Black People in Chicago are a Lost Cause

If you are black and you live in the area of Chicago that experiences ridiculously amounts of high violence from the local savages running rampant in those communities, then you need to do everything in your power to relocate out of the area with the quickness.  If you genuinely care about the safety, health and welfare of your family & your own life, then you need to move away from that area and never look back.  That’s the only real solution for decent black people living in those communities in Chicago.  Move.

As we all heard, there are reports of 66 people being shot this past weekend in Chicago with ZERO ARRESTS.  Sixty-six people in one weekend…12 of those 66 people died.  And for what reason other than savages being savages.

One of things black people love to avoid discussing is the subject of black-on-black crime.  That subject will often cause you to be labeled a coon for pointing out the savagery of black communities like the ones that constantly make the news in cities like Chicago.  Black people, especially your pro-blacks, will be quick to tell you that black people need to focus purely on white supremacy being the biggest threat to black people.  They’ll tell you that cops are the second biggest threat to black people.  They’ll tell you white-on-white crime is just as high.  They’ll also tell you when black people commit crimes against each other, black people go to jail.  Well, if you were a decent black person living in crime ridden communities like Chicago where it’s a literal war zone, can you honestly sit around trying to convince yourself that white supremacy & the cops are the biggest threat to your safety?  Are you going to honestly sit around and try to justify the high black-on-black crime rate in your community by reminding people that white people commit crime at damn near the same rate when chances are you live in a community where you don’t see white people running around committing savagery?  Are you going to honestly try to convince yourself that when black people commit crimes against other black people that these black people go to jail knowing full damn well that a lot of these negroes do not go to jail thanks to the infamous “no snitching” policy that is the law of the land in these communities?  Chance are you aren’t concerned about or even trying to entertain any of that foolishness because every time you step out of your house to go to work, play at the park or go to the grocery store, you honestly have to wonder if you will catch a stray bullet FROM A BLACK SAVAGE in your community who just roams the streets free to do as he/she chooses with zero consequences.  People will be quick to call you a coon for pointing this out, but these same idiots won’t dare call the local Pookie & Ray Rays a bunch of coons for literally terrorizing these black communities.  To make matters worse, you have a bunch of black people who honestly run around trying to reshape the narrative of Pookie & Ray Ray to make it seem like they are “the first line of defense” for the black community.  This is just how ass backwards & retarded so many in the black community have become these days.

But then your favorite hotep or pro-black will tell you that black people aren’t the ones responsible for bringing dope & guns into the hood and that black people need economic resources to combat these issues taking place in the hood….that’s all white supremacy’s doing.

To the first point, the hoteps & the pro-blacks are right:  black people are not the ones bringing dope and guns into the hood which is unfortunately helping to wreck havoc in these communities.  BUT NOBODY is making these niggas participate in drug related activities and there definitely isn’t a white supremacist directing a local savage to just shoot random bullets on the block which unfortunately costs innocent people their lives.  That’s all the doing of those niggas.  I’ve said it before, if negros got a problem with another negro, go up to that specific negro and handle your business accordingly.  Why in the world do you all feel the need to wildly spray the whole area to where innocent bystanders are getting killed?  Why?  It’s because these niggas don’t care.  That’s why.

And this brings me to my next point about how so many black people honestly believe that economic improvements in these communities in addition to practicing black economic empowerment is going to somehow cure this issue.  Wrong.  You can bring in all the jobs, improve all of the schools, start up 1000 black owned businesses where black people are buying black etc in this area and none of that is going to change the mentality of the savages currently roaming the streets.  The reason why it’s not going to change is because these savages are addicted to savagery.  They eat, sleep and breath it.  They don’t care about economic opportunities or any pro-black lecture.  All they care about is getting fast money, making random babies and proving to the other savages just how much more of a savage they can be by taking out their savagery on their own communities.  These niggas don’t care, they never cared and they are not about to start caring.  These niggas have been raised in a culture for quite a few generations where the prevalent mentality was savagery and hoodrat behaviors.  You’re not about to change that.  You can possibly change it with the young children, but then again, too many of these young children are being raised by these savages and hoodrats who embrace that mentality…so good luck with that.

There are only 2 solutions in my opinion to dealing with this savagery, that is for decent black people to do whatever the hell they got to do to move up out of those communities and leave the savages to their own devices.  I don’t care if the savages are your mommas, your daddies, your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmas, cousins, whoever…if you are a decent black person who doesn’t subscribe to that savage life but you are unfortunately being held hostage in your own community by these savages, then you have to do whatever the hell you have to do to save up enough money and relocate the hell up out of there and never look back.  That’s it.  The other option is for President Trump to put up a damn wall around that area instead of putting a wall on the Mexican border.  Wall those savages in and let them destroy themselves.  All these think pieces, blogs and talking heads presenting their various solutions ranging from “stop the violence” demonstrations to economic stimulus in these communities…fuck all that.  Why continue to waste money and effort on trying to save a bunch of niggas who don’t want to be saved.  And let’s face facts, A LOT OF THESE SAVAGES DO NOT WANT TO BE SAVED OR CHANGE THEIR WAYS.  Put that money & effort into the innocent people who live in those communities who genuinely fear for their lives & help them get the hell out of there.  Let those savages destroy each other unrestricted until there are none left is my solution.  A lot of pro-blacks often like to talk about black people “thinning the herd”, well letting these savages destroy themselves is the perfect step towards “thinning the herd”.

So if you are a good upstanding black person trapped in these Chicago communities where these savages are running loose, the number one priority on your list of things to do in life should be to save up as much money as you possibly can as quickly as you can and get the hell out of those communities where these savages are causing destruction and terror.  There is no other solution if you honestly care about your safety & welfare.  Stop begging these niggas to put the guns down.  Stop trying to preach religion to these niggas.  Stop making up white supremacy excuses to justify the savagery of these niggas.  Just stop trying to reach out and save these niggas.  You do whatever you have to do to get the hell up out of there and let them destroy themselves.  These savages will not change until THEY decide to change.  Till then, you need to leave them to their own devices and allow them to destroy themselves completely.  Sometimes you just got wipe the slate clean and simply start over.  Letting the savages destroy themselves is the redo these communities need.

Your favorite mulatto.
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