Love Is __ : For Broke Men & Pipe Dreamers

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

On the premiere week of the OWN network’s “Love is_“, I watched the show to see what the hype was about.  This series markets itself as the summer black love story that is relatable.  The realism comes from the actual events from both the directors’ (Mara and Salim Akil) lives that leads up to their marriage and beyond to the frame story of their future documentary of their love.  The flashbacks take place in the 90s through the older versions of themselves.

The series is as typical as it gets even for modern television as the black man is the one who needs saving as Yasir’s (the fictitious version of Salim Akil) previous failed relationship inspires him to want a better partner.  The series is role-versed as Nuri (the fictitious version of Mara Akil) introduces herself as an educated black woman who demands black men to get it together.  She bounces from guy to guy, but resorts to dry humping for her sexual fix.  Yasir encourages her to break her standards, even though he comes with baggage.  The typical black man starter kit of woes:  broke, no job, has a pipe dream of making it big and is a live-in ex-boyfriend to a dark-skinned woman named Ruby who hates his guts.

Ruby allows him to live in her apartment, despite him being unable to pay rent which she eventually threatens to kick him out as his passion for writing neglects the urgency to get a job.  Yasir occasionally says random colorist statements that make no sense as he thinks Nuri’s short natural hair is a sign that she has accepted her blackness and rejection of her light-skinned privilege.  If this statement is true, then explain Amber Rose’s denial of her blackness and privilege.  Has she lost as a baldheaded light-skinned woman?  Ruby discovers that he has been talking to another woman.  Magically, she sees value to him, even though he still has no job.  Anyways, Yasir declines her first sexual advances, despite the offer of sleeping on her bed.  Ruby is dumbfounded that she was rejected in her underwear.  Yet, that does not stop her from trying harder.  Again, a dark-skinned woman loses her man to a light-skinned woman.

Yasir is just too broke for me to like and despite their future, I do not care for the storyline.  It puts guys like me in an awkward position as black women seem to love potential rather than substance.  Due to his unemployment, he has time to focus on his personality so he knows how to please a woman with words alone along with the demanding sex drive.  Nuri does not need a man for monetary gain, rather a live-in boyfriend that treats her like a queen minus the money.  She even rejects men who have a job such as her co-worker and the multiple men who leave her voice messages.

“Love is_” sends the wrong message as black people justify struggle love.  Black men have a bad habit of loose talking their way into panties and not having their shit together.  Not having their shit together ends up being a European concept and an impossible feat due to racism and with that being said please cut the bullshit.  Black men have gotten too cocky with their dick game.  This show will surely cancel as its colorist troupes will get the best of their female audience and black men will sound dumb using 90s pick-up lines that make them bigger than what they are…BROKE.

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