Are Black People Who Join the Military Sell Outs?

I received an interesting comment not too long ago from somebody calling me a coon because I served in the US Army.  I found that comment to be rather interesting so much so that I decided to talk about it here, because….that’s what I do.  I have very little desire to argue in the comments these days.

Anyways, are black people who join the military coons?

Now first and foremost, you have to ask yourself why would anybody consider a black person who joins the US military a coon?  The typical responses that you are likely to get are really nothing but a bunch of throwback responses to the 60s & 70s when black people were running around talking about “I AIN’T FIGHTING THE WHITE MAN’S ARMY!”  or they repeat Muhammad Ali’s famous quote of “I got nothing against no Viet Cong.  No Vietnamese ever called me a nigger.”  If this were the 60s & 70s, I probably wouldn’t even care.  But, this is the year 2018 and I somewhat do care.  Now as you all know I served over a decade in the US Army.  I got relatives who retired from the US Army and US Navy.  So I’m not about to call a black person a coon for joining the military.  And the reason I’m not going to agree with people thinking that black people are coons or sell outs for joining the military is because quite frankly, those doing the coon-calling, well…9 times out of 10 these knee grows didn’t have nor do the presently have anything of value to offer a black person as an alternative towards pursuing a career to help one create a decent lifestyle.  They never have & most never will.

We already know who the vast majority of the coon-callers are (your pro blacks), and we already know that the overwhelming vast majority of them simply feel some type of twisted sexual arousal for spending all day on every single social media platform calling other black people “coons” who don’t “get on code” with this extremely mystical and extremely vague “black agenda” that nobody can ever truly articulate beyond repeating the words “black economic empowerment”.  But, in case you are wondering what “get on code” or the “black agenda” means, it simply means dreaming about a world where black people are free to do whatever the hell they want, whenever the hell they want, to anybody of their choosing without suffering any type of consequences…more specifically this rule pertains to black men only.  But that’s pretty much the gist of the rule.  Now you may be saying to yourself, “B-b-but what about BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT and black people supporting black businesses?!”  I addressed this talking point in a recent podcast with a very timely example you can check out HERE.  But in a nutshell, “black economic empowerment” is nothing more than pro-black babble to rack up a bunch of likes, views and followers on social media for the most part.  That’s it.  It’s just another “feel good” message to help pass the time away on social media to serve as a distraction from people’s real lives.  That’s it.

But anyways, how this relates to black people being coons and sell outs who join the military is quite simple.  For a black person coming straight out of high school looking to enter the military in order to get some money for college, learn a new trade, enter a profession that provides a steady, predictable and reliable source of income in conjunction with having access to healthcare benefits…well…for all of your favorite pro-blacks roaming the internet with their black fist pumped in the air…how many of them niggas are offering black people jobs comparable to that of what the military is offering a person coming straight out of high school with essentially zero life experience (hell, you can even throw in college kids who join as officers OR even people who switch professions to join the military)?  How many pro-blacks do you personally know that are offering any of these things?  Matter of fact, how many regular black people do you know period that are offering these things?  Chances are you don’t.  Chances are the only black business owners that you of are small mom & pop operations where they can’t afford to hire people outside of family members whom they essentially see as free labor to a degree or you know a bunch of niggas who own barbershops & beauty salons who really don’t have employees; they have a bunch of independent contractors working for them who pay booth rental fees each month.  Let’s just keep it real, chances are that you don’t know any black business owners who run legit businesses that can hire people and provide any type of benefits package.  The overwhelming majority of you simply just don’t, so stop lying to yourselves.  Hell, most of your favorite pro-blacks running around social media work for white people their damn selves for crying out loud.  They’ll spend their lunch breaks & off-hours preaching black empowerment and coon-calling every 5 minutes only to wake up at 7am to go clock in for Mr. Charlie at 9am to earn Mr. Charlie his money.  These are just facts B…just facts.  But nobody is calling them a coon.  I wonder why. 🤔

