XXXTentacion’s Death is What You All Hoped Would Happen

I’ve never really listened to XXXTentacion’s music.  I didn’t follow the young man on any social media outlets.  I don’t really know much about any of his issues with domestic violence other than what’s been stated since his death.  I don’t know much of shit about him to be honest.  Regardless, his murder is senseless and tragic and to die around the time when he was really starting to get some shine (for better or worse I suppose), it’s just sad in my opinion.  Who knows what he could have become.  I do recall watching a video he did last year I believe where he stated that he was better than Tupac.  Now, being that I come from the Golden Era of hip hop, you know that statement was an immediate turn-off for me in regards to ever taking him seriously as an artist.  But now that I think about it, what if he did mature in his music and artistry to one day be considered better than Tupac or at least rival him?  Who knows.  The point is, we shall never know who he could have become as an artist because some nigga decided to cut his life short.

What I do know is, this is what you all wanted to happen.  XXXTentacion’s murder and the immediate recording of him unconscious in his car after being shot is what you all wanted to see and needed to see in order to fulfill your social media cravings.  Think I’m lying?  Hell, for the last few weeks rapper by the name of Tekashi69 (6ix9ine) has been all over sites like WorldStarHipHop & TMZ for his antics in essentially trolling Chicago rapper Chief Keef to the point where Chief Keef was shot at in New York City.  I’m not going to recap this whole Tekashi & Chief Keef beef but I will point out how there are plenty of people on social media hoping and praying that somebody causes serious harm or death to Tekashi due to his Blood gang affiliations or him simply thinking he can talk as reckless and as greasy as he wants on social media about other people with no repercussions.  Now, how you feel about whether or not he can talk shit online and do the stuff he does is another thing, but the sad reality is, most of you watching this are honestly hoping that Tekashi suffers a similar fate to that of XXXTentacion and you all are really hoping that this fate will take place on social media so that you watch it over & over again to satisfy your appetite for violence and death.  To most of you all out there, these rappers are living the ultimate reality TV shows by way of their social media accounts and smartphones.

I was 16 years old when Tupac & Biggie were killed.  Back in 96 (when Pac was killed) and 97 (when Biggie was killed), we didn’t have cellphones popping like that.  We barely had the internet and we definitely didn’t have social media.  So we couldn’t bear witness to the daily issues taking place amongst these artists.  All we had was what was said on TV, radio, magazines & in the music.  That’s it.  I couldn’t pick up a phone and watch a video of a person being talking shit in real time or watch a video of a person dying in damn near real time.  All I could get was second-hand accounts which helped create the mythical legends people like Tupac & Biggie eventually became.  Nowadays, you can get access to the beef 24/7 in real time or somewhere later that day by watching YouTube, WorldStar & FB videos.  These rappers are out here playing these dangerous games of clout chasing in thinking that the internet and their celebrity status serves as an invisible barrier to prevent them from being harmed.  But, this is the culture social media has bred.  A lot of you out there do the same things.  You get online and talk mad reckless shit thinking that you can’t be touched in real life not fully understanding how crazy the other person on the other side of the screen may actually be in real life.  The only difference between you all and these rappers is your audience.  That’s it.  Hardly anybody is watching you, but millions are watching them and millions are tuning in every single day like it’s their favorite television show happening in real time unscripted.  So every time you all tune into these artists with their bullshit beefs by liking, sharing and talking shit on their behalf, you are egging these people on because you all want to be a part of the show to see how far you can help to push these beefs or to see if you can directly get involved somehow in order to make a name for yourself on social media like that guy whom everybody believes shot XXXTentacion.  In case you haven’t heard, some no name rapper who goes by the Twitter handle @SniperGangRed is reported to have been 5 miles down the street prior the XXXTentacion’s death.  While he was down the street he snapped a picture of himself with food and a gun in his lap.  He also snapped a picture of himself sitting on the trunk of convertible car with a red mask sitting on the headrest of the passenger seat.  Witnesses claim that 2 black males ran up on XXXTentacion’s car and shot him, one wearing a red mask.  Later on Twitter, this no name Sniper Gang Red rapper posted a tweet stating, “Bruh I really just shot XXXTentacion. I’m finna go viral. I really just popped dis nigga.”  His Twitter account has magically been deleted since.  I have no clue if it’s true, but just the mere fact that one would get on social media and brag about killing another person shows just how absolutely savage and stupid too many young people are these days.

But the point is, this is what a lot of you all wanted.  A lot of you all want to see these young artists engage in pointless beef to serve as some new aged form of reality TV.  A lot of you all want to see these beefs end in bloodshed while being recorded just so you can attempt to be the first person on social media to report the incident with the hopes of you going viral and attempting to make a name for yourself.  This is what you all desire.  Don’t lie to yourself.

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