R. Kelly’s Biggest Fans are Black Women

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

The #MeToo movement has marked many celebrities as rapist and sexual predators with most of their attention focused towards Bill Cosby and R. Kelly.  As Bill Cosby’s allegations led to a guilty verdict, R. Kelly is next.  Despite having a not guilty verdict, the cases filed against him won’t stop black activists who are not convinced that he is truly innocent.  Do not get me wrong, I was on the bandwagon muting him way before #MeToo.  Yet as his fan base grows stronger, I learned that if you cannot beat them then join them.

I am tired of fighting for black women only for them to backtrack and still support R. Kelly’s career.  Black women are his biggest fans.  Unlike most singers, he seems only attracted to black women as he has never been hit with colorism or self-hate.  To the obvious, he makes good music and made classics that will last for decades.  Black women love him for his sex drive that is mature and sets a grown folks vibe.  Black women want to be a freak and R. Kelly delivers.  Yet the record needs to be set straight that he is not a representative of black patriarchy or some black misogynoir.  His treatment of black women has nothing to do with the death of Nia Wilson along with white media pretending they care for her victimhood.  It is not genuine, especially when black men are always the scapegoat.

R. Kelly is the very type of man I hate.  He is the smooth-talking fake classic man who manipulates women for sport and ends up doing such a good job that women beg for him to turn them out.  I am not for women dating or marrying him only for clout and notoriety.  R. Kelly’s ex-wife gets no sympathy when she should have known that he was already a ‘monster’ when he manipulated his way into marrying Aaliyah who was a minor at the time.  I also look at Kitty Jones and Asante McGhee who claimed R. Kelly forced them to call him “daddy.”  Yes, they are stupid because this man whether truly innocent or not, he gathers too much negative attention and I mean even starting midway with the whole peeing on a girl allegation.  How does someone ignore that and still think he was a changed man or deserved another chance?  Just stop fucking this man.

Protecting black women abusers is an unrewarding task and after listening to R. Kelly’s new 19-minute song I Admit, I had to put away my cape because I admit…he is right.  Damn the irony.  The song is actually good from rhythm and vocals, so the time length is not a bother because I was hoping it would be longer.  He knows he is a piece of shit, but R. Kelly is not dying on his sinking ship alone and he is bringing Chicago and his fanbase with him.  He points out his flaws.  He loves sex and he cannot help himself from being attracted to supposedly legal or how he says it in the song “over aged” girls who are much younger than him.

The offensive moments in the song began with his comparison to being a modern-day Emmett Till.  He feels this is a public lynching as an innocent man is still guilty no matter what.  Even I have to feel some remorse as it is true in America, black men are never innocent and what makes it worse is that black women are unforgiving in false allegations of sex crimes.  Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation was ruined and had no hype due to black feminists reminding him of his sexual encounter in college that led people to believe that he raped a former friend, despite him not being found guilty and the victim not being a black women; his film suffered with minimal support in the black community.  Since R. Kelly wants to make comparisons he should have said he was the next Michael Jackson as he dealt with somewhat similar allegations and a disloyal fanbase.

I am not an R. Kelly fan, yet he is making good points.  Why hate him now when he was once the coolest artist in the industry?  Black radio hosts played his music everyday, so what’s the problem now versus the information we knew 20 to 30 years ago?  It is not like Tom Joyner had an epiphany nor was it like black women did not want R. Kelly on the cruise.  They jammed to his music and did not give a damn until now in 2018.

Deep down everyone loves R. Kelly, he is invincible with a god-like status.  He may be crucified, but his music won’t die.  At the end of the song, he begs his hometown Chicago to support him as he could be an inspiration to the neglect of black mental health.  Yet, who is he fooling?  Let me guess, he wants girls who are poor, inspiring, wanting out of the hood and in need of some love.  Sorry bruh, Bump n’ Grind is not going to work.  Not every problem can be solved with sex, especially from him.

Dear R. Kelly, you are not a humanitarian.  We do not need your help nor does the black community owe it to you.  Nigga all you do is sing so miss me with the line, “I lifted my voice and represented my country for 31 fucking years.”  It means nothing to me.

It is hard to put a finger on who is to blame.  Yes it is easy to say R. Kelly is to blame and he is a manipulator, despite the signs of his womanizing ways being attractive.  So again, why fight or care for women who still love their abuser?  Tarana Burke can waste her time calling out DJs for playing any of his songs, but her biggest opponent is not the artist nor other black men; rather it’s black women who want to be his next wife or young thang.

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