Black People Have No Survival Skills

I recently found myself on YouTube falling down a rabbit hole of watching a bunch of videos of people talking about a looming race war and all I kept thinking to myself is that, black people will be wiped out in 24 hours if a full blown race war ever kicked off.  I actually wrote about this on my site where I sarcastically listed 6 reasons as to why black people would lose a race war.  Now, being that I did present it in a somewhat joking manner, in all actuality, I was being 100% serious.  If a race war kicked off tomorrow, black people are done son.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  But after watching these other videos on the subject of a race war, I then begin to think, well what if black people made it past the first day…what would happen next.  I quickly came to the conclusion that within about 7 days the majority who made it past day 1 would be wiped out as well.  As a matter of fact, the only people who would make it past the first week would be black folks who had a military background, police training or some type of hunting skills.  That’s it.  Everybody else….see ya.

Now what lead me to this conclusion was an incident that happened about 6 years or so ago when I was living in Augusta GA.  One day we had a bad winter storm knock out all the power all over the place for miles which caused the power to be out for like 2 or 3 straight days.  During the first 2 days, the only place open for business was a Waffle House about 2 miles up the street from my house.  Now, this particular Waffle House wasn’t serving up waffles and their usual meals, they were in there preparing people grilled chicken sandwiches on bread…that’s it.  No condiments, no nothing.  Just meat & bread.  So, out of boredom I decided to drive up the block to see what was popping and I saw hundreds of people outside of this Waffle House waiting in line to get a sandwich.  It was mostly whites & Hispanics but quite a few black people in the crowd as well.  I thought to myself that there was no way in hell that I was going to wait in that line to get a sandwich, plus I still had a bunch of other food in the house that didn’t require refrigeration, so my family & I were good, considering that the power came back on a day or so later.  But in the event that the power was down for let’s say a week, I was still good because in my house, I already had cases of water stock piled just in case in addition to having a few boxes of MREs in the stash.  For those of you who don’t know what an MRE is, it stands for “meals ready to eat”.  Basically, it’s a meal that comes sealed in a plastic packaging that has everything in there from food utensils to a main meal, to a snack  to a heater that only requires water to heat up your food.  And plus, the best thing about an MRE is that they have a shelf life of 5 years.  This is the type of stuff that soldiers joining the Army are introduced to on day one.  I believe 1 box of MREs comes with 12 meals inside of them.  And you don’t even have to be in the military to buy them, you can just order them off of Amazon.  But the reason I’m mentioning this is because it relates to how the average black person probably wouldn’t survive past week 1 if a full blown race war broke out or even if the power grid went down.

Another thing I see too often are more videos by black people showing off their guns holding them “gangsta style” in front of the cameras than I do of seeing black people in videos teaching weapons training.  You go on YouTube and white people are all up and down YouTube with videos educating people on weapons from how to identify a specific type of gun, to how to clean a weapon, how to hold a weapon, how to fire a weapon, accessories to go with your weapon…just all kinds of educational stuff that the average black person could use in the case this big bad scary race war ever popped off.  Meanwhile, you go on YouTube or Facebook and the majority of the gun videos you will see are a bunch of niggas holding their guns sideways with their extended clips in them with their shirts off, pants sagging and crowded in front of a cellphone camera swaying side to side listening to some damn mumble rapper.  That’s what you see.  These knee grows know absolutely nothing about firearms other than how to just blindly shoot up a block as to where innocent people are being killed.  Meanwhile in white America, white people are training their kids on how to properly use firearms as young as 5 years old.  So in theory if a race war did pop off, don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of 5 year old white kids wiping out groups of grown ass black people who may or may not have guns.  Because like I said earlier, even if the black people did have guns, chances are most knee grows don’t know how to properly shoot them.  The don’t know the effective kill range of that weapon.  They don’t know anything about aiming center mass and double tapping someone….but that little 5 year old white kid probably does.

This is why I’m a firm believer that every black person should join the military for at least 2 years JUST so that they can learn basic warfare survival skills.  As much as black people go on & on about the subject of racism, white supremacy and race wars, the bare minimum a knee grow could do is join the world’s most elite military force in history to learn how to effectively engage and survive in a combat scenario.  Forget all the talk about patriotism, military benefits & “fighting in the white man’s army”…I’m talking about joining just to learn how to survive.  There’s a good movie you can watch for free on YouTube called The Spook Who Sat By The Door where this movie’s plot is literally everything I’m talking about.

To quickly summarize the movie:  basically a black man joins the CIA to learn warfare & intel tactics on the government’s dime.  He then takes those skills he’s learned back to his old neighborhood and teaches other black people warfare tactics and intel so that they can survive on the streets when faced with racists and cops.

You know who else joins the US military to learn warfare skills and then gets out to teach their people how these same skills sets?  White people.  All of these redneck country bumpkins white nationalists and extremists have at least one person in their outfit who has a military background who is training them on military warfare tactics.  Matter of fact, news just recently broke of a US Marine by the name of Lance Corporal Vasillios Pistolis who was one of the white supremacists that participated in the riot in Charlottesville last year where there is a picture of him beating another white man with a Confederate flag pole.

Guess who also joins the US military to learn warfare tactics in an effort to teach their people these tactics after the service member gets out?  The Cartel.  Yes, Mexican Cartels.  You wouldn’t believe how many Mexicans have been told by the Cartel to either join the US military or they actively recruit Latinos who just got out of the military so that they can use this former serviceman’s skillsets to help advance the agenda for the Cartel.  Shit is real out in the field ladies and gentleman and black people are way behind the power curve in terms of just basic survival.

Now the question that most black people would probably ask me next is, “You have a military background.  You aren’t in the military anymore.  How come you are not out there teaching black people military warfare tactics?”  I would then respond with, “Black people aren’t interested in learning military tactics.”  Look, I got family members right now who have never served in the military and I can’t even talk them into buying a handgun for personal protection for crying out loud.  I can run down all of the reasons they should want one considering I live in Orlando, FL whose nickname just happens to be “Warlando” being that Orlando comes in at number 20 on the 2018 Murder Capitals of America list.  In the shadows of Mickey Mouse’s giant ears, bullets are flying.  Even for family members that do have firearms, truth be told, the possession of a firearm is really more like a fashion accessory to them that they like to flaunt to attract women.  And, it’s not just like this with my family, it’s like this with countless black people.  Black people for some reason don’t like firearms and for the ones that do like firearms, it’s too many that ONLY want to own a firearm and not learn anything else to help them properly shoot the firearm or survive with the firearm.  Niggas aren’t going to gun ranges all that often…let’s just keep it real.

But anyways, I thought I’d just share that tidbit with you all to let you know why I believe that most black people won’t make it past 7 days if a full blown race war ever popped off.  Too many black people are simply just unprepared and have no desire to get prepared.  Niggas got reality TV to watch, Jordans to stand in line for, mix tapes to promote, miscellaneous babies to create & pills to pop.  So, that’s that I suppose.

Your favorite mulatto.
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