Black YouTubers Like Sarge Willie Pete are Delusional

So there’s this YouTuber out there by the name of Sarge Willie Pete who likes to record long rants in his car talking about issues pertaining to black society.  I’ve been subbed to this dude for about 5 or 6 months now and I pretty much only agree with about 50% of the stuff that he says whenever I decide to listen to his content.  Now, I’m not trying to turn this into the latest black YouTube beef, I’m just basically responding back to him due to some comments he made in reference to me briefly.  I figure it’s much easier to put my response in this format instead of getting lost in the YouTube comments section.

Now when it comes to Sarge Willie Pete, he has a certain view on things and I have a certain view on things.  These “things” I’m referring to are in reference to how we both feel about so-called “helping the black community”.  Sarge Willie Pete is of the mindset that black men need to be in the hood running around like a super hero knee grow for the most part saving black men, women & kids to get them on the right path to righteousness in order to truly elevate the black community to a status where black people can honestly be proud to be black and be respected.  Me, I’m of the mindset that each and every black person needs to do for self FIRST before you contemplate running around the black community with your super knee grow cape flapping in the wind.

So Sarge Willie Pete made a video titled SWP AND KAPTANSOLO PART WAYS and in the opening of that video for about the first 10 minutes or so, he was addressing some commentary I had made in a video talking about if whether or not black men defend and protect black women.  I discovered his response to my video because he was in my comments pissed off because my brother, our homeboy Eddie & myself didn’t actually start discussing the topic of the video until about 9 minutes into the video.  For those of you who listen to my podcast on iTunes, you know I do a show called Brown Liquor Experience where basically my brother, Eddie & myself freestyle commentary on whatever the hell we feel like talking about for the most part.  After it’s all said and done, I take clips of that audio and put it on YouTube.  Well, after I saw Sarge Willie Pete leaving comments on my video, I figured he would probably have some shit to say in reference to me, so I went ahead and check out his commentary and I left a few comments for him on his video.  In the comments on his video I stated the following:

Sarge Willie Pete then replied with the following:


and he then proceeded to say the following as well:

and lastly, I replied with this comment:

Now, I want to break down my comments and his comments so that everybody listening to this can get a clear understanding of where I’m coming from and why I think Sarge Willie Pete’s “Super Knee Grow” mentality is flawed.

Me:  “Infinite Wisdom, if all black men do is make videos, comments, status updates etc praising black women but can’t provide any tangible proof of a long term commitment to black women…then knee grows are just giving praise to get the coochie.”

I’ve said this quite a few times on my website either on a podcast or in a blog, but there are a lot of black men running around social media doing everything in their power to give props to black women to place them on pedestals all so that they can prevent themselves from being in tossed in the infamous “ain’t shit nigga” category.  Way too many black dudes on social media love running around cosigning and praising each and every single thing a black woman may say just to remain on her good side and they all love getting on social media to profess how much they love black women.  But, when you move past the social media approbation to see what’s really popping in these dude’s lives, you’ll often discover that way too many of these knee grows aren’t in any type of serious meaningful relationship with a black woman.  They’ll be the first to be online talking about how black men need to respect, adore and love the black woman, but good luck on actually finding a black woman in this dude’s real life who can back up his claims of practicing what he preaches.

Me:  “As far as me not being ‘community minded’….other than black people making videos, status updates & blogs talking about being community minded…there is no ‘community’ to be minded.”

We’ve all been hearing the words “black community” being tossed out in casual conversation for years upon years now.  Other than just using the words “black community” as a synonym for “black society” when people get to talking about black people in general, somebody show me an actual “black community”.  Show me a place online and offline where this so-called “black community” exists that exudes feelings of fellowship, common attitudes, interests & goals.  Where does this mythical community exist in America?  All we have at the end of the day is a bunch of black people who just happen to live in & around each other in various communities spread out across the U.S.  You’d be lucky if you could find 10 random black people with common interests in one community who want to get together to do something positive and productive.  The only “community-minded” people in way too many black communities are the savages who constantly tear up & terrorize black communities.  Those knee grows have a fellowship, common attitudes, interests & goals…despite it being destructive.  The rest of for the most part, well, we’re just out to get our lives together the best way we can in order to experience some semblance of happiness.  Occasionally we’ll log onto our social medias and run to our favorite “black community” corners to hear the good word from either the hoteps, super pro blacks, feminegros, or the social justice warriors…but after we log off, it’s back to business as usual….getting my personal life & family right to the best of my abilities.  Getting with Larry, Dante & Keisha down the street to put plans together to “build”…c’mon son, get real.  What kind of reality are most of you people living in?

