Jordan Peterson Might Be on to Something…Just Hear Me Out

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

Let me start by addressing the elephant many will attempt to bring into the room regarding me understanding Peterson’s stances on many things:  I do not back the Red Pill movement nor any of its contemporaries seeing as while Peterson uses facts and statistics to back his thoughts from a very centrist perspective, Red Pillers take very similar yet incredibly flawed arguments based off similar thoughts just to take the piss out of feminists and women in general.

The reason I’ve decided to write about Peterson is after listening to his interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, the man comes off very blunt yet very earnest in his views.  The problem isn’t really him, it’s that the rails against him are very much why I and many people like me get frustrated dealing with certain groups of people, particularly radical leftist ones.

In regards to what he said about C-16, the man makes it clear that his issue isn’t that he doesn’t like legislation that tells him not only what he cannot say, but compels him to say something that he may or may not agree with.  As he clearly states, he says that his issue is that he doesn’t like when speech is controlled by government as it is a very slippery slope, not necessarily to tyranny, but of a situation where ideas start to die.  But in the end he’s labeled transphobic for not being for a law that would compel people to refer to people as their chosen pronouns.

When he talked about enforced monogamy, I will say I was split even after I heard him clarify what he means by that phrase.  While he made it clear he did not mean women would wind up in a handmaid’s tale situation, he did clarify that what he meant was that as a society we should go back to promoting the concept of monogamy, which I agree with.  Face it, as a society as a whole, we don’t often see many portrayals of regular monogamous relationships anymore in the media.  Sure there are some, but mostly what is shown is divorced people, single people being promiscuous, polygamy, or just people being dysfunctional sexually (no, this is not a homophobic jab).

When it comes to the Incels, the reason I say Peterson is their best option for salvation is because that’s what he offers them wholesale.  You don’t want to be unattractive to women?  Here, I have some ideas how to fix this as a psychologist and a tenured professor.  Meanwhile, the main treatment of them otherwise can be summed up in one tweet:



The problem with statements like this is that Incels are treated less like people and more like persona non grata, which is how you get the situations like Elliot Rodgers and the van attacks in Toronto, the city which holds the university that Jordan Peterson works at.  Yes, there are some Incels that are dangerous and should be monitored by law enforcement, but for many they are lost men that need a path and I believe Peterson offers them one that isn’t bullshit and let’s them know upfront that they will need to work hard.

The reason I believe Peterson gets such a bad rap is because he is a man with little to nothing to lose by standing against the wind and saying that the radical left is getting out of hand.  Speaking for myself, the reason I have such a deep problem with groups like BLM is that we went from revolutionary activity that wanted to empower everybody and protect everyone (even if the men in said movement did do terrible things to women in said movement) to now the household name group has a vision of child rearing that essentially mentions nothing of black men’s job in it but to just cheerlead, yet wonders why the only male leadership acts not unlike the women.

The incel issue as it pertains to his views on monogamy and the like is that men today, yes, do need to better themselves, but we are a community that in many ways has in fact decentralized intergender relationships so far from monogamy and things like the simple fact that men and women who are around each other possibly may develop attraction to each other that many men find themselves in a situation where not only does it seem like only 20% of men are getting huge amounts of choices dating or sex wise, but now it feels like any attempt at trying to find mates at places like work or school is harder now because, as he said about certain companies’ policies regarding men and women’s interactions, some don’t allow hugging or even certain amounts of eye contact.

For men in general, it does look dire as seen in the VICE interview he did, it really does feel like he’s labeled the ideological Boogeyman of the radical left as one of its main tenets is that women are infallible.  When he challenged the notion that such practices were hypocritical as makeup is still allowed but men can still be punished for looking too long so says said female coworker, the rebuttal was that women wear it to look pretty for themselves and not men.  Which goes to what he said about the infantilization of the left.  We now live in a time where we treat the basic sexual desires of men like perverted schoolboys running afoul of a nun, which leads me to think that in the end, the left doesn’t actually want to fix Incels as having a clear bad guy makes their arguments easier to back.

Jordan Peterson catches flack because he’s not some intellectual that decides to tell people that they’re all victims nor does he rely on the snake oil salesmen tactics of the alt-rights manosphere.  The reality is that the man offers you no pills, no quick fix, but the honest, proven truth in how to fix oneself and in a day and age when many both left and right make money off telling people they’re victims, he is dangerous.  My honest hope is that he isn’t driven away from the spotlight in disillusionment as he has a very apt message that many need because really, how many podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs do you need to tell you that the police need reform, there is institutional racism, there are sexists and misogynists that need to be held accountable, and transphobia is bad?  When do we rise up?  When do we stop being proud victims?

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