The Immature Indignation of Millennial Far Left Politics

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

As I listen to the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience interviewing Dr. Debra Soh, it becomes clear why politics of today in America are so wildly pedantic and obtuse in its views and I saw it years ago growing up.  As I said about youth growing up during the Bush years, that was the time when politics began to divide us far more than it ever united us.  America was living in a 24 hour news cycle and social media was beginning to become more integrated into our lives, but because of this people’s opinions on the world around us were spreading unfiltered and lacking in nuance.  The left thought the war in Iraq was bullshit and wanted gay marriage to be legalized.  But there was one thing happening that we began to see affecting both sides equally and that was the rise of anti-intellectualism.  This movement started at about the 2000s and ramped up post 2001, partly due to America needing to not think about the hard parts of life and sadly is a big reason why we have Donald Trump as President.  America pop culture wise became obsessed with tabloids, teenage pop stars that apparently nobody thought was a bit weird that men were waiting for them to turn 18, politics was reduced to slogans and shows full of yelling talking heads, and of course the rise of PG-13 blockbusters which on one end is why we have the MCU making over a billion dollars combined but is also why studios stopped taking huge risks on very artistic and stimulating movies.  In short, America dumbed itself down and didn’t think that this would come back to bite us all in the ass.

The radical left is a special kind of stolid stupid.  Stolid in that they go so far left that even left leaning people who dare to challenge their views are called Nazis.  A stolid so stupid that now we live in a time where older women take cues from 16 year old girls.  People Like Leah McSweeney and Chris Ray Gun are called every label in the radical leftist handbook for not getting in line with ideals that frankly can’t be agreed upon without straight up ignoring basic facts.  Yes, there are some people who are transgendered, yes black people face racism and harassment from cops, & yes women still face sexism.  The problem here is that the left is attempting to do what the right has managed to do for years and keep all of it factions in lock step with one another.  The problem here is that to do such a thing on the left is harder than it sounds due to mainly the fact the radical left is far too authoritarian for liberals that fought against such ways of thinking.  The moral at its core which is romanticization and nostalgia.  The left wants a future where the LGBT community is federally protected to the point of even being considered a homophobe is enough to have you exiled from society, that our immigration policy makes it easier for people to become legal citizens, and that guns are almost entirely removed from society.  In short, the radical left wants America to look like Berkeley while the alt-right wants a weird sort of Leave It To Beaver life for America.

The reason that the left fails to have their way catch on is because it becomes a question of life that you can see among our own families:  do you want to live like your conservative uncle with a good job and a white wife talking shit about black people or your cousin that is so woke she doesn’t even like heteronormative assumptions about the future of the children of the family that doesn’t even have children of her own, let alone a stable partner.  It’s a question of, this is what becomes of both ends of the spectrum when a generation of privileged, spoiled, overprotected and most importantly, a generation that watched political debate turn into being the most popular sycophant.

Which is how we got here.  The radical left has ironically turned into a weird Orwellian cult of several personalities.  The reason the left hates centrists and or even center left liberals is because these people do not like being told that telling people what to do, even for just causes, doesn’t work like how it did in high school where there was an overarching authority that could possibly side with them.

I use the anti-intellectual movement of the 2000s because the radical left are guilty of refusing to give stage to basic logic that people know to be facts.  If I had to describe them in a nutshell, it’s that they tend to sound like edgy teenagers, loudly filibustering their talking points to sound right.  The difference is that the alt-right sounds like angry nerds that are clearly socially awkward and suck with women due to reading nothing but Catcher in the Rye and Atlas Shrugged, but the radical left sounds like acerbic theater geeks that wish men would be more like the clear as day gay guy they have a crush on in their class while wondering why the school does nothing to make people stop bullying them and their gay, black and transgendered friends while not realizing that the best that can be done is that they are punished, but they can’t actually force kids to not be an asshole without walking into a new set of problems.  The worst part and the clear as day sign their argument sounds like teenage righteous indignation is that they deny even science to defend feminism and trans rights.  The arguments against the fact that MMA doesn’t want trans women to compete against other women by using tennis as an example can’t help but sound like a teenager trying to get their female friend on the boys wrestling team as the big difference between the sports is that tennis is not a full contact sport and science points out that men and women aren’t built the same way.  Not to say one is better, but there is a clear difference.  The arguments against it screams the result of years of girl power bs in the media that gave teenage girls in the 2000s the false idea that a model looking woman could take on a military trained goon.  Accusations of mansplaining filibusters any real dialogue which in turn makes them look like children who yell till they get what they want.