Me:  “Point is, black people can preach these theoretical talking points all day long on social media, but none of it matters at the end of the day b/c we ALL see what takes place in real life.  My family comes first above anybody & if you see that as problematic, then you need to check your priorities & go back to reality offline.  If you want to run around being ‘community minded’ saving all the black people you deem as worthy of saving, have at it.  I’m not stopping you.  I just say good luck in seeing if that same ‘love’ is reciprocated in real life onto you.”

Somebody find the flaw in what I just said.  Tell me that I’m lying in regards to black people spending copious amounts of time on social media presenting talking point after talking point about what the black community NEEDS to be doing.  Yet, go to any random black community in America & tell me if any of those talking points are being implemented, especially to the degree social media knee grows feel they need to be implemented.  Also, if you are black and you put anybody else above the needs of your family members, regardless of if you are married or not, then you are a damn fool.  You can’t have this mythical “black community” if your own family is in disarray.  How are you going to tell me that I need to clean my house when your house is all kinds of fucked up?  I wish you people would get real here and stop pretending like you don’t know these things already.  Now, if you do want to run around from hood to hood with your cape flapping in the wind, then by all means get your cape on.  I’m definitely not about to tell another black person to NOT become “community-minded” or save other black people, but I will however caution you to enter these situations with your third eye fully open to see that often times this same “community-minded” love will NOT be reciprocated back towards you.  You know it and I know it.

SWP:  “There is nothing wrong with you focusing on your family or blood relatives – the problem is you can’t ever have a community doing that.  That compassion has to extend beyond your own family within reason, and for most of us it does not.  Part of the reason is because we would be drained trying to save everyone, but operating in the ‘my family vacuum’ does nothing to address the problems that are growing like a cancer.”

Like I mentioned earlier, you will never have a community if you can’t get your own family affairs in order….period.  How are you going to mentor some random black child to show them ways to achieving “exemplar blackness” if your own kids don’t even respect you or you can’t properly provide for them?  The hell are you knee grows on these days?!  And Sarge Willie Pete, you are right, a person would become drained trying to save everyone.  And I’m not just talking about in the physical and emotional sense.  I’m more specifically talking about in the financial sense.  Let me ask you this Sarge Willie Pete, how in the hell are you going to save somebody when you can barely save yourself financially?  Go watch a Yvette Carnell video or a Tone Talks video every now & then when they start putting up charts showing so-called “black wealth”.  To save you the time of watching one of their videos, I’ll just inform you right quick:  the median net worth of black people in America is around $11,000.  That’s it.  For those of you who don’t know how to calculate net worth, basically you take a person’s total assets and subtract their total liabilities and that will produce your net worth.  So the average black person/family in America has a grand total of about $11K in net worth after it’s all said and done (realistically, it’s probably lower than that).  So, now that we have established this, you tell me exactly how are a bunch of people with about a grand total of $11k to their names (assuming they liquidated everything to convert into cash) are supposed to focus on building a “community” when these same black people can barely afford to pay their bills and raise their own families?  Explain to me exactly how NOT solely focusing on your family until you get yourself in a better financial position is somehow wrong?  You talk about the cancers in the black community, but you speak as if people honestly have the financial means to effectively treat the “cancer”.  No, they don’t.  You can’t go around trying to pour unnecessary resources into random black people when you barely have enough resources to pour into your own damn life.

SWP:  “My parents did the same thing.  When shit gets bad, MOVE AWAY.  Then black folks wonder why many of their ‘I sent them to a nice school’ children end up hopping the fence.  Death of the community today or death tomorrow, once fence jumping takes place it can no longer be a black community even if the desire or goal is to fix it.”

