The Real Malibu’s Most Wanted Story: Cameron Terrell

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

Palos Verdes Estates is a beautiful neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.  In 2007, Forbes ranked the community the 47th most expensive zip code in the US.  Despite the luxuriousness and privilege to live there among millionaires, no one would guess that it is the home for a former Crip gang member whose name is Cameron Terrell.

No, he is not black or even a rapper.  Terrell was a high school student in Palos Verdes High School and was quite popular with the law due to his interactions in Jesse Owens Park which is controlled by the Rollin’ 90s Neighborhood Crips.  He even appears in rapper Chiico’s music video which is a diss track to rival gangs.  Terrell is seen in the background along with a crowd of other alleged Crips or associates.

He was known as “white boy.”  The 18 year old was brought to court to face an alleged role in a gang related death of Justin Holmes.  Holmes family denies their child was involved in gangs.  They saw him as a hard worker who minded his own business.  Holmes was gunned-down in broad daylight.  Terrell’s accused involvement was being the getaway driver as two other black teens carried out the hit and were later arrested.  Terrell pleaded not guilty and was able to go free on a bond set at $5 million.  He later returned to class which started an uproar from parents who demanded his removal and deemed him a danger to other students.  It was then agreed by Terrell’s parents to put him in home schooling.  Terrell’s behavior apparently was not a life lesson as his father, Donald Wayne Terrell who is president of New & Improved Media, spoils him by taking him to see LA Dodgers games and his father has no problem lending him more money to pay for his college fees as his son was accepted to University of Houston.

The American justice system is broken as white boys continue to not understand the grief they give to black people.  Terrell was a poser who wanted to be black so bad, yet when he was announced not guilty, he was reminded that blackness does not have a trust fund.  The very same employees that force black students to be sharp and college prepped are quick to throw away our resumes because of our social media, yet shy away from criticism towards Terrell and other white men.  Black people watched Trayvon Martin be criminalized for his own death simply due to his own Facebook posts and curiosity in drugs that most teens in general have, yet the white media did not care.  They ran this young man’s name to the ground while being excited that some states were legalizing weed and marijuana; but drugs had nothing to do with George Zimmerman’s hate for Trayvon.  Jordan Davis was killed over his radio being too loud because it bothered an angry white man who did not like ‘gangsta music.’  The very style Terrell paid his way to be a part of by lending his car and fancy clothes to his friends.

Granted, Terrell will probably never work a day in his life and will probably waste his time in college by having sex, doing drugs and joining another gang.  The greatest reality check was a slap in the face to black people who discovered that Terrell’s defense attorney was a fucking black man named Jovan Blacknell.  A black man who was so happy he won this case because he felt his client was ‘blatantly overcharged’ with a focus too much on Terrell’s Facebook and his other appearances in social media.  Blacknell knew Terrell would not get the Trayvon Martin treatment, especially when the media’s focus in 2017 was on Bill Cosby.  His father is millionaire who is in the media industry, so of course I could imagine paying off news outlets to leave out certain information and even turning a blind eye to his son’s injustice.  The case should have been bigger than what it was now, but can Blacknell sleep at night maintaining white supremacy for the sake of his job?  Yet with the same defense strategy that he had, it would not work on a black boy with the same MO.  A white boy goes free without a doubt because he was white.  He was so white and innocent that him actually claiming a gang on social media was somehow not true or even important to the case.  The case was seen as gang affiliated, yet Terrell is too white to be guilty.

See the jurors saw Terrell as a child who did not know what he was doing with his life.  It was too hard for them to believe that a white boy in his right mind would join a gang.  Blame the music and his bad friends, he was under a bad influence and just wanted to be cool.  Houston, we have a problem.  Do not be surprised when he brings the same heat to the city.  Terrell does not feel any remorse for the death of Holmes rather he is happier that he has the power to buy the trust of black people.  Terrell will do this again and black people will fall for it because we want white people to be cool and come to the cookout.  Black people want to believe that their shitty culture of violence is inspiring.  For starters and blacks who need a nigga wake up call, unfortunately white people are not our friends and they will back stab us when they have to prove their loyalty to white people.  For centuries we have not learned that whites can fuck us, love our music and culture and still practice white supremacy to sell us out.

Terrell is a punk who couldn’t even fess up to his own crimes, but he hides behind God as if the public does not have the right know what happened to Holmes.

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