The problem is that they move the issue of political debate away from necessity to luxury in the face of what is seen as the possible rise of fascism.  I say possible because the left had a bigger leg to stand on during the Bush years as the man had fucked up so bad within the first 4 years that by the end of his first term, New York City was a fallout zone due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks that evidence by both the FBI and CIA that Bush failed to move on the proof they had that Osama Bin Laden was planning a terrorist attack using planes, we were in the middle of a war against a country that had nothing to do with said attack, and public education was so bad that no child left behind was considered a good idea.  Is Donald Trump incompetent?  Yes, very.  The trade wars are going bad as Trump argues them with the selfish indignation of one of his egotistic supporters, ICE is badly handling illegal immigration by putting children in cages, and the aire of possible collusion with a hostile foreign power in voter fraud still hangs over his administration as many of its members continue to leave or be fired.  The worst I can say that there is the theoretical issue of possible war with China or Iran, but I think people forget that such a scale of war would essentially grind the worlds commerce to a halt, so I will lean on that as the biggest deterrent for such a thing to the other countries.  The problem is that the radical left, by scale, wants America to fix issues that should be fixed, but can’t be done on the level of speed or scale that they want.  Police brutality is a pain to fix ironically because of the liberal ideas that is labor unions as police unions are VERY strong politically, both due to public support and the fact that at any point they can leverage “do what we want or the streets go lawless” fighting issues like trans people being murdered, the rising issue of random acts of racism, white nationalists being more open and vocal to the point of running for office, and systematic sexism are very noble causes to fight for; but to believe that one or even many can undo the evils of society in less than a decade is naive to say the least.  To put things in perspective, Gloria Steinem, who is 84 years old, has been an outspoken feminist activist for more than 50 years.  50 years, and even she recognizes that for all the advancements made due in part to her and activists like her, that there are many new issues that have cropped to the forefront due to issues of yore being very much solved or at least contained to where they’re not as bad as they were in the past.

I bring this up because this generation is a pain because it believes through rage, righteous indignation, and inexorable obsession with fighting oppression in a way that looks cool but does not work out the way they think in the end.  This is why I shudder when I see activists from the 60s praising activists of today as the activists of the past overly romanticized the protests met with police, the white supremacists who murdered activists like Medgar Evers, and the fact that due to a combination of risking their lives AND putting in less than glamorous social work, the activists of today don’t have to rely so heavily on protests and social disruption to get progress.  The problem is that today’s activists do the protests mainly for publicity and clout, but not only do they not do noticeable work that isn’t as retweetable, but they shame activists that go to work with politicians as “working with the system that still oppresses us”.  This is why you see situations like Antifa being praised as the hipster heroes while wondering why the government can’t seem to figure out if they want to take down the klansmen threatening to murder minorities or deal with with the annoying masked hipsters that tend to think fighting fascists is ironically acting like Brownshirts.  The problem is that the left doesn’t want to mature politically and its excuse is economic issues and the fact that even acting like woke Gen Xers isn’t enough, but wonders why so many millennials are very disenfranchised with them.  We’re disenfranchised because the radical left for the average millennial looks like a crowd of drug addicted, self righteous, logically obtuse people where the women are angry and proudly unattractive both personally & physically, and men who simply for the sake of being not being labeled as undesirable and possibly any other corrosive label, go along with any idea that the royal we believes in.  And because of this, this is why plenty of millennials (men especially) tend to walk away from the left and either stay independent, centrist or far right due to the fact that the center left still chooses to pretend that the far left isn’t a growing problem by completely ignoring candidates that could actually bring in votes, albeit from very esoteric issue voters.

But what the fuck do I know?  I’m just an ashy podcast troll that hates black women according to these people.

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