This knee grow speaks as if somehow moving out to a better community because you can afford to do so is somehow a bad thing.  This knee grow speaks as if my ability to send my child to “nice school” because I can afford to live in an area with “nice schools” is somehow a bad thing.  Who the hell honestly wants to live & raise a family in a community where they don’t feel safe for whatever reason or where there are shitty schools?  What the hell is this knee grow talking about?!  I don’t need to live in the hood in order to preserve this so-called “black community” that he speaks of.  Wherever myself and my family goes, guess what….we’re still black and have to deal with black issues.  My physical location doesn’t subtract that fact.  But I’m not about to sit around the hood entertaining hood nigga shit if I have the means to not live in the hood.  What kind of dumb ass “pro-black” idiotic foolishness is this dude preaching?  Then he wants to talk about “hopping the fence”, I’m going to assume he means black people who lose touch with their “blackness” and begin to embrace other races in terms of relationships and/or ideologies.  This is more of that pro-black social media jibber jabber foolishness.  I assume he believes black people all need to live in their Blackistan pockets of society teaching Blackistan lessons by the likes of Dr. Umar Johnson & friends in order to prevent interracial relationships etc.  Why can’t I just raise my family in any damn environment I want because I can afford to regardless of what the racial makeup of the community may be?  If the community is a well-to-do community and it’s full of black people, then so be it.  But to reside in the hood for fear of “fence hopping” or his belief of the death of the black community…how about you move to the hood and do all of the things you appear to believe in.  By your own admission you were raised in the burbs and you are not a “hood nigga” but yet you get on your YouTube videos and somehow advocate that black people need to be in the hood running around saving everybody all of a sudden.  If that’s what you wanna do, have at it.  I highly doubt anybody will be stopping you.  But like I mentioned earlier, don’t run up in there naively thinking your efforts to save the hood are going to be welcomed with open arms from people who have been living in the hood their entire lives.

SWP:  “In short…all I’m saying is ‘I don’t know you bitches’ and ‘you all have no impact on my life’ vs ‘the general lack of value placed on black women’ plays out the same way.  Most black men operate on this idea, imo, because we don’t have a community.  We focus on wives, mothers, and daughters because that much we can defend or control what’s going on to keep them safe.  But at some point the overall conditions of the community will affect your sons or hypothetical daughters, which is why we NEED to give a fuck.  Who are your sons going to work with?  The sons of men NOT doing right by them?  We got a lot of that.”

This is just more social media nigga jibber jabber.  I have no obligation to any black woman other than females in my family.  That’s it.  I have no obligation to run around defending the honor of every black woman.  The people who should have an obligation to these women are the men in her own damn family.  Like I mentioned earlier, the average black family is only worth a grand total of about $11K, that means the average knee grow literally can’t afford to take on extra obligations to people outside of their immediate family.  Sarge Willie Pete, if you want to continue to exist in this virtual reality brought to you by way of social media as to where you honestly believe that if every black person just put aside of all their personal shit to focus on everybody else outside of their family that this will somehow fix the black community…keep on keeping on with the fantasy I suppose.  Until black people begin to take responsibility for fixing their own personal shit in their lives first, you will NEVER have a “black community” in the way you envision things.  Until black people begin to do the necessary things to increase their overall net worth, income, savings, credit scores, educational levels, technical expertise, rid the hood of savages destroying the hood etc…this community you long to see will never exist.  Now, there is nothing wrong with dreaming and fantasizing about a Wakandan-like community in every urban center in America, but we don’t live in the Marvel Universe.  We live in reality.  We live in a reality where far too many black people are comfortable with their current existence, for better or for worse.  We live in a reality where far too many black people don’t trust other black people.  We live in a reality where far too many black people become envious & jealous of another black person’s upward mobility.  We live in a reality where far too many black people are comfortable in their existence in dire conditions and would prefer for you to exist in the same conditions with them.  We live in a reality where it is somehow a bad thing for a black person to become educated, speak properly, not engage in hood nigga shit, and want to move to safe communities to raise a family.  We live in a reality where niggas create social media accounts and honestly think their words of what a “black community” should be actually have a true impact in real life.  Bottom line, we just live in a reality where too many black people would rather entertain the idea of the black community rising above than to actually go about the work of fixing one’s self first and foremost so that possibly you could actually have the energy and resources to pour into someone else so that you can create this black community that too many black people on social media fantasize about….like you Sarge Willie Pete.

But, I know why you do it.  In some aspects you honestly believe in the things you say and you feel passionate about it to a degree.  But at the same time, you know these types of topics convert into views because niggas love running to YouTube to escape reality.  I mean seriously, what’s better than listening to a random knee grow on YouTube talking about all of the things that black people should be doing to uplift the black community upon returning home to settle down after spending all day long in and around a black community seeing the complete opposite day in and day out of what your favorite black YouTube personality tells you?  If every time I stepped out my house and seen a bunch of hood niggas doing destructive hood nigga shit, a bunch of black women doing a bunch of hoodrat shit, a bunch of black children doing dirty foot shit, & I see a bunch of communities where people aren’t taking care of their properties etc…then I too would need to find a place of solace where some random black personality on YouTube could metaphorically rock me to sleep by telling me that everything will be alright if we only did x, y & z to form a community.  But when it’s time to wake up and reenter the real world, I see that none of x, y & z can be accomplished until I master x, y & z in my own personal life first.

But…I’m still subbed to you on YouTube.  Even I need to indulge in escapism every now & then myself.

Your favorite mulatto.
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