAY RAY COULD DO.  Like real talk.  You don’t need a license to wholesale real estate.  And when you wholesale real estate, you aren’t actually buying the property.  You’re just selling it on behalf of the owner to an investor because with wholesaling, a wholesaler typically tries to close on the property within 7-14 days.  That means checks are being handed over from the lawyer to you so you can deposit that check into your bank account within 7-14 days.  Traditional real estate that involves a license take 30-60 days on average to close.  But the point is, this is literally something a Pookie and Ray Ray could learn to do and it doesn’t even really cost them any money AND they could literally make a ton of money doing it.  I just told you the average fee a wholesaler makes is $5-10K per house, so imagine just wholesaling 2 properties a month.  A person would be making $10-20k a month off of just 2 PROPERTIES.  But let’s say Pookie and Ray Ray wanted to get a license, do you know how much money it costs to become a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida?  About $500.  That $500 includes the cost of the mandatory real estate school you would have to attend and the paperwork you would have to fill out with the state plus the cost of the state exam that you would be required to pass.  But for about $500, a person could be in the game as a licensed real estate agent.  And here’s another thing, at least as far as the state of Florida is concerned, because every state has somewhat different real estate laws, as long as a person doesn’t have criminal record that involves any type of FRAUD, they can get licensed.  Real shit.  You could have a criminal record of selling dope or even robbing a liquor store, as long as your arrest doesn’t have anything to do with FRAUD of some type, you COULD STILL GET A LICENSE and practice real estate.  I’m not even lying.  I know a dude right now who is a real estate broker who did about 6 year on probation for literally being in the wrong place at the wrong time that involved a liquor store robbery that his friends at the time didn’t tell him he was going to be involuntarily participating in.  Long story short, my friend was found guilty but, they just put him on probation for like 6 or 7 years.  Regardless, dude has been in the real estate biz for the last 5 years and he’s a broker selling houses all over the place.  He started off wholesaling and became licensed and now he’s doing his thing with real estate.

Now my friend could have been the PERFECT candidate for becoming the next Pookie and Ray Ray.  He was on probation for a robbery he didn’t do, before doing real estate he was struggling to find a decent job due to his conviction, but he decided to try real estate out and now this dude is making money all over the damn place with real estate.  He’s the one who talked me into getting my license so I could work with him, but once I got into it I discovered selling real estate really wasn’t my thing.  Plus after meeting a few of his multimillionaire investor clients who always come to him first to buy investment properties, I decided that I wanted to eventually become the investor instead of the guy selling.  Sure I could become the investor as a real estate agent, but like I said, I’m honestly just not that interested in going through the motions of actually selling real estate.  Plus I’m way better at IT than real estate, so I got back into the IT industry.

But the whole point of me even talking about real estate is to merely provide a real life example of how a Pookie or a Ray Ray could literally learn to do something that doesn’t really cost a whole lot of money to get involved in BUT it can possibly make them a lot of money.  But the problem is, niggas have to want to do something with their lives and like I said before, it’s a whole bunch of Pookies and Ray Rays who desire to be nothing but a bunch of Pookies and Ray Rays and do nothing but stereotypical Pookie and Ray Ray shit.  Yet, you have negros all over YouTube making excuses for these dudes instead of owning up to the reality that even if you put opportunity in these negros faces, a lot of them WON’T TAKE IT because 9 times out of 10 the opportunity doesn’t involve fast money or it isn’t something that hood niggas glorify.  But people like me are supposed to feel sorry for these dudes and be willing to invest my all into them to help change and inspire them.  Ok.

Another thing…niggas love to say, “What are you doing for the black community?!”  Matter of fact, somebody left a comment on my video titled Mulattos Will Defeat Team Dark Skin as to where this person said, “How is this channel helping the black community”.  Well, I just gave you a brief class in how to get into real estate without a license and I explained how it probably costs you no more than $500 to become a license real estate agent, at least in the state of Florida.  I also have an article titled You Don’t Like Earning Minimum Wage…Learn a New Skill where I explain how to enter the IT industry for as low as $25.  I listen to quite a few black YouTubers who are always talking about how black people need to provide solutions, yet these knee grows rarely ever provide any tangible solution beyond babbling about racism and white supremacy and how “WE NEED TO GET ON CODE AND PRACTICE BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT.”  Yet I’ve explained how to get into 2 different industries for damn near $FREE.99 that a person could literally begin to run with tomorrow if they wanted to for the most part.  Now go find another black YouTuber who talks about the black community who can quickly educate you on how to enter IT for $25 or how to jump into wholesaling for free or how to get a real license for about $500.  Go find one and shoot me the link to their video and the timestamp of where this person schooled you. But regardless, I can drop knowledge for days on how to do some other shit too cause I’m quite versatile with a few things, it’s just IT is the best at what I do because that’s my professional background.  But I can teach a Pookie and a Ray Ray all of this stuff.  I can show him how to get money, but 99% of these niggas will NOT be interested because I’m not showing them how to do hood nigga shit that hood niggas love.  Therefore I can’t really “save” or inspire these niggas because chances are THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN LEARNING.  But you negros out there want people like me to rescue, motivate and save these niggas and to stop looking down on them.  Why????  Because they’re black and we should only be putting all of our effort into JUST pointing out white supremacy while continuing to coddle Pookie and Ray and Ray while hoping and praying that they somehow find the motivation to get their shit together?  NO.  I’m not about to feel sorry for these niggas especially when they don’t feel sorry for themselves nor do they even want to change anything about themselves.  Why waste the time and effort when that time and effort could be better invested into a person who wants to learn something BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY WANTS TO LEARN SOMETHING USEFUL AND this person DOESN’T HAVE TO BE DRAGGED KICKING AND SCREAMING TO LEARN IT.  THEY ALREADY POSSESS THE MOTIVATION TO WANT TO DO BETTER than to just be another Pookie and Ray Ray withering away on the block.

To hell with Pookie and Ray Ray.

Your favorite mulatto.
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