Do Blerds Wish to be White?

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

Black men have had a love-hate relationship with white women ever since the birth of white supremacy, but more so recently with the legalization of interracial marriage in America.  Starting with black women and generations down to our grandparents, black boys were warned about white women’s scandalous ways that has led to the many deaths of black men and boys most notably Emmett Till.  Integration has nulled the social racial awareness of black millenials that white women are the end goal to success.  It’s constantly blasted in black men’s face that every successful black man gets with a white woman once he is out the hood.  For some black men, the white woman is the ‘fuck white men’ symbol to sticking it to the man, at least back in the 60s and 70s.

Yet in modern times, black men with white women allows a safe space for blackness to become weird, corny or lame.  White women are naive through blackness, they assume that simply being black entitles automatic swag, coolness and an ‘A1’ sex drive.  When in reality, black men have to constantly validate their blackness which is painful.  Black men die just to be cool which grants other races of men the luxury to live life to the beat of their own drum.  I see whiteness as a joy and an allowance to be different (when it comes to dating).  The corniest white boy could land a decent white girl without having to go through hoops to get with her.  Black men envy this, especially me.  We waste our time proving to ourselves that we are black.  Black masculinity requires only name branded shoes, a $200 outfit and lyrical knowledge of rap songs.  As a black boy growing up, I did wear the latest clothing.  I wore the best outfits that my mother could afford from Sears.  Regardless, my blackness was tested constantly by large groups of black teens who hated me simply based off what I was wearing.  Meanwhile, white kids were able to walk through the same black crowds with no problem or fear.  White kids wore sketchers and Walmart t-shirts.  My anxiety intensified when watching dramas and sitcoms of white high schoolers.  Meanwhile, black students had to worry about fights, low test scores and teen pregnancy while white schools were carefree (as so it appears).

Once I became an adult and learned about the growing frustration from blacks who were blerds or too pro-black to entertain ‘niggardy’ black men’s groups, that’s where the Black MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) began.  MGTOW itself was a majority white collective of white men who were tired of hypergamy and feminism.  Black men simply created their own version out of a unique difference from white men who rarely dealt with black women.  White women were the irrational solution, yet this found solace amongst black men.  I want to believe that black men at least inspired to make better dating decisions.  We want kids on our terms and women who truly appreciate kindness.  Black masculinity is suffering silently because we forced a lifestyle that we truly hate, yet it is a culture that we help mold because it is all we know.

The problem is that black men are facing the problem head on rather indirectly by blaming black women.  It could be debated that black women love bad boys, but men can choose to entertain that and encourage others instead of running to white women as a scapegoat to avoid blackness.  Eventually black men are going to lose their sexual admiration from white women due to the witch hunt from the #MeToo movement.  Dating and casual flirting has become more confusing as simply saying hello to a woman somehow triggers an alleged sexual harassment.

Black boys get a harsh introduction to the world and the black community as they witness their fathers struggle with finance and marriage.  When their fathers are out of the picture their mothers try to fill the void.  Growing up, I knew what it was like to be in the bottom.  No not the cool bottom where niggas had fresh Jordan’s and a nice car while living in the hood.  My childhood was limited as I wore Walmart shoes with one pair of jeans.  Yes, I had to endure the laughing and stares from black girls who only fucked niggas with name brand clothes.  Ten years later, I still remember their names and I have moved on and gained a sense of fashion.  Despite occasional shopping sprees, I am feeding the illusional of ‘blackness.’  Then the problem is not in looking fresh, but black men know too well that (black) women only come to them when a nice car, name brand outfits and money wrapped in bands are slammed on the table.

Now, non-black women come in and black men worship them because their patriarchy is defined by power.  Black men who follow men’s rights forum such as Men Going Their Own Way then believe that exotic women have reasonable values in dating and marriage.  Black women start to lose at this point.  Black men are angry and want their manhood back.  I at least want to live in a world where black men have something to smile about other than sex and sports.  Unfortunately, blerds are called out for their anger.  We have the potential and discipline to fix the black community, but we are denied love.  Granted, I can already hear naysayers telling us to man up and stop doing things for pussy.  Yet, it is not that easy because desiring women is an animalistic instinct that creates an exchange for power.  When a female lion sees an alpha male providing food and establishing dominance among other male lions, the lioness wants that food and protection for sex and producing a stronger offspring.  Honestly, I do not fully blame black women for desiring bad boys or thugs.  Our community can be hostile and blerds in numbers are few.  Even with blerds in the community, our good personality does not get us the girl.  It was a tough pill to swallow especially when I was in high school especially when I saw white nerds getting the hot girl because she realized that the bad boy had no future.  As a black boy, this lesson was not common in black media.  The women only accepted blerds as long as they changed clothes and lost their glasses.

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