Why is Marriage & Childbearing Dying Off? Blame Red Pillers

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

Men for years have been complaining that things like marriage and even just having kids are dying off in Western society, and there are numbers to support this.  In 2016, the CDC reported on 62 per 1,000 women were having kids and demographic intelligence reports that by 2016 the marriage rate fell to 6.7 per 1,000 people.  It’s 2018 now and the number is likely to be lower.  The often blamed group is feminists, but I think they get a bad rap.

For as much a people attempt to label feminists as the bad guys for how they treat men, on some level one can see why people have more sympathy for them than say, incels, Red Pillers, and MGTOWs.  It’s been proven we’re having less sex and these kinds of groups do more damage to it than helping by spewing their rhetoric about how these women will hit “the wall” and have to compete for sexual viability with younger women but clearly forget that not every man is like their sketchy uncles that hit 40 after a divorce and started hitting only on 18 year old girls.  The MGTOWs lose people on the logic that no effort should have to go into having to charm a woman and Red Pillers lose men by constantly making it seem like there’s conspiracies on top of conspiracies to keep men in servitude to women and in the dreaded friend zone.

For women, when your options for potential mates are charming yet problematic men or these self righteous animals that believe women wanting basic human autonomy while claiming to be the better choice date wise, I’m honestly not shocked that they put up with fuck boys while keep said deplorable men at arm’s length.

Think about it, when it becomes clear the only men interested in marriage are borderline psychopaths and the alternative is temporary albeit less invasive to one’s life, why wouldn’t a woman say no to marriage and kids when clearly there’s nothing to gain from it?  For as much as men complain that marriage could lead them down a road of being cheated on, paying child support, alimony and possibly losing custody of their kids; it’s often forgotten the loss women go through with such practices.

Women’s bodies, especially after many childbirths do recover but often leave women feeling insecure post birth, that’s not even factoring in if they had a C-section.  Raising children is hard, regardless of which parent it is, but mothers who are the primary caregivers are VERY stressed out between transporting kids, cooking and cleaning for them and the like.  Combine all this with the fact that at any point either party can simply lose patience with it and walk away, why would any woman really want to go down the road of marriage?

These men will say, “Well our grandmothers and mothers made the sacrifices to settle down and start families!”  While forgetting that for many of our ancestors, it was still widely expected that they would marry and have kids.  Keep in mind, no fault divorce didn’t start being the law in many states till 1969, so it’s possible to have had a generation that still has influence today that believed that marriage mattered more than happiness.

Men today worry so hard about being a “simp” or “mangina” because no one wants to admit that they aren’t competing in a dating field where they have leverage anymore.  I honestly stopped caring when I realized that fighting off the title of being those was more of a competition amongst men’s egos.  Which again explains why women today are refusing to settle down.

Honestly, why would a woman learn to settle when it’s clear that these kinds of men would be waiting for them?  When the choice is be single forever or potentially be legally tied to this:

Seriously, if you sound like this in regards to women, you sound like every serial killer known for targeting women.  Congrats, YOU killed marriage by idiots like you being the champions for monogamy.

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