And the reason nobody is calling them a coon or a sell out is because after it’s all said and done, these knee grows still got bills to pay.  They got to house themselves, clothe themselves, put food on the table, pay their Netflix bills, and make sure a lil sum sum is left over for the cellphone bill so that they don’t miss a day of coon-calling.  Essentially just like I stated above, they too do not know of hardly any black people who own a legit business to where they could be hired as an employee to receive some type of benefits package.  They just don’t.  So to call a black person who joins the military because this black person simply wants a job (which is all that it is at the end of the day) a coon because of the profession he chose to join is the most absurd and ridiculous shit ever which further makes the average pro-black look completely foolish and never to be taken seriously.  These same knee grows don’t have anything to offer this young black person as an alternative but want to attempt to ostracize this black person for simply picking a career that he or she feels can possibly help them reach whatever goals they may be pursuing in life.

Speaking of goals, let me tell you about a few goals & benefits that I was able to accomplish & get access to courtesy of my 13 years of serving in the military.

I was able to pay off ALL of my $65k worth of college debt when I entered.  I was able to get access to more FREE money to pursue not ONE but TWO master degrees.  I have my first master degree in Information Technology with an emphasis on Information Assurance, which basically means my degree is about information security….the people who protect companies servers and databases to a certain extent to prevent your information from being stolen to be sold on the dark web & I currently have 2 more classes left until I complete my MBA.  EACH CLASS I took for my master degree costs on average about $4500 per class.  Guess how much I paid out of my pocket?  ZERO.  Hell, good ole Uncle Sam has even been paying me TO GO TO CLASS for crying outloud…tax free money I might add.  What else has the gubment done for me?  I got free healthcare for life.  For every paper cut or broken bone I may get, I just hop my ass in the whip and go to the VA hospital and they hook it up and I walk out of there without even thinking about a damn hospital bill.  What else do I get?  Oh yeah, I got access to a VA loan worth damn near a half million dollars to buy a house.  You know how you have to save up 20% of the cost of a house to serve as a down payment towards that house, well…I don’t.  The most I got to put out is maybe a $1000 good faith deposit to show that I am serious about purchasing the house, that’s it for the most part.  Hell, some of us don’t even put that out.  What else?  Oh yeah, I go out of my way to “use and abuse” every military discount that I can get unapologetically.  I don’t care if it’s 1% off or 50% off, I will ask about a military discount every single time and if they offer one, I’m taking it.  Now there’s a bunch of other shit I could rattle on and on about, but I won’t bore you to death.  My whole point in mentioning this stuff is, how can you pro-blacks honestly call a black person a coon or a sell out for entering a profession that allows for a black person to get access to all of the stuff I just named ESPECIALLY when you pro-blacks aren’t offering ANYTHING as an alternative to help this person create a decent life & lifestyle?  How Sway?!  What are you knee grows offering besides Facebook memes, pro-black DVD sets and endless lectures on white supremacy?  What are you really offering to justify calling these people coons?  Seriously.

Nothing is what you are offering.  Absolutely nothing.

But then you’ll say some dumb shit like, “They’s fighting the white man’s army to kill people of color when black people are getting killed everyday here in America!”  Ok.  And how is that any different from you working for the white man every single day to prevent you from being homeless, hungry and bucked naked out in these streets when that same white man you work for might be using the profits you helped him generate to support the very system of white supremacy you rattle on and on about every single day?  I mean, unless you are rich and retired or self-employed, chances you are working for a white person in this country.  These are just the facts.  So if you are going to call another black person a coon who joins the military, then you have to call yourself a coon as well if you work for a white person.  The only difference between you and this black vet is just your profession.  That’s it.  OR…maybe you are simply jealous because you CAN’T join the military now due to age, criminal record, physical limitations or whatever and you are now realizing how wonderful those benefits are for people who do join.  Maybe that’s the real truth about this disdain you have for black vets…who knows.

If me serving 13 years on active duty to receive an honorable discharge which has allowed me to get access to benefits and resources that I would have never gotten (especially from black people) makes me a coon, then so be it.  In the words of one of my all time favorite urban poets by the name of Reginald Noble, aka Redman, “I’ll bee dat!”

Your favorite mulatto.
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