Black Women Too Loyal to Their Party

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

Black people can only be Democrats.  Again, we are baited to vote one way because African Americans easily jump to the side of a candidate who uses the typical gimmicks that Democrats use for black people to the point it has become a generational thing.  It’s a blind loyalty from our mothers so we could get better healthcare and jobs that pay more.  Granted, I want to vote Republican, but my one black vote means nothing without a platform that caters to our needs.  Me voting Republican would just mean me voting on the behalf of the white agenda.  At the end of the day, I am not awarded or given a vote to serious American topics and issues.  Famous black celebrity Republicans are just mascots who gladly open doors for whitey.  Silk and Diamond are the southern stereotypes defining black women as the fat mammy.  They just agree with every Trump policy and do not give intellectual rebuttals or feedback.  Joy Villa is another one who plays both sides of the fence by supporting the agenda blindly with no input, yet lectures black boys in the inner city about black-on-black crime.  Yet with black motorcycle club and white Republican connections, she could have been an ambassador to help Republicans save black boys from crime since they are so dedicated to ending gang violence in Chicago, especially when it’s an everyday topic on Fox News.  What is the point of Joy Villa marching every month with @PeaceRidesOfficial with no plan or theories for ending inner city crime?


Okay, we see the grieving mothers and babies growing up without fathers, but the stop the violence campaigns are seasonal to the point where we should have another conversation about gun rights versus gun violence.  This is where both parties fail.  Despite white Republicans being heavy 2nd Amendment believers, their support prevents black people from learning about their gun rights too.  Just like the Democrats, Republicans use black-on-black crime aggressively to prove that black men are too dangerous to be legally armed and it would be impossible for even white people to believe that black men can own one legally.  Fox News generates scare tactics to panic white viewers that Maxine Waters or some random female Democrat of color wants to ignite a race war.  Democrats do the same thing again, but in a passive way and this method works the best as black people are easily shamed for owning a gun.  Black women are put in the forefront as their fear of guns is a cry for help to ban them in general or at least an extreme way to lock up gun owners.  Black women’s fear of guns is pimped and does more harm than good as police officers are in greater fear to do their job, whether intentionally or not.  The Parkland massacre was a huge misstep by black women and girl as black gangs were the scapegoat.  Every time white men shoot up a school or a public space, Democrats weasel their way to blame black men and black people fall for it every time.  Meanwhile, white supremacist teenagers are always get away with their crimes or fade into silence.

One talking point I hate the most is black men do not vote.  Okay, we do not, but it is not out of laziness.  We just end up having boring candidates who think just because they are Democrats it make Republicans as the evil overlords who cash from big businesses.  Democrats portray themselves as the good guys who want the best for America of course, yet they fall for social media trends and controversies.  They want an open border when convenient and unless it’s a terrorist attack.  Democrats favor women voters as they hide behind feminism as them being progressive.

Hidden Colors series director, Tariq Nasheed, made a good point in the 2016 election that black people should restrain their vote until a candidate meets our demands for BLACK ONLY legislation for reparations, deserved benefits and programs.  Black women like usual shame black men into voting out passion to the point that they feel like they know how the world works.  I see black women like Maxine Waters who insist on adding brown/non-black minorities to our plight as a favor, but when other non-black minorities get a fraction of white privilege of their own patriarchy; black people are excluded from sharing and gaining wealth with them.  Then we see the racism from the Indian corner stores and gas stations who hate us, yet have the nerve to set up shop in black communities.  Black women can risk their lives and climb the Statue of Liberty for immigration rights and other non-black issues, but where are the Asians, Latinos and Arabs who cannot even acknowledge the black experience.  Black men not voting is powerful because we see through the bullshit.  I do not want minority, women’s or gay rights policies while black men have to continuously sit back and pretend there is real progress going on.  I am not gay, I am not a woman, yet I am a black man begging black people to rethink their voting habits.  If a candidate cannot work with my demands then what is the point of me voting?

Democrats wants strict gun control, yet we know that black people will be the main ones going to jail.  Black women are selling black men out for a false sense of a safer community.  This is why we need more jobs for black men and not token positions for black women in corporate America.  Black boys are failing and it needs to be corrected now.  With the over concentration of empowering black girls only, we still get the same decades long problem of black men not living up to manly standards.  Black women complain that black men are not making enough money or that they are not as education as them.  The black community cannot get better without black boys taking command and with that leadership we get candidates that we like and can fund, rather than voting for a candidate who sounds cool, but does not have a good track record.

The next Presidential election is not important and I do not care who wins the Democrat vote whether a black man or woman or a POC.  I do not give a damn with the previous President Barack Obama.  I lose faith that black people want to win as we constantly put ourselves last.  How can I trust the next black man who wants run for President?  I urge black men to hold their vote and be vocal on their views, we do not need another “first” or another Democrat President.  They need to be cancelled